How to find best affiliate products to promote

How to find best affiliate products to promote

Have you heard about Affiliate Marketing

And, do you want to know how to make money online by selling the best affiliate products. 

So the article you are reading is the best one to know to how to start affiliate marketing with Winning Product in 2020 even for Beginners.

So, the very first thing you need to learn: How to Find affiliate products to promote.

But if you genuinely want to make money while you sleep you should know how you can find a profitable niche so that you will be able to find the best affiliate products to sell.

The basic question – how to find affiliate products – is in every beginner’s mind? Right !!

To figure out this question, we have this amazing article about “How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote.” 

You get detailed information about the process of finding the best affiliate product so that you can start making money online.

So many readers of this article already take benefits & 

find their best affiliate products & earn thousands of dollars with it. 

Now it’s your turn to find your best affiliate product in your profitable niche & start making money online 

Points to remember before choosing the best affiliate Products:

  • The product you choose, something that you already Purchased or Know well before start promoting to others because it’s easy to suggest others when we have enough idea how this product helps others when they purchase.
  • The Product must be Eye catching, its come from your own feeling. When you search a product & suddenly your eyes are catched by a single product, you think this is the product you must sell & you’ll get more conversion. So find that eye catching product based on your niche you want.
  • Don’t choose that product that is already offered by lots of affiliates. We must find low competition products at the initial stage.
  • Most Successful affiliates promoting products that they have a passion for because it’s easy to sell that product. Affiliates already know their niche, which means in which industry they want to grow their affiliate business (e.g. health, finance etc).
  • First step is to choose your niche where you have enough ideas about products you’re going to promote. 

Best Affiliate Products To Promote:

1. Amazon Associates:

Amazon is the biggest affiliate program in the world. Most of the affiliates are part of this program because no matter what your niche you’ll get a product based on your niche you want to promote. 

On this platform you’ll get more physical products compared to digital products but this is not an issue for you, because amazon is the most trusted program so your customers can repeat orders & you’ll get  more conversions again & again. 

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

People trust Amazon which is why (there are more than 90 million Prime members). So just do your math if amazon have 90 million prime members means they order physical products & here you can target those & get conversion easily.

Why use Amazon?

  • Amazon is trustworthy, so when you start promoting amazon products based on your niche. You’ll get more conversions.
  • As I told you, no matter in which niche you’re interested, you’ll get related products to promote. 
  • The biggest Reason to join this network is Upselling, Upsell means when a customer buys a product from your link & after purchasing Amazon try to give some related suggestions of products with your link so it’s easy to get more orders automatically without your efforts.

2. Google Keyword Planner: 

By using this tool you can find that your product is in demand or not by your potential customers.For example you type “hair loss shampoo” & when the tool searches for that keyword & you’ll get a report of how many people searched this keyword in the last month. So it’s easy for you to find that your product is in demand or not based on how many searches in the last month.

When a process is complete you’ll get how many searches this keyword did last month & the best thing is you also get which brand of shampoo searched most that helps you to promote that brand of shampoo and get more conversion. This is just an example where you can search any product you want & get a full report.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

3. Use Forums: 

This is Something Hidden method which most people don’t know. You can easily find what your customers need in their mind just by reviewing Forums. When you start reviewing Forums you’ll get many ideas (products) that you can promote easily related to your niche.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

All you have to do is just go to the google & find communities Forums & special tip that i have for you is filter that google search & filter for the past 1 month.

So then these forums are really helpful because the products you find are totally active & you can promote them.

4. Warrior Plus:

The biggest reason, I suggest this platform to you is, on this platform you can find the right product on your niche you want to promote & also you can sell your own products on this platform. 

You can find the best affiliate products that are Hot, Best selling & with Reviews of Customers satisfaction then you can choose the product & start promoting.

Warrior plus is a great place for new affiliate marketers to get started, but let me clear you some doubts, you need to request for becoming an affiliate for individual product this is not an Easy process (for others) but i have a really powerful tip so that you can easily get approval of any product you want to promote.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

Follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Go to the Muncheye site. This site gives details about the upcoming offers  listed on this site are from Warrior plus
  2. Now let’s say you found a good product to promote based on your niche you want to promote.The  best affiliate product is one which has a decent eye-catching quality. Contact the owner of that product.
  3. Find the owners of products on facebook because they are not interested in replying on warriorplus. On facebook they are more likely to reply. Now the most effective way to contact them would be through a private video of yourself explaining who you are and what you would do to promote their product. Keep the video simple and short. Give them assurance that you will not use fake bots or anything like that. Upload this video on youtube and make it private. Make many videos for different offers. You may not get lucky in your first time if you are starting out as a newbie.
  4. Ask them for a review copy and bonuses when one of them agrees with you to promote their products.

5. Clickbank:

Clickbank is just not another affiliate network. Clickbank serves as a marketplace for both people who can create products & lists on the clickbank page and for affiliates to get products based on your niche to promote.

Clickbank offers products with best selling, Profitable.

You can find products with categories based on your niche you want to promote.Highly paid offers (75% commission is common).

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

The benefits you’ll get after joining ClickBank:

  • You can sell in most countries.
  • Several recurring offers to sell (means you’ll paid monthly)
  • Takes the tech out of the way.
  • Lot of Products available with different Categorised
  • Highly Converting landing page so you just want to promote & when customers go to the landing page chances of conversion is more higher.
  • Start for free in clickbank (easy to use)
  • Most of the time affiliates don’t join any network because their payment threshold is too high, but not in clickbank you can payout at just $10 only (best for newbies)

6. Course is Something that work for Every niche:

You don’t need to research a lot about new courses to promote, I’ll suggest you to promote those courses that you have already enrolled in.So it’s easy for you because it’s related to your niche & you know all the benefits your audience gets after joining this Course.

So if you have any course in your niche go to course platform & get the affiliate link of course & start promoting it.

The best platform of courses with affiliate programs is :

  • Udemy
  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Kajabi 
  • Podia 
How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

Just go to one of these platforms & start a request for affiliate links of course in your niche. If you don’t find an affiliate of any course,My suggestion is to go to the course creator & ask them personally you’ll definitely get a link & start promoting it easily.

7. Use Youtube as a Tool:

The simplest way to get the best affiliate products based  on your niche is Youtube. Just go to the Youtube & search “best affiliate products ___(YOUR NICHE)___. 

Then you’ll get a list of Videos having a lot of valuable suggestions of products you can promote easily.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

Best Tip before search on Youtube:

  • Filter Video Upload date to this month,Week,Today so its easy for you to update with new affiliate products coming in trend & start promoting it easily.
  • Read comments first before starting watching the video because you’ll get that this video is helpful or not or this video has those  best affiliate products  that will definitely work for you.
  • Take pen & paper write down lists of Products that related to your niche & you’re comfortable to promote it & at last filter the best product & start promoting it.

8. Facebook Group is Best Way to Find Product Know How:

All you have to do, just go to facebook & click on the search button & write “Affiliate Marketing  Groups” then you’ll get lists of facebook groups of affiliate marketing. So the reason behind joining this Group, in this group people were discussing ideas,  best affiliate products on different different niche, How to promote it. Everything you’ll learn in this Group.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

Best part of joining these fb groups is no costing so join today. Also On Notification of these groups so whenever a new Post comes you’re the first who start promoting & get more conversions.

9. ShareASale:

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

 It is a popular Platform specially for Beginners.Here you’ll get tons of Products related to your niche, all you have to do is just go get the link & start promoting it. 

Shareasale helps you to set up an affiliate program for their  best affiliate products so then you can easily start promoting & earn more profit. There are two terms you must understand before joining this shareasale platform :

  • Merchants: Merchants are business owners who help you to set up an affiliate program so that you’ll get more sales of their products.
  • Affiliate marketers: These are like you & me who choose a product & start promoting it easily.

Why Use ShareASale?

  • On Shareasale you can track and report your progress in real-time.
  • If you’re Blogger Shareasale support a long list of ad types from text to image ads, pop-ups
  • Shareasale offers Team support service
  • Shareasale also gives you access to training videos and documentation as well as training/month.

10. Use Google Trends:

This is a Special Tool that helps you to find what customers need/ interested in. So you can easily find demanded products & start promoting it. 

All you have to do is just go to google trends & write your niche related product name & you’ll get the report of how many people are interested in it & how many are interested in related products so you can easily choose that product & start promoting it.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

The details given by Google trend is:

  • The country (where you want to know the popularity of the search term.
  • Time period (past 12 months or a past hour or past 30 days and so on.
  • Categories (news, technology, beauty, politics and so on) You can compare products, brands, people and so on.

You Must understand as an affiliate marketer, you don’t create need in your audience.

Your audience already has those needs and desires. You just have to find out & give the solution(product) of their problems.

Professional affiliates mostly use Google trends to track out the trending product for their affiliate marketing.

11. SiteGround:

siteground is a best web hosting platform where you can become their affiliate partner & start promoting it. They offer $50/ person join hosting with your Affiliate Link. It is a user friendly platform with dashboard and analysis.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

The Benefits you’ll get after joining this platform:

  • High Conversion Rate
  • High Commission Rates
  • Short withhold period
  • Commissions paid Weekly
  • No minimum monthly sales required

12. JVZOO:

We can say that Jvzoo is  an advanced version of Clickbank.In this jvzoo platform when you choose any eye-catching product & now you want that affiliate link of the product you must request a merchant & the merchant can decide to make your payments instant or delayed. Unlike with Clickbank, direct in paypal.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

You can easily join Jvzoo, but before joining jvzoo you must know some hidden strategies that most of the affiliates used in Jvzoo while promoting products:

Step 1: Create your free account on jvzoo immediately you are accepted by the team of jvzoo.

Step 2: Jvzoo has many products, some already published & some coming soon. So you must focus on upcoming products. Then choose the product based on your niche & start promoting after getting approval & affiliate links.

Step 3: Now after getting an affiliate link of the product, Create a sales page of that product with reviews, testimonials.The best strategy is to create a video of you promoting the product themselves.

Step 4: If you really need more conversions, i’ll suggest you to add some bonuses from your side so that it attracts customers to convert when your audience benefits more than others you’ll provide. So try to add some bonuses. It’ll definitely increase the conversion rate of your product.

You must remember your bonuses must relate with the actual product you’re selling.

Step 5: Continue searching upcoming products, get the link & create a landing page with testimonials with Bonuses.

13. Affiliate Window:

The best choice for Blogger’s is AWIN (Affiliate Window). This platform completes your requirements at every niche you want products you’ll get on this platform. 

The uniqueness comes in a dashboard. where you can access your sales stats, personal profile, payouts, and affiliate links.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

The advantage of joining AWIN is Trackable Link, you can easily track how many visitors come in your landing page, how much they spend time on it & how much converts (purchase) the products.

Before Apply for AWIN, i must share you their Requirements of getting approved in their platform:

  • You need to have an active website
  • Quality content on website
  •  Legal affiliate disclosure on your site

After completing these requirements you can apply for Awin affiliate.

Why You Must Join the AWIN Affiliate platform?

  • You can find great affiliate programs no matter what your Niche is about.
  • AWIN network pay up to 50% commissions or more
  •  The AWIN platform is easy to join, easy to use, and they provide tutorials and affiliate managers to help you.
  • A quick application process to apply for affiliate programs.
  • The site provides various tools that make it easier for you to promote & gain high conversions.

 14. FlexOffers:

It is One of the Highest paying affiliate programs. You can join many affiliate programs without any too much effort with a high % of commission. 

Flexoffer has many features/ Tools for affiliates that will definitely help them to convert more sales. Flex offers many reputed companies where you can become their affiliate member.

The special point is you need a website to become an affiliate of flexoffers. This affiliate network is great for its massive 12000+ affiliate programs & keep growing every day.

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

The major Benefits You’ll get after joining this platform:

  • FlexOffers has 12,000+ affiliates programs to Pick From
  • Higher Payouts Compared to Direct Advertisers
  • Affiliate Managers that help you 24/7
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Many Tools To Help Your Growth
  • Reliable payment Net30
  • Tracking in Real-Time

15. eBay Partner Network:

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote

Ebay is the first Known online store with affiliate  programs, people are so familiar with Ebay. You can find the best affiliate products of your niche you want to promote to your audience. Product categories include fashion, home accessories, electronics, motors, collectibles, stationery, and more. You get paid every month, as long as you reach the $10 minimum through Paypal or any suitable payment method.

Publishers earn between 50%-70% commission of what eBay makes on the product sale — depending on the category of the item

How to Find the Best affiliate products to promote


These are the Best possible ways to Find best affiliate products in your niche. So that you can make money just by promoting the best affiliate products related to your niche.

After reading this article you’re totally clear How to Find best affiliate products in 2020 in your niche.

We have created a list of Best possible ways to find affiliate products in your niche but you have to select a path where you’re familiar. 

So that you can easily make money online through promoting  affiliate products of affiliate marketing.

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