[250+ DOFOLLOW] Article Submission Sites List 2020

Article Submission Sites

Are you a bloggers or want to increase you Off page SEO and looking for article submission sites?

If yes, then definitely you are in right place. here in this article i will share some free article submission sites list, which can increase your ranking in google search.

Article submission sites has played a leading role in becomming successful in this blogging journey.

A lot of people do not think about the value of article submission in SEO, and usually, they ignore the practice of off-page SEO, which is very essential in todays world.

As you know, Google always likes content-rich articles. So, in this event, if your genuine articles are submitted in these article submission websites, then it is sure that your search engine ranking will boost very high.

This free artcile submission sites list, which is listed below in the article, may help you to get quality backlinks for your blog or website.

Article submission Sites plays vital role in SEO, and we can say it the best strategy of content marketing for your blog.

But, for this, you have to make the articles very unique and high quality that you are going to submit on these sites. Because most owners of these sites check the articles manually before they get published, so, this is very important to make your articles high quality and genuine without copying other stuff.

In this article, I will share some high DA article submission sites to submit your articles and get the quality backlinks.

After reading this post, I’m sure that substantial targeted traffic comes to your website and increases your search engine rankings.

What is article submission?

Article submission is the way to get high quality and targeted traffic to your blog and websites, and this is also a compelling technique for search engine optimization. By this way of article submission, you can get the backlinks from the high authority websites.

Top Article submission sites permit you to write the article related to your blog or niche and publish on their websites. These sites have massive traffic, and there is a lot of chance that your article also gets traffic. 

There is an option in these sites to put the author’s bio link and a website link. You can also put your homepage and post page links in Bio. I suggest you put the internal page links because if someone goes through your given link, they can read relevant content here. 

Importance of article submission

Article submission has a considerable benefit that some are here.

  1. Drive traffic: Article submission may help you to drive genuine and targeted traffic. It may also help you to create high-quality backlinks very quickly.
  2. Free marketing: The whole process of submission of articles is free in almost high DA websites. Some sites charge a minimum amount, but there are a lot of high DA sites that give you service. These websites give you quality backlinks for free, and that’s why this is the free marketing of your blog or website.
  3. Brand awareness: While presenting an article, you will get acknowledgement as a specialist, and they also promote your popularity and brand. It is the plus point for your blog.
  4. Generate more leads and sales: You get the traffic from these websites, and inevitably your leads and sales increases quickly.

200+ Best Article Submission Sites 2020

SI no.websitesFollow type
1.       Guestarticle.netDo Follow
2.       Abpnews.techDo Follow
3.       Zeenews.techDo Follow
4.       http://www.sites.google.com/Do Follow
5.       http://www.examiner.com/Do Follow
6.       http://www.livejournal.com/Do Follow
7.       https://ezinearticles.com/Do Follow
8.       https://github.com/Do Follow
9.       https://captchas.io/Do Follow
10.    iSnare.comDo Follow
11.    Myarticle.comDo Follow
12.    Articlebiz.comDo Follow
13.    Sagardavid.techDo Follow
14.    Audiencenetwork.inDo Follow
15.    Hubpages.comDo Follow
16.    http://www.tumblr.com/Do Follow
17.    http://www.storify.com/Do Follow
18.    http://www.merchantcircle.com/Do Follow
19.    http://www.goarticles.info/Do Follow
20.    https://www.quora.com/Do Follow
21.    https://www.tumblr.com/Do Follow
22.    seekingalpha.comDo Follow
23.    hubpages.comDo Follow
24.    ehow.comDo Follow
25.    Articlealley.comDo Follow
26.    Examiner.comDo Follow
27.    Tumblr.comDo Follow
28.    http://www.newsvine.com/Do Follow
29.    https://www.wattpad.com/Do Follow
30.    http://www.evernote.com/Do Follow
31.    https://postmyarticles.net/Do Follow
32.    http://www.articles.org/Do Follow
33.    http://www.pubarticles.com/Do Follow
34.    biggerpockets.comDo Follow
35.    brighthub.comDo Follow
36.    Buzzle.comDo Follow
37.    Articlecity.comDo Follow
38.    Articlesbase.comDo Follow
39.    Articlecube.comDo Follow
40.    http://www.webwire.comDo Follow
41.    http://www.magportal.comDo Follow
42.    http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.comDo Follow
43.    https://www.sooperarticles.com/Do Follow
44.    http://www.articlesfahttps://Do Follow
45.    www.selfgrowth.com/ctory.com/Do Follow
46.    examiner.comDo Follow
47.    squidoo.comDo Follow
48.    Apsense.comDo Follow
49.    Undefined.livejournal.comDo Follow
50.    Evernote.comDo Follow
51.    Webwire.comDo Follow
52.    http://www.traveltourismdirectory.netDo Follow
53.    http://www.thefreelibrary.comDo Follow
54.    http://www.highrankdirectory.comDo Follow
55.    http://www.easy-articles.com/Do Follow
56.    http://www.articlealley.com/Do Follow
57.    http://www.123articleonline.com/Do Follow
58.    https://www.amazines.com/index.cfmDo Follow
59.    selfgrowth.comDo Follow
60.    Thefreelibrary.comDo Follow
61.    Sooperarticles.comDo Follow
62.    Articlesfactory.comDo Follow
63.    Magportal.comDo Follow
64.    Merchantcircle.comDo Follow
65.    Wattpad.comDo Follow
66.    http://www.seekingalpha.comDo Follow
67.    http://www.thefreelibrary.comDo Follow
68.    http://www.buzzle.comDo Follow
69.    http://encodinghub.com/Do Follow
70.    https://www.articlecube.com/Do Follow
71.    http://www.articlesphere.com/Do Follow
72.    Abilogic.comDo Follow
73.    articlespromoter.com/Do Follow
74.    articleseen.com/Do Follow
75.    warticles.com/Do Follow
76.    Seekingalpha.comDo Follow
77.    Thefreelibrary.comDo Follow
78.    Sitepromotiondirectory.comDo Follow
79.    http://suite101.comDo Follow
80.    http://www.squidoo.comDo Follow
81.    http://www.selfgrowth.comDo Follow
82.    http://www.articles.seoforums.me.uk/Do Follow
83.    http://www.goarticles.info/Do Follow
84.    https://www.optinopoli.com/Do Follow
85.    http://www.howtoadvice.com/Do Follow
86.    http://articlecatalog.com/Do Follow
87.    https://openarticles.com/Do Follow
88.    articlesss.com/Do Follow
89.    articlepole.com/Do Follow
90.    articlesubmited.com/Do Follow
91.    webpronews.comDo Follow
92.    sharehealthtips.com/Do Follow
93.    Traveltourismdirectory.netDo Follow
94.    Highrankdirectory.comDo Follow
95.    Prleap.comDo Follow
96.    Bpubs.comDo Follow
97.    http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.comDo Follow
98.    http://www.usalistingdirectory.comDo Follow
99.    http://www.ukinternetdirectory.netDo Follow
100.                     http://www.suite101.comDo Follow
101.                     http://www.threadwatch.org/Do Follow
102.                     http://www.streetarticles.com/Do Follow
103.                     http://www.simplysearch4it.com/No Follow
104.                     http://linkcompose.com/No Follow
105.                     idleexperts.comNo Follow
106.                     jumparticles.com/No Follow
107.                     articlecatalog.com/No Follow
108.                     articlealley.comNo Follow
109.                     Articlesbd.comNo Follow
110.                     Suite101.comNo Follow
111.                     Squidoo.comNo Follow
112.                     Web-source.netNo Follow
113.                     Webcontent.comNo Follow
114.                     Articlebiz.comNo Follow
115.                     http://www.thewhir.com/article-centralNo Follow
116.                     http://www.webpronews.com/submitNo Follow
117.                     Articledashboard.comNo Follow
118.                     http://www.webcontent.comNo Follow
119.                     http://www.upublish.info/No Follow
120.                     http://www.readezarchive.com/No Follow
121.                     https://medicallymindedcbd.com/No Follow
122.                     http://www.articlegeek.com/No Follow
123.                     evancarmichael.comNo Follow
124.                     articleside.com/No Follow
125.                     a1articles.com/No Follow
126.                     articledoctor.com/No Follow
127.                     Bestezines.comNo Follow
128.                     Triond.comNo Follow
129.                     Helium.comNo Follow
130.                     Articlesnatch.comNo Follow
131.                     http://www.articlebiz.comNo Follow
132.                     http://www.articledashboard.comNo Follow
133.                     http://www.bestezines.comNo Follow
134.                     http://www.buzzle.comNo Follow
135.                     https://www.articlecede.com/No Follow
136.                     http://adarticles.net/No Follow
137.                     http://www.1articleworld.com/No Follow
138.                     http://www.articledoctor.com/No Follow
139.                     selfgrowth.com/No Follow
140.                     prolinkdirectory.comNo Follow
141.                     articlecity.com/No Follow
142.                     netezinearticles.com/No Follow
143.                     Articletrader.comNo Follow
144.                     Articleblast.comNo Follow
145.                     R-tt.comNo Follow
146.                     New-list.comNo Follow
147.                     Zimbio.comNo Follow
148.                     http://www.brighthub.comNo Follow
149.                     http://www.web-source.netNo Follow
150.                     http://www.biggerpockets.com/articlesNo Follow
151.                     http://www.triond.comNo Follow
152.                     https://www.articlebliss.com/No Follow
153.                     http://www.articlekit.com/No Follow
154.                     https://www.rebelmouze.com/No Follow
155.                     http://article999.com/No Follow
156.                     articles.abilogic.com/No Follow
157.                     articlesforwebsite.com/No Follow
158.                     libervis.com/No Follow
159.                     galoor.com/No Follow
160.                     Content-articles.comNo Follow
161.                     Articleclick.comNo Follow
162.                     Homebiztools.comNo Follow
163.                     Ezinehub.comNo Follow
164.                     http://directory.r-tt.comNo Follow
165.                     http://www.new-list.comNo Follow
166.                     http://www.zimbio.comNo Follow
167.                     http://www.content-articles.comNo Follow
168.                     http://www.articleclick.comNo Follow
169.                     http://ww1.dailykhoz.com/N/A
170.                     https://www.goyourstory.com/N/A
171.                     https://www.addyourstory.info/N/A
172.                     https://www.netezinearticles.com/N/A
173.                     webmasterslibrary.com/N/A
174.                     articleslist.net/N/A
175.                     article1.co.uk/N/A
176.                     ourblogpost.com/N/A
177.                     articlecede.com/N/A
178.                     openarticles.com/N/A
179.                     Sooperarticles.comN/A
180.                     Articleant.comN/A
181.                     Presszoom.comN/A
182.                     Articlegold.comN/A
183.                     http://www.articlesnatch.comN/A
184.                     Weeno.comN/A
185.                     Approvedarticles.comN/A
186.                     http://www.sooperarticles.comN/A
187.                     http://www.articleant.comN/A
188.                     http://www.articlecube.comN/A
189.                     http://www.homebiztools.comN/A
190.                     http://www.abcarticledirectory.com/N/A
191.                     http://triond.com/?reqp=1&reqr=N/A
192.                     https://www.powerhomebiz.com/N/A
193.                     https://articles.abilogic.com/N/A
194.                     http://www.businessseek.biz/N/A
195.                     http://www.ladypens.com/N/A
196.                     https://www.articleslash.net/N/A
197.                     articleswrap.com/ 
198.                     learnnpublish.com/N/A
199.                     srmarticles.com/N/A
200.                     hubpots.com/N/A
201.                     Contentarticles.comN/A
202.                     Evancarmichael.comN/A
203.                     Threadwatch.orgN/A
204.                     Articlecede.comN/A
205.                     Bloggerent.comN/A
206.                     http://www.approvedarticles.comN/A
207.                     http://www.contentarticles.comN/A
208.                     http://www.articlesbase.com/N/A
209.                     http://www.evancarmichael.com/N/A
210.                     https://www.goodinfohome.com/N/A
211.                     http://www.rlrouse.com/N/A
212.                     adarticles.net/N/A
213.                     magportal.com/N/A
214.                     easy-articles.com/N/A
215.                     allthewebsites.org/N/A
216.                     101articles.comN/A
217.                     1articleworld.comN/A
218.                     1st-in-articles.comN/A
219.                     365articles.comN/A
220.                     http://www.isnare.com/N/A
221.                     http://www.webproworld.com/N/A
222.                     http://www.work911.com/N/A
223.                     http://www.howitworks.net/N/A
224.                     http://www.articlecompilation.com/N/A
225.                     https://articlesdir.org/ 
226.                     http://www.altegen.com/N/A
227.                     articlecube.com/N/A
228.                     123articleonline.com/N/A
229.                     articleavenue.com/N/A
230.                     simplysearch4it.com/N/A
231.                     howtoadvice.com/N/A
232.                     Aardvarkarticles.netN/A
233.                     Accessibleinsights.comN/A
234.                     Acmearticles.comN/A
235.                     https://www.constant-content.comN/A
236.                     http://www.powerhomebiz.comN/A
237.                     http://www.web-source.neN/A
238.                     http://www.amazines.comN/A
239.                     https://www.storeboard.com/N/A
240.                     http://www.readezarchive.com/N/A
241.                     https://articlesforwebsite.com/N/A
242.                     https://wall2wallarticles.com/N/A
243.                     pr4-articles.com/N/A
244.                     feedsfloor.comN/A
245.                     letsbefamous.com/N/A
246.                     articleuploads.com/N/A
247.                     Activearticles.comN/A
248.                     Add-articles.comN/A
249.                     Advisorarticles.comN/A
250.                     afroarticles.comN/A
251.                     Guestarticle.netN/A

Benefits of Article Submission sites

These websites may help bloggers to create a bunch of high authority backlinks, and you know backlink is the backbone of blog.

As well as most of the article, submission websites give free service to submit articles. This process is beneficial for search engine optimization and boosting your blog or website to the next level.

Process of submitting articles in article submission sites list

Here I provide the top 200+ article submission websites. Pick the reputed websites from the above list and click on this link. 

  • After that, the website is open on your desktop, pc, or mobile.
  • You have to find the option of sign up link and sign up on this website using your email password etc.
  • Login to your account and update your profile as you like.
  • Finally, you have to submit your article. 
  • For the submission of the article, click on ‘submit your article’. After clicking on this option takes you directly to the publishing dashboard. 
  • Then you have to fill the form of the Publishing area. In this form, you have to fill in the necessary information about your article like title, description, targeted keywords, category and subcategory (if any) and about the author. So, you have to be ready there before going on to the publishing area of article submission websites.
  • Finally submit the form after filling all the required information.
  • You have successfully submitted your article. Now you have to wait for the approval from the website admin you submitted on this website.

Advantages of Article submission in free article submission sites.

  • The process of article submission is the very best technique to increase the visibility of many businesses and companies.
  • Entrepreneurs and bloggers are using article submission websites to increase visitors on their blog.
  • Most of the article submission websites are giving a free service to publish your article, and we can say this is the particular technique of search engine optimization.
  • You can easily create backlinks from these high authority websites. 

Disadvantages of Article submission in free article submission sites.

Where it has so many characteristics, it also has some disadvantages. As you know that everything has their two sides and article submission has also two sides.

Submission of articles in Spam or Junk websites.

There are plenty of article submission sites. But some websites have spam and malicious articles on their website. If you make backlinks from these websites, then your ranking will go down, and this is very harmful to your blog and websites. So, take an in-depth look before submitting your article on any site.

free websites for article submission vs paid 

There are two types of article submission websites. The first one is free, and another is paid. All individuals are getting confused to choose the option that which one is best and beneficial for your blog and websites.

Take a look at this article to clarify your mind about choosing the beneficial option for submitting your article in article submission sites 2020.

Paid websites for article submission

Paid websites charge some amounts to publish your article. They promise you to maintain the quality and authority backlinks to your websites. 

Here your blog is highly secured from spam and malicious.

Free websites for article submission

Anyone can submit their article in free article submission sites by doing sign up and filling after all required information. But your security is not guaranteed with these websites. Your websites and articles can get spam with these sites.

Are you not able to choose the option mentioned above? 

Suppose you are not able to choose the option mentioned above. Then read this paragraph carefully. After that, your mind is clarified to choose the best option.

It is not a significant matter which option you choose. But only the authority of these websites matters and less the score of spam and malicious.

But the paid websites check all the articles manually and they give a high-quality backlink, and this is sure there is no spamming.

You can check the authority and score of spamming on Explore by Moz. Here you can see all the statistics of any article submission websites. 

So, you have to choose the official website before submitting your article. Then you can get the benefit of submission of articles.


I trust this article causes you to learn and explain every one of your questions about the article submission and to produce more traffic and income for your blog or site. 

On the off chance that you despite everything have any questions or recommendations concerning article submission destinations list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with comment and contact us.

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