[MUST USE] Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

best chrome extensions for bloggers

Are you looking for best chrome extensions for bloggers?

Blogging growth is challenging, isn’t it?

If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer and putting efforts to grow your blog faster.

Google Chrome free extensions are the best way to boost your growth 3X times FASTER.

I can PROMISE after getting these blogger extension for chrome, and you can save daily 3-4 hours extra in a day.

So in this post, I will be talking about some best chrome extensions for bloggers that will help you to increase your conversions and will save a lot of times.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

So here’s the list of top 18 best chrome extensions for bloggers  to help you make things a bit easier.

1. ColourPick EyeDropper

colourdrop eye dropper

You always need to find the hex color of different sites when you visit them. 

This blogger extension will help you to find the color of any webpage. While creating a page you may get confused to choose the color, ColourPick Eyedropper will help you to find the hex color very easily.

Tip: You must pick a light color as it will look like professional

2. Buffer

buffer chrome extension

We all need to automate our social media posts, and here Buffer extension will do all the work for you as it is a free social automation tool.

Buffer extension helps you to schedule your all posts timing on different social media platforms at different timing, and hence it saves your time.

It is the best chrome extensions for bloggers. I am using it for longer periods to automate all my posts to my social media profile at different times. You can use this tool to automate your blog post if you have a blog or website.

As soon as you add extension to chrome, it will allow you to automate even a single post on social media for Free of cost.

3. Stay Focused

Stay Focused chrome extension

It always happens that we lose the focus towards our work, especially if you are a blogger, then this extension will help you to regain your attention toward the work in this online era.

This blogger extension tool will help you stay on your work and will show you data about the amount of time you are wasting on social platforms or any other websites.

How will it restrict you?

You need to add the procrastinating website such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Or any other website and set a daily time limit to spend on a particular website. Once these all are set, you can focus on your work very quickly as you will get a notification as time ends.

4. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Schreenshot chrome extension

Awesome extension is the best chrome extensions for bloggers, it works best if you want to take a screenshot. 

The best part is that it is FREE for everyone. Here it also provides a screen recording feature.

Taking a screenshot with lots of extra features makes it handier. It nearly provides tons of value for free.

You can take a screenshot of the whole page or only of the selected area. 

Besides this, it includes many tools that make your image look like a professional screenshot.

Awesome extensions for google chrome is much easier to use. The features of this extension make it the perfect tool for taking screenshots.

5. Grammarly

grammarly chrome extension

If you want to be professional, then there must not be any grammatical mistakes, and usually, we ignore them. 

We feel very bad if someone finds any grammatical mistake in our content or Email or any text messages. 

Grammarly is the best chrome extensions for bloggers to find grammatical mistakes. Using this tool, you can also correct all your grammatical mistakes.

You may use Grammarly on any platform – Email, Google, Docs, Fb Post.

If you really want to make your content super awesome with no grammatical errors, then I highly recommend you use Grammarly Extension to fix all your errors.

NOTE:- Grammarly comes with the FREE version also with the Paid version. The paid version has extra features. I highly recommend you to use the paid version.

6. SEOquake

SEOquake chrome extension

SEOquake is one of the best time-saving extensions for bloggers. It helps you to find the domain authority of a website, their backlinks on a particular post, Alexa Ranking, Keyword difficulty, and much more within a single click.

SEOquake is the best chrome extensions for bloggers because whenever you search anything on google as a keyword, It will show keyword difficulty. It also shows full details of SERPs with DA, Ranking, and much more. 

The best part is it’s totally free for everyone. You just need to connect your FREE SEMrush account to use it. 

7. Font Finder

fontfinder chrome extension

Everyone creates their landing page, but it is a hard task to find the best-looking Font. 

If you want to know your competitor’s Font, then Font Finder will help you to know which font style they are using.

So. here you can find any font. You just need to add a font finder extension, after that, you have to click on the font finder icon to know details like- Font style, font weight, font size, and many more things. This is best chrome extensions for business to grow.

8. Link Miner

linkminer chrome extension

If you are familiar with the broken link building, then you must know about the pain while finding broken links on any web page.

This is the best chrome extensions for bloggers, It plays an important role in finding those broken links.

It is a simple tool for free to check broken links in web pages. It is very simple to operate, which makes this tool handy.

You just need to click on the extension icon, and it will automatically mark all the broken links on the webpage with the red background color.

This is best blogger extension for chrome, this tool has one more feature; it enables options to display error code and also no. of backlinks created on the web page.

It also shows SEO data of each blog post when you search for anything on google.

9. MozBar

mozbar chrome extensions

If you really want to save your time while keyword researching then this is the best extension for you 

MozBar is the best chrome extensions for bloggers, it is a product of MOZ, and it is free to use, which displays important data related to SEO like Domain Authority, Page Authority.

If you search anything on google, after each result, you will able to see a bar on which MOZ displays PA and DA of that site. 

MOZBar is the best blogger extension. You may use its extra feature Link Analysis to know more about it.

Tip- While keyword researching, DA & PA are the most important factor of ranking and MozBar can save a lot of time by its features.

10. News Feed Eradicator

news feed eradicator chrome extension

News Feed Eradicator is one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers. This free extension will make your Facebook feed more convincing and help you to focus on your work.

As being a blogger you must add extension to chrome, we need a lot of time to spend on Facebook for promotion and sometimes to give value to peoples.

While scrolling Facebook feed, we waste a ton of times which may affect your habit. But, using this extension, you will only be able to see quotes in your feed, which will save you time and let you work properly.

11. AddToAny

addtoany chrome extension

If you are a blogger or reader, it doesn’t matter. There are some posts which you want to share with many people on different platforms.

AddToAny is the best free chrome extension that lets you share any web page on any social media platform.

Using this extension, you can share the valuable post in your Fb Group, Telegram Group on anywhere you want.

The supported platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Medium
  • Gmail
  • Tumblr and many more

12. GMass

gmass chrome extension

If you know the correct strategy to use other bloggers for your blog’s growth, then this is for you.

But, the hard task is to find them or to outreach using Email.

GMass is the best chrome extensions for bloggers that can make it very easy as it makes Email outreach very easier.

Your work is to create a list of prospects in your Google Sheet then connect your GMass. After a single click, you will be able to send emails to all of your prospects within a single click.

You can send nearly 10K Emails in a single click for free. Besides that, it has a lot of features available for free.  You must add extension to chrome in order to reach more people.

13. Email Hunter

emailhunt chrome extension

Every blogger knows, reaching to other bloggers and building connections with them can grow their blog 10X times faster overnight. 

But, here, the pain point is to find the correct email address of a web owner to get the response faster.

Here, the Email Hunter is the best chrome extensions for bloggers that makes the work handy. Email Hunter tools let you know about the email address of any website that you want.

In a single click, you can get every Email of a website with a confidence score [in percentage].

This tool will really help you to save your time.

14. SimilarWeb

Similarweb Chrome Extension

Similarweb is the best chrome extensions for bloggers to spy on your competitors. It shows all the details related to the website. 

You can know how much a website is getting traffic on a monthly basis, and you can also get more insights into any website like- 

  • Traffic source of that particular website
  • The top-ranking keyword of that website
  • From where they get more referrals and social traffic.
  • Also, show the competitor website.

I can guarantee after spying your competitor, and you can apply the same method to boost your website traffic 10X times. You can also steal their backlink and keywords using this tool for growth and development of your website.

15. Mailtrack

Mailtracker chrome extension

If you want to outreach through your Gmail then tool, this will save your much time, and you will love this tool.

Mailtrack is the best free chrome extension that lets you track about the email recipient opens the mail or not.

You may track people while you are outreaching via emails for a backlink or any other purposes. 

It helps you a lot to do follow up if the recipient didn’t open your mail. You can increase your response 5% more if you do follow up to somebody.

16. Keyword Everywhere

keyword everywhere chrome extension

If you are a blogger or you do affiliate marketing, then this is the best chrome extensions for bloggers that will help you a lot.

Keyword Everywhere is a free Google Chrome Extension that lets you know about the best keyword in your niche.

Using this keyword, you can get a brief idea about Keyword Volume, Keyword CPC, Keyword Traffic and also about the competition on the selected niche.

This free tool provides google data; besides this also provide data of:

  • Google Trends
  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • UberSuggest
  • Majestic
  • Google
  • AnswerThePublic
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Bing
  • Moz Open Site Explorer and more

This is the best free keyword researching tool available on Google to get an idea about any keyword.

17. TubeBuddy

tubebuddy chrome extension

TubeBuddy chrome extension is one of the best free extension that helps you to optimize YouTube videos by using more relevant Tags. You can find more profitable keyword using this tool to drive more views on your Youtube Videos.

You can also do Social Monitoring using this tool to find how many times your videos are shared on social media.

Besides, it also provides a function to make an eye-cache thumbnail for Yt Videos.

If you are finding helpful, then you may go with its paid version to make your work handier.

18. Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension

If you are expert or you love to run FB ads for your blog post, then this tool will help you a lot.

Facebook Pixel Helper Extension is the best chrome extensions for bloggers that will tell you about the pixel are fired on your blog poster not.

Even you can also check other website pixels using a single click on Facebook Pixel Helper icon.

The best part is that this extension is not only for bloggers who run a lot of FB ads to promote their content on FB but,

You can use this tool to stop the pixel of another website before they start sending ads on your FB feed.

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