[AMAZING] Best Niche For Blogging In 2020 to Start a Profitable Blog

Best Niche for blogging

Are you looking for best niche for blogging in 2020?

If yes, then this article will definitely help you out. 

I know choosing a niche is really a touch job when it comes to making building  successful and profitable blog.

Writing on vague topics only goes so far when it comes to attracting traffic and getting those views.

In such times, it becomes a matter of viewership that is inclined towards the preciseness of the topic you are writing on. 

"Niche writing" targets a specific audience with specific  needs and therefore it attracts all the flow from people who are looking for that specific thing and not all the drama that comes with it. 

Not to mention that it also helps your blog to rank higher in the eyes of Google crawler.

here are some insights that I have earned the hard way about the best niche for blogging in 2020, according to your expertise and needs:

Different Niches In Blogging

 1. Technical Writing

Writings like how-to guides and technical walk-through for installation, operating procedures, enterprise documents and legal disclaimers are well-paid for or viewed but they require high expertise or pull up your socks for some laborious research.

This is not for you if even after hours of extensive research, the only word you’ll type is going to be ‘Terminator’.

Not coming from a technical background, I couldn’t really figure out the whole idea.

For a single article or blog the complete know-how of one software was needed and by the time I would be done with that, I could have written 3 articles on some other niche that I am comfortable with.

So unless you’ve had a veritable experience in handling the technical side of your devices and you know what is the technical term for that thing your computer does sometimes, you should read further. 

2. Education Blogging

This is mostly overlooked as it attracts limited traffic. 

This might work for you as a side gig if you are a teacher. You can sign up on such websites as a Tutor. You can even upload your lectures and you will earn by the views. 

So if you know that you have to turn on your microphone before starting the two hour long lecture and you have a command over your subject, this is your ride to the Dollar Town.

3. Food Blogging

Blogging about the different foods from around the world, or even writing informative articles on recipes for tasty, healthy or exotic food, pours in views like a smoothie.

The beautiful images of food help. Although that’s rarely how the end product turns out to be, it looks very appetizing and everyone falls for those cute cupcakes every single time.

After building a strong base, you can make good money out of it by making your premium content paid. You really need to know some stuff about cooking though.  Otherwise, things could really go south like my almond-latté with no milk and no almonds.

4. Fitness Blogging

Along the same lines as Food blogging, Fitness blogging is more about eating right and doing more squats. These get a significant amount of traffic. 

The new ways of dieting or the improved old ways to lose weight sell themselves. There is no dearth of sub themes to write on. 

There are a lot of Do’s and Don’t-s in this niche and they mark for vast content and a lot of space for creative approach. 

The research level required is quite high as you cannot afford putting out inaccurate data and facts that are invalid. 

The plus point is that you don’t have to follow those diets and exercise routines for writing about them. I didn’t and it paid well.

5. Fashion and Entertainment Blogging

Believe it or not, there is a great fan base of celebrities who really wants to know what was worn by whom on the red carpet and who was the designer behind that dress that was sliding over the whole carpet, sweeping. 

While outfit malfunctions are sensational for this niche audience, new trends in fashion are closely followed by them. The gossip of the entertainment industry and the latest gowns in trend go hand in hand.

You need to have some knowledge of the different dress types and it is all a game of how quickly you can jot down a juicy article that will be shared and circulated by those fans. The engagement is unbelievable and views go up in bulk explosions.

6. Unlimited Possibilities

There is no limit to the niche you can pick. It does not even have to be something already out there. Start your own if you have enough belief in your idea.

Some other niches that you can see if they fit are Travel Blogging, Newborn Parenting Blogging, Pet Care, Life Blogging, etc.

Whatever you pick, you need to find the right audience for your niche. A loyal audience should be your goal.

Top Niches For Blogging

 If you want your blog to have a tremendous viewership, then you can pick themes like-

1) Product Reviewing

Nowadays people always go through the reviews before they buy anything. Everyone wants to know how good something is at hand. 

The advertisements and product descriptions always highlight the pros. People want to know what are its limitations. 

That’s why blogs that have honest product reviews are in huge demand and hog a lot of traffic.

 This niche can be used for almost anything. While some bloggers review children’s toys, others go for smart phones or makeup products. 

You can name anything and there will be a review for it out there. The hinge weighs at how good and honest your writing is.

2) Entertainment industry

People always want to know what one star said about the other. When they are provided with the juicy details of the small altercation, they go wild and end up sharing it on all their social media profiles. It’s like giving people what they want and then they give you what you want which is views. 

While this pays good, you will not improve as a writer and you will not learn anything worthwhile. That’s why I left it as soon as I tried it.

3) Teaching The Basics

One of the best niche for blogging is educating people for free. Free muffins are always devoured. 

If you’ll give genuine professional advice to people about any topic like digital photography, drawing tips, Guitar for beginners, home-decor, metal health well-being, etc they will listen.

4) Fan Fiction Niche Blog

This has proved to be highly successful for talented writers with good imagination. Popular movies and shows like Harry Potter and F.R.I.E.N.D.S ended years ago but the fans always want more.

 If you have in-depth knowledge of those shows, can create new situations and you know the characters well-enough to know how they will react to your situations, you can create a really satisfying blog. 

You’ll be surprised to see how many people have made a living out of this. However, I find the competition to be really high and it’s really hard to get in and stay. 

5) Other Niches that fetch views

As I said, there is no limit to the type of content you can use for your niche. There are however, some established blogs that have shown promising feedback. 

These include local news blogs, life hacks, home-made solutions, natural and organic ways, book review writing and more.

These niches are good choices if your aim is just viewership. These are not always the same as the best niche for blogging for earning money.

So I decided to give a try to the others.

Most Profitable Blog Niches

These are some of the niches which sideline the viewership angle by an inch and make space for those bundles of cash you’re going to earn.

1) Media Houses

While starting your own can be quite a task, working for one is easier as they also take in interns. Writing skills for working here should be highly polished.

The deadlines can be unbelievable but these offer great environment for learning new skills and getting better.

2) Tech Topics

It really pays well if you are good at writing and also have skills with the technical things. 

Writing about using Photoshop well or how to set up a website pays well if you find the right place to publish them.

3) Writing about writing

You are here. So is somebody else. Writing about blogging, making money and writing tips is a niche in itself.

As long as your blog is helpful and has genuine tips and suggestions, people will want to know what’s new and what they can learn from your experience.

4) Translation blogging

If you are bilingual with the combination of languages such that it is a rare combination, you can translate the already famous and brilliant works of a language into the other.

This actually goes a long way in making you famous and it even pays a lot if you publish the translations as long as they are  good. 

You will need the permission of the original author. There is however, a lot of mind blowing work available in the public domain. 

I didn’t go for it as my bilingual combination isn’t a rare one and it required a very good command over both languages.

5) Other things to consider

However it may sound, tech blogs are giving others a run for their money. They are the most in demand and that’s how things are right now. 

This does not mean that you cannot earn if you aren’t a technical sort of fellow. While these other options are not as well-paying, they will still earn you a lot of dough if you keep at it. I can say that by experience.

Which Niche Is Best For Blogging?

Now let’s talk about best niche for blogging. The answer is that it’s subjective. A person with good gardening skills has no chance of earning a dime if they blog about fashion.

There is no use of just aiming for the highest paying gig out there without thinking if it is under your capabilities or not.

 Research can only help you if you can trim out the unnecessary stuff without compromising on credibility, ease of understanding and quality. 

So it is best if you stick to what you know or what you can learn easily. 

After considering your strengths and selecting the most profitable yet comfortable niche from them, you will have the niche with which you have the best shot at earning well.

Along with a niche, you will need a micro-niche. It is a compact website targeted at a pin-point topic with low number of web pages. 

Latest mobile phones, baby care, job vacancies, help forums, etc attract good attention and are some of the best micro niche for blogging.

 How To Choose Best Niche For Blogging?

By now we know that we need to consider a number of factors before deciding on the best niche for blogging for us. It has to be something we know about or can master with some efforts. 

Now there will be many such fields that you can write immaculate articles and blogs on. Out of these you have to choose the top three niches that have the highest earning potential.

 From these three go for the one that has the lowest research requirement. Trust me, this will help you in the long run.

The last factor is optional and you can opt for it as per your need. Mainly a blog will either fetch bulk views upon publishing and become dead in a year or your blog will attract little but constant traffic over many years to come.

For example, a new fashion trend about jeans or a celebrity’s birthday gossip will become obsolete as soon as a new gown launches or it is someone else’s birthday. 

On the other hand an educational blog about a certain poem will attract comparatively lower viewership but will keep adding to the views every time someone rediscovers that poem or the next batch of students need help with its analysis.

This type of material always stays relevant and keeps on adding views to your blog even after years of publishing.

This is also not applicable for most of the technical writing such as software, smart phones and technology in general, tend to get older and become irrelevant soon after a new update rolls out. 

Thus, the only bulk views you will get are in the beginning and it goes unnoticed after a year or two.

To keep my blog relevant, I often go back to old posts and update the information and references. 

After learning everything from scratch, I can say that these are the things you should keep in your mind before selecting the best niche for blogging.

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