Best Webinar Software 2020

Best webinar software

Are you planning to scale up your business digitally? If yes, then we are here to tell you about some best webinar software of 2020, which will boost your income 10X using these webinar software.

However, some best webinar software tools will help you, as managing a live webinar will be challenging as compared to events.

Hosting live is one of the best ways to generate leads from webinar for your business and make money online.

When you host a webinar, you can share high-value presentations to your target audience via online channels. 

It’s a pretty effective way to interact with the audience at low costs, even free if you have a few audiences in the beginning.

Using webinar software is an awesome way to do marketing these days.

Choosing the right webinar software is difficult nowadays, with so many options in the market.

Are you confused to choose which is the best webinar software? And looking for its key features which can in your buying decision?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Keep reading this article to to know about some best webinar software.

Best Webinar Software 2020

Best webinar software

1. Zoom 

Zoom is one of the top names in best webinar software and widely used in video conferencing for business today.

It offers HD videos and audio, also screen sharing with lots of extra features. In addition, it also allows you to host a scheduled meeting.

Zoom webinar is one of the best webinar platforms for small business.

Pros of zoom

  • HD video and Audio
  • Screen Sharing
  • Backup of meeting
  • Strong network connectivity
  • Desktop and Mobile-Friendly
  • Private and Public Chat [easy to use, along with you disable chat for a while]
  • Meeting scheduling process is easy
  • Provides free access to 100 Participants with 40 mins limit on a group meeting

Cons of zoom

  • Some user says that audio quality should be improved
  • Lack of Automation

2. Adobe Connect

After getting popular in state-of-art software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Now getting incredibly popular into webinar platforms with Adobe Connect Webinars. It is one of the best webinar software in india.

Coming to its features, Adobe Connect allows you to host videos along with that you can also share documents publicly, which increases interaction with customers.

Pros of adobe connect

  • A large variety of templates to make your virtual environment look good
  • Also, have an option to create a registration page
  • You can reach out to target audience via videos, blogs, polls and surveys
  • It also has analytics to get better insights
  • Advance host control in “Prepared Mode”
  • You can use “Q&A” or “Polls” for user engagement

Cons of adobe connect

  • Expensive price for the webinar software
  • User experience is not so good in mobile

3. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is currently the best webinar software available. This software doesn’t require any technical knowledge regarding how to set up a webinar. 

This software is specially made for newbies, as they have never run a webinar. This can be considered as the best webinar platform for education.

Pros of WebinarJam

  • Easy to set up
  • In-built email marketing integrations [ActiveCampaign, Convertkit etc]
  • Automatically records all webinar
  • Also, work on browser
  • In-built page builder, that helps you to customize your registration pages
  • You can also run Q&A, Polls or surveys to engage your attendees
  • Handles up to 5000 attendees per webinar
  • You can add up to 6 co-host

Cons of WebinarJam

  • Some user have sound delayed problem
  • Email-notification from WebinarJam might open in Spam-Folder

4. Livestorm

The Impressive growth in user-base has been seen in Livestrom. It is a strong tool for efficiency and strong webinar communications. 

This software can be easily used in any device, including Mobile, PC, Laptop, Tablets etc.

This also works on any browser which makes this software user-friendly.

It is also one of the best webinar software in india with many exclusive features.

Pros of Livestorm

  • Better Q&A, Poll survey options to increase user engagement
  • Highly responsive Webinar theme
  • 17 Multi-language support
  • One-click screen-sharing invitation
  • Unlimited recording storage
  • CSV or XLS data exportation
  • Automation fully customized
  • Advanced analytics
  • Pre-recorded videos work well on automation

Cons of Livestorm

  • Some user says the problem in video quality  
  • The free plan has a limit of 20 mins

5. GoToWebinar

The next most amazing best webinar software is GoToWebinar. It is one of the first best webinar platforms in India in that time when the webinar wasn’t popular. 

Its data is amazing, It has nearly more than 50k active users. GoToWebinar is one of the biggest webinar platforms with nearly 3 Million hosts per year.

Pros of GoToWebinar

  • Breakout Rooms: for small group interaction
  • Public Chat
  • Webinar robust analytics
  • Video Sharing
  • HD Video and Audio Quality
  • Good 24/7 Customer Support
  • Scales up to 5k attendees

Cons of GoToWebinar

  • Little expensive for beginner
  • Lowe plan doesn’t allow more 500 attendees

6. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a best webinar platform for small business or who are working individuals who are looking for advanced features at an affordable price.

ClickMeeting is best in reaching people as it is easy for customer training, product sales, and marketing. In addition, it is well-integrated for the automated webinar and customized invites.

Pros of ClickMeeting

  • Easy to use with public and private chat
  • HD video and Audio
  • Screen sharing 
  • You can record the entire live webinar audio and video
  • Download previous recorded webinar from cloud
  • You can connect with Facebook and YouTube to boost your customer engagement

Cons of ClickMeeting

  • The long webinar takes time to export
  • Some user says, sometimes Screen-sharing gets fail

7. GetResponse

GetResponse is specifically famous for its email marketing platform and it is also known for best automated webinar software.

You can set up your webinar within minutes. When it comes to automation, this tool works perfectly.

In one-click, you can set up anything like screen-sharing, email reminder, payment integration and much more

Pros of GetResponse

  • One-Click Screen Sharing, Webinar record
  • Auto Funnel
  • Webinar set up within a minute
  • CRM integration
  • Advance stats to target your audience
  • Easy Polls and Survey
  • It allows you to set up an autoresponder

Cons of GetResponse

  • No call or phone support
  • Not every feature is available in the lower plan 

8. BigMarker

BigMarker has a significant impact on the webinar platform with lots of advanced features. It could establish a relationship with viewers and is biomarkers main objective. 

They want to provide an excellent service with their is a great video conferencing live video platform with the presence of worldwide countries. 

You can efficiently operate with simple devices like android phones. Its new version worked on web.its design has straightforward and connected people quickly by the web and computers.

Pros of BigMarker

  • it is easy to use to make him a compelling platform. you easily connect with your customer
  • you love the channel for its easy access across the globe this platform gets popularity for its design and content
  • Great support when you have a technical issue

Cons of BigMarker

  • This platform faces some problems like all the features work in the English language. It’s hard for those who don’t know the English language.
  • You miss the 24 hrs clock on this platform. Maybe some more issues but I don’t think anymore

9. Demio

Demio platform is the best webinar platform for education and marketing members. It is not free software.

You can pay its fee and enjoy all of its features. It’s prices are between 45 to 49 $ approx for one month. 

They offer a free trial for some time. Organisations host it via the internet. It is the best version for group meetings.

 Pros of Demio

  • It provides an excellent connection host and the client.
  • It’s automated features make you crazy and you can reschedule and customize easily.
  • Provides webinar funnel pages.

Cons of Demio

  • For using Demio you have a lot of members to do a meeting.
  • they don’t support multiple displays for the webcam.

10. Webinar Ninja

It is effortless to use any other best webinar software. All of the age group people can use this software easily. 

I hope you will also like its function. It is a web-based platform. you can apply easily on any browser operated system. 

You should use this software as it is also used by AppSumo, BareMetrics and John-Lee Dumas. It is consider as the best webinar platform for small business.

Pros of Webinar Ninja

  • You can run free Webinar and also paid virtual submit
  • You can Insert your Facebook Ad tracking pixel
  • You can replay pre-recorded webinar even you can schedule the pre-recorded webinar
  • Reports live webinar report for better user experience

Cons of Webinar Ninja

  •  It is adjusted for your work automatically sometimes.
  • This could be adjusted for your images or fonts.

11. Easy webinar

Easy Webinar is also one of the best webinar software. It provides almost both features live and webinar. You can increase your engagement with the audience and it is easy to use. 

Its design makes it more accessible, you can quickly join the market expert. You may take a free trial. 

In the paid version, you can access more features. Its customer service is outstanding.

Pros of Easy webinar

  • A lot of functions of software gives us more opportunity to go far in business.
  • It’s a workshop to enjoy the company and thrive.

Cons of Easy webinar

  • Sometimes we can face a problem with upload or error messages.
  • Bug with the sound and browser.

12. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is best automated webinar software, the pre-recorded webinar looks like live webinar stimulates. 

But without installation you can’t do anything like other webinar softwares allow. 

…EveryWebinar has meagre prices, some other webinar platforms. Gives email notification and dynamic automated features.

Pros of EverWebinar

  • It provides an on-demand webinar. live offers to host a webinar.
  • Support multiple display
  • Automated live chat or customer support.

Cons of EverWebinar

  • It takes more time to host a webinar.
  • It is easy to use, but some features confuse clients.
  • Due to over complication they created more problems to play webinar.

13. Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is one of the most trusted best webinar software to play webinar. It connects Gmail and it is easy to use. You can quickly open and sign up automation. 

It also supports browsers, it is a reliable tool to grow your business. You can attend your webinar on Google hangouts with some easy tips as it allows a lot of people to attend a one-time meeting.

Pros of Google Hangouts

  • All common features as others.
  • Allows up to 25 to 27 people at a time. Free of cost, you don’t have any value.
  • Easy to share the display with your views.

Cons of Google Hangouts

  • A google account is a necessity.
  • Different types of tools Google hangouts offer.
  • It doesn’t support any paid events or marketing.

Note: It has no maximum limit to attend any webinar feature. An unlimited number of participants took part in your webinar.

14. Any Meeting

AnyMeeting is the best webinar platform for small business for beginners or who want to attend and host the webinar. You can broadcast high definition videos. If you’re going to use full features of it you have to pay a small fee.

Pros of Any Meeting

  • All basic feature
  • 5 or 6 more speakers and thousands of participants attend the webinar at one time. 
  • Follow your participants with emails.
  • Robust analysis and built-in reporting.

Cons Any Meeting

  • It doesn’t support mobile devices.
  • Many people say this is overpriced, but it is worthwhile.

15. Webex

It’s one of the rare features is it’s provided high definition customisation. It supports multiple devices as you can host training sessions with WebEx very easily.

It is also compatible with browsers and devices.

Pros of Webex

  • All basic features as other best webinar software gives.
  • It provides mobile apps and browser support all features.
  • It allows participants to attend 39000
  • It also provides a marketing tool to grow business

Cons of Webex

  • It is more suitable for family members, not a company.
  • If you go over the data you will be paid extra.

16. Expansive audience

Comprehensive audience platform connects with you across the world. You can easily share your view with your webinar participants. It’s beautiful.

No matter what the size of your business is, you can use it for your webinar, it is also the best webinar platform for small business.

Pros of Expansive audience

  • It is effortless to use, and pricing is very low 
  • It gives extra features.
  • No logistically cost or support involved.

Cons of Expansive audience

  • It takes time to upload videos.
  • It has more problems to upload videos. It is very slow on over data bandwidth.


Here are some outlines for best webinar software 2020. All of these platforms host your webinar with the help of these platforms you can quickly attend your business meeting with your employees. 

But the confusing question is, which is the best webinar platform for small business or large business. To identify this you need to examine all the softwares carefully. The best thing is that some of the tools come with a free trial or 100% money-back guarantee so that you can easily find the best tool.

Today’s many schools and colleges use these platforms. Some of these platforms are paid, and some are entirely free. Some webinar platforms give a free trial, and remaining features will get after payments.

These platforms help to grow your business with some of the business best webinar tools. These business tools help to customize your video, you can also share with youtube customisation. 

This platform saves your time to travel. It is less costly to share your views; it depends only on how many people signup. No types of any other equipment needed you can use the mobile browser to host a webinar.

Webinar is easy and convenient for speakers and participants and no one has to travel to attend the meeting.

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