Best blogging affiliate program in 2020

best blogging affiliate programs

The two most asked questions on google are how to start a blog in 2020 and starting a blog to make money.  Initiation of a blog is an easy task, but to earn you has to monetize it as there are many things by which you can monetize your blog and affiliate marketing is one of the widely used programs.

After starting the blog, the next question arrives on how to make money by the blog. It means how do bloggers make money..

In this article, I  will tell you- How to make money through a blog and best affiliates for blogging. 

Earning from an affiliate program is the best passive income anyone can make. I know you are very curious about “what is an affiliate program”, How can you earn from it,   and what are the best affiliates program for blogger and how to find the best affiliate program.

Wait and read this blog carefully. You will get all your answers.

Now the main question arrives. 

What is the most profitable blogging affiliate program that helps earn passive income from blogger affiliate programs before this let us understand about affiliate marketing?

In this affiliate world, you have to choose the best blogging affiliate program by which you can you can generate passive income. Which I will guide you in this blog.

What is the Affiliate program? 

Affiliate marketing is an elemental part of digital marketing where you can earn much more money than establish a company of your own affiliate marketing.

It is a program in which you have to promote popular products and you will get a portion of commission from it.

Earning through affiliate marketing is much more comfortable, and I can guarantee that one can easily earn commission and start making money online.

In affiliate marketing, the product can be a physical, virtual, or digital product. It does not matter what the outcome is, the things which matter are How it performs, and how it can benefit our customers.

The Most important part is, how  the publisher advertised it so that it can reach more and more customers.

If it’s a perfect product, the vendor or merchant will get loyal customers base, and the customer will buy thier products again and again. And that product fall under the category of  best blogging affiliate program.

How does the affiliate program work? 

Affiliate marketing has three stages. You have to understand these three levels, so that you can master it and earn money online.

  • Product creator 
  • Publisher 
  • Consumer

Yes, it’s straightforward only by terminology. Everyone can understand affiliate marketing .lets still discuss it briefly for more clarification. 

Product creator-

Usually, there is a product creator who wants to sell there product. In a few  cases, some sellers sell their product through Affiliate marketing; whereas the seller can be an individual, organization, or large business owner, 

The benefit of product creators by selling their product through affiliate marketing is that they have to work on updating their products.

All the efforts are made by the publisher for which they get the right amount of commission that’s why choosing best affiliate program blogging is very mandatory.


Publishers are also known as affiliates. It can be an individual, small organization, or startups.

All those enterprises that promote products via marketing are called affiliates. These are the bodies that sell an affiliate product to there consumers.

They have the art of targeting the right audience; it’s The same audience who buys their products. They create a personal brand or platform on which customers attract and buy it.

They advertise in such ways where the customer agrees that its beneficial product and purchase it right away


Consumers are the targeting audience of affiliates.

Afliates target consumer via blogging, social media accounts, website and etc. Sometimes members share revenue with consumers to increase sales and to show the benefit of there offer because sellers give extra income if you sell in quantity.

These are three essential things in affiliate marketing. 

Benefits of affiliate marketing 

A vendor or merchant does not promote their product directly in the market. They advertise their product through digital marketing or give their product to the publisher who makes all the effort and gets the right commission. 

Affiliate marketing broadens your user base, its rapid earning, and its cost-effective it means by investing a small amount of money on blog or traffic, and you can make a handsome amount of money in less time.

Best recurring affiliate program

It is part of the affiliate program in which you get paid when consumers subscribe to it regularly and make the payment every month or a regular interval of time. 

In this, you get profit regularly and receive an excellent passive income. The main difference between consistent affiliate marketing and recurring affiliate marketing is that you get only one time commission. In contrast, in recurring, you get multiple times until the consumer makes payments. 

For example,

If you sell an amazon prime yearly membership to consumers, you will get a one-time commission s its called affiliate marketing. 

in the second case, if you sell Netflix to your customers, they will make the payment every month that an example of recurring payments

What the best recurring affiliate programs ?

best recurring affiliate programs

There are many recurring affiliates programs present in the digital world from where we have to select which is best for us, based on payout and customer satisfaction. Do check out the best affiliate program for bloggers. 

some of the best recurring affiliate programs which are highly used in the blogging industry given below and these are the most profitable affiliate programs.

  • LeadPages
  • ConverKIt
  • Aweber 
  • Elegant themes

These are one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers on the internet

1. Semrush

Recurring affiliate programs could be a godsend in times of financial difficulties, such as the one we’re experiencing.

That’s the reason why I have been around the hunt for top quality, recurring affiliate programs, and also stumbled upon BeRush.

What’s BeRush? It’s SEMrush’s affiliate program to get their favorite search engine optimization tool. 

I’ve been using SEMrush for many years, like I like their keyword research features over their opponents. Approximately 5 million people around the world utilize SEMrush.

Thus lots of men and women utilize SEMrush since it provides them access to more than 40 tools like site analysis, keyword analysis, keyword analysis, competition analysis, and even more. 

Using an excellent top piece of software to successfully promote greatly assists your promotional campaigns as soon as it comes to conversion and customer retention. 


The BeRush affiliate program provides some rather interesting features which help increase your earnings.  SEmrush is considered as the Best blogging affiliate program in 2020.

  • Two Upgrades Each Month

SEMrush pays commission double each month. It spends about the 10th and 25th of each month. 

  • Ten decades of Cookie Life

When a person first clicks on your affiliate link, you will still get a commission when the person buys a strategy within a decade. You’ll also get a commission if the individual clicks additional BeRush affiliate hyperlinks after clicking on your link. But you won’t get a commission in the event the individual accomplishes their biscuits before buying a strategy. 

If a person clicks additional affiliate hyperlinks, once first clicking your affiliate, to buy any subscription program, you will still get a commission. 

It’s easy to obtain commission payments through Paypal. Plus, it is easy to achieve its payout threshold of 50. 

  • Pre-Approved Software

it’s easy to register and promote your affiliate link since you won’t wait for guide account acceptance. 

  • 2-Tier Affiliate Program

SEMrush includes a brand new 2-tier affiliate program that allows you to make a customized commission on every client your affiliate signs up! 

2. ConvertKit

The email marketing platform that’s winning market share. More and more internet marketers are changing to them because of how easy they have made setting up autoresponder sequences.

Utilizing ConvertKit, which can be almost impossible to perform along with other email providers, one of that will automatically take people who have purchased off the remaining part of the product funnel arrangement.

Characteristics such as this help generate ConvertKit a pretty easy buy in case you are in the entire market.

Commissions are recurring, and that usually means you will get 30% of your referral pays monthly, whether they remain a contributor.

If you can come across a few references under your belt, those commissions will be looking pretty beneficial because they accumulate into an affiliate account.

Affiliate Sign-up: ConvertKit conducts its affiliate program to register and finally come to be a ConvertKit affiliate in 3 easy steps. 

3. Leadpages

Using LeadPages, your website or site can get more traffic and hits than you can alone where you are going to get a commission for every sale that you create or purchases, which comes out of the referral link.

We also advised Leadpages about our Best Affiliate Programs List since this is among the best affiliate programs you can combine and earn lifetime earnings.

Within the following guide, I’ll share with you whatever you want to learn about Leadpages and how to make lifetime commission out of Leadpages using Leadpages affiliate program.

As an affiliate marketer or internet marketer, then you likely heard about Leadpages and the way Leadpages create fantastic landing pages, increases conversion rates, and also generate fresh prospects and sales to CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing. It is possible to discover more CPA Advertising programs. 

In case you have never heard of Leadpges, then read what Leadpages is. 

Leadpages is an Internet on-line software tool Which You Can utilize:

Create Mail popups and Signup types to collect mails and construct emails readers 

The Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program enables Leadpages affiliates to advertise Leadpages leading lead generation resources and produce money. Leadpages have assisted over 50,000 Affiliate entrepreneurs create more prospects and sales and better their companies. 

If you’re a member of this Leadpages affiliate program, all you need to do is market Leadpages and invite folks to combine Leadpages. If you’re already using Leadpages, then you may invite your family and friends, and you’ll get a 30 percent commission for your lifetime. That’s known as a recurring Affiliate Program where you can make money for your lifetime. 

If you’re already using Leadpages, subsequently inviting different individuals will be able to allow you to utilize Leadpages free. Also, it is possible to make a 30% commission out of them until they use their expert services. 

4. Aweber:

Monthly (or annual ) recurring commission may quickly add up into something dramatic, allowing you to keep earning cash from a sale that you do after several months afterward.

The Aweber affiliate program (recently rebranded into the urge program) is the affiliate program for both Aweber, a firm with over 22 decades of business expertise on the internet.

Aweber provides companies across the globe email advertising solutions allowing anybody to gather and save email addresses, send out automatic email send broadcast emails, and now produce whole email advertising campaigns.

When writing that specific review, Aweber is currently paying its affiliate and urges a desirable commission rate of 30 percent.

The fantastic thing about that is you will get paid 30 percent for so long as the customer remains a customer.

Meaning, should you ship a customer to Aweber, plus they obtain their starter program of $19 a month, you can anticipate $5.70 each month for every sale you refer to.

The very best thing about that is that the majority of people that wish to construct an email list using Aweber are inclined to want to keep their record busy, so each customer that you refer to Aweber can continue for several decades.

5. Elegant themes:

Whether you are just opening your website on WordPress or you have been in it for a little while and think that it’s time to get a face-lift, then I am confident that you’ve started hunting around to your website with all the best templates and themes. In 2018 Elegant thems was considered as the best affiliate program of that time. 

According to my study and utilizing many of the different WordPress theme shops, I could confidently state Elegant Themes is one of the best. They’ve themes made for you using a simple interface, comprehensive manuals, drag, and drop operation, and a few fairly killer plugins to go for this!

If you have already sunk in love with Elegant Topic’s designs, then it’s no doubt you are wondering just how you get much more concerned in Elegant Themes to begin earning money! 

Affiliate applications are strategies set up that enable you to market a business’s products, and consequently, they offer you a cut of their earnings. With Elegant Themes, it is not any different. However, the fantastic news is that you just get 50 percent of this purchase that comes out of advertising.

Let’s discuss Elegant Themes more, find out about their goods, and determine how you can begin earning!

If you’re considering getting an affiliate to get Elegant Themes also, then I would strongly suggest it. The affiliate program in Elegant Themes is still one of the most effective available from the WordPress niche. It has played an essential part in the continuing development of the company and its goods within the area. As an affiliate, There Are Numerous reasons why I enjoy affiliate program in Elegant Themes that include;

Maximum commissions – 50 percent on all affiliate earnings generate this program, one of their top paying available for practically any caliber WordPress Theme. 

Annual renewals – As yearly memberships get revived, you get the commission over and over. 

Effortless to utilize affiliate dash – Easily monitor sales and find out how many users you’ve delivered into Elegant Themes. It’s possible to readily see traffic, conversions, and track links separately also. 

Monthly premiums – Get paid through Paypal on-time monthly without needing to chase payments up! 

A terrific conversion speed – just like with any high-quality merchandise, the conversion rates together with Elegant Themes are significant. I usually average about nine %conversion prices, but I have observed fellow affiliates producing more than 20% conversion rates using specific content! 

I hope this superb blog will help you in finding the Best blogging affiliate program in 2020. 

still, if have any doubt in finding best profitable affiliate  program just contact us or comment us.

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