How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank

How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank

Hey, want to learn how to find keywords that rank your blog?

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Well I would like to tell you that BeLikeAviral always dedicates its best to help you out. As you have landed on the same, so here you are going to get the best solution to your question, which is How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank.

Well the keyword research is the most underrated activity that the majority of bloggers do not pay attention to.

There are a number of guide blogs available on the internet that tells you about the link buildings, On page and Off page SEO, blog promotion etc…

But there are a very limited number of blogs and websites available that provide you the keyword research tips or how to find keywords.

And is from one of them. So, after a few lines in this article, you are going to get complete detail about How to find the right keywords to rank and How to do keyword research for SEO.

So, learning about the Keywords research and analysis and SEO tips is one of the most important things that a blogger needs to know to get the complete information about how to rank for a keyword.


Well to dive in deeply about How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank, you should be aware about what actually the keyword is…

What Is Keyword Research?

The determining and the discovering of keywords that is the most important to show the objectives of any websites. 

Finding the keywords that you want to rank for is not only important but finding the keywords related to the search that people are searching in the google is the most important thing that you have to consider while researching the keywords.

At the time of researching, you will get to know about your competitors that what strategy and keywords they are using and you are not which will not only increase your keyword research and implement strategy but also scale your business.

Some Of The Awesome Benefits Of A Good Keyword Research 

  • The consistent growth of your blog.
  • Provide you the confidence to write more blog posts.
  • You can generate more income from your blog.
  • Chances to get more business opportunities.
  • The visibility of your blog in search engines can be increased.
  • Drive more traffic to your blog.
  • Your visibility in search engine will help you to get more paid posts opportunity.
  • Your authority will increase in your industry.
  • Understand the market very nearly during researching about the keywords.

Types Of Keywords

So before proceeding to How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank, let’s look at the types of keywords…

  1. Short tail keywords or Generic keywords :- The Short tail or Generic keywords are the keywords that do not carry any intent around it. 

These are broad and are also called as general keywords.

Such keywords are very difficult to rank and also very difficult to monetize. As these keywords most of the time do not carry any user intention.

For example :- Diet, Game, Entertainment, SEO, Loss

  1. Mid-tail keywords :- Such kind of keywords carry half of the information only.

Such keywords always carry very small information along with them.

For example :- Weight gain diet, computer games, home entertainment, etc…

  1. Long-tail keywords :- Long-tail keywords are the intentful and very specific keywords that anyone can easily understand the intention of users. 

These keywords are also called as buyer persona keywords as these are the money making keywords.

For example, 

If you are targeting those customers who want to buy earpods in India, then earpods will be your main keyword and to create a long tail keyword, you have to be specific with your target.

For example,

  • Buy earpods in India
  • Best earpods in India
  • Best prices earpods India
  • India earpods best price
  • Buy cheap earpods in India

This is the way you should follow to create the long tail keywords from the keyword of a single or two words.

  1. Seasonal keywords :- The search volume of these keywords gets increased in some specific season only.

During a particular season, the search volume of seasonal keywords reaches to the peak but in the entire year, its search volume is very less.

For example :- Best toy for kids, Best AC for office, Happy friendship day wallpaper.

  1. Evergreen keywords :- Evergreen keywords are the keywords which you can see all time in the market. Such keywords do not depend on the seasons or occasions.

This can be very helpful for you, if you are looking for a long term website. You can build a website around such keywords.

For example :- Best gloves for bikes, How to format a computer, How to install windows.

  1. Buyer Keywords :- Well the buyer keywords are the most important keywords for the bloggers and affiliate marketers as well because these keywords bring sales for you.

The people who are searching for these keywords are the buyers only. So implementing such keywords into your blog will help you to create more money online. 

For example :- Iphone X discount, Fastcomet coupon, A2 hosting coupon.

Buyer Keywords are of three types :- 

  1. Informational Keywords :- Informational keywords are the problem solving keywords that people use to search about the solution of their problems on the internet.

Basically, people use such keywords to find the solution of their problems.

For example :- Best beard growth oil, How to install wordpress plugins, How to drive a car.

  1. Navigational keywords :- People who know a bit about the products or the solution of their problems use such keywords to get their required information on the internet.

Basically, people know about their products but they use to search on google to know more about that particular product.

For example :- Fastcomet hosting review, Realme earpods review etc…

  1. Transactional keywords :- These are the strong buyer keywords. People use these keywords when they have finally decided to purchase a product.

The transactional keywords are the most important search keywords for affiliate marketing and if you want to run google ads then these are the most expensive to run ads.

You may also see that when you search the keywords in google like buy, discount, coupon, offers then there are many ads will appear in the Google SERP. 

And there is only one reason behind that they are the money-making keywords.

For example :- Where to buy realme earpods, cheap flights for Dubai, Fastcomet hosting discount.

7. LSI keywords :- The full form of LSI keyword is Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. 

These are the keywords that are related to your main keyword and helps you to add more value to your content. 

Adding LSI keywords into your article makes easy for Google to understand the intent of your article. 

For example,

If you are talking about ‘host’ but not clearly mentioned whether it is web hosting or the host of any program or show.

So that’s why Google uses the LSI keywords and identifies which host you are talking about.

Like if you have mentioned the words like web hosting, Fastcomet, A2 hosting, then Google will consider it a web host. But if you have mentioned stage, podium, anchoring, then Google will consider it as a program or show host.

Finally, Let’s discuss the steps to find the SEO keywords.

As we have already discussed the Keywords and types of keywords so it’s time to get to know about How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank or about the steps to find the SEO keywords.

Here, we will get to know about the steps to find the SEO keywords by using the Google keyword planner.

  1. Elaborate your keywords :- This is the very first step in which you have to define your main keywords before researching the keywords.

Now you have to create a list in which you have to mention 5 to 10 keywords in your notebook or in excel sheet and that would be generic.

  1. Checkout the Google auto suggestion :- Well the Google auto suggest keywords is the best and most beneficial idea to find the keywords.

Google auto suggests keywords are not only the good keywords but they are the LSI and long tail keywords as well. This will help you a lot to get the best ranking in Google SERP.

  1. Always check the search related to in Google :- When you search your queries in Google then Google also suggests you the queries that are very mu0ch close to your query which will help you to make things easier.

These queries are the long tail keywords that you can also use in your article to get more people engaged with your article.

  1. The Google Ads :- It is truly said that if the number of ads related to a single product is more than that is profitable.
  1. Research keywords by using tools :- The tools that you can use to research the keywords related to your niche is SEMRush.

It can give you the data of ranking keywords that drive more than 5000 visitors per month.

You can note those keywords into your notebook or in your excel sheet to write your next blog post by reading the articles very carefully.

How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank
  1. Always Use Answer The Public :- This is the tool which is the suitable answer for your most asked question: How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank.

You can also use those question keywords into the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) of your blog post.

  1. Use the Quora platform to get the ideas about famous questions and answers :- The questions and answers platform is the ultimate source to get the ideas related to any niche.

At these platforms, people use to ask various questions and get the answers from the experts. 

In this context, Quora is far ahead from the rest. It has builded a large community of users from different fields. That’s why it is very easy to get the effective and working ideas from Quora.

You can easily read the questions asked by the people related to your niche and can easily pick the money making keywords.

How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank
  1. Keep your eye on top ranking articles related to your niche :- Keeping your eyes on the top ranking articles can bring you the number of keywords that you can’t even think of.

Essential Plugins To Do The SEO With Keywords

  1. Yoast SEO :- It is one of the most popular On-Page SEO plugins. Yoast SEO provides you the all essential suggestion that you need to create an awesome blog post.
How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank
  1. All in one SEO :- This plugin also comes under the category of best plugins which is being used by more than 2 million people. All in one SEO is inbuilt with all the essential settings that a blog required to do On Page SEO.
How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank
  1. Rank Math SEO :- This is also another plugin that provides you the many awesome features for absolutely free.You will get shocked after looking at the awesome features of rank Math SEO.
How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank

The Last Words

I have delivered my best about How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank. Now, all you have to do is to just go through each and every topic very carefully and get the best knowledge about finding the keywords related to your niche and how to implement those keywords into your blog post.

Finding the keywords related to your niche will become very easy to you but all you have to do next is to concentrate on the implementation of those keywords into your blog. 

I hope I was able to deliver the best answer to your most asked question How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank. But if you still face any kind of issue while researching the keywords and implementing those keywords into your article, you can drop your queries into the comment section. I will definitely try my best to deliver the best of your questions. 

And if you really find this article valuable then do share with your friends those who need to know about How To Find Keywords That Are Easy To Rank.

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