You shloud know before choosing FastComet Hosting? Complete Review

Things You shloud know before buying FastComet Hosting

Are you planning to buy FastComet hosting? and looking for its review article which can in your buying decision?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will be providing you with the detailed review of fastComet hosting.

Fastcomet is a leading hosting Provider that is becoming popular day by day. It was not famous before, but nowadays it is attracting some attention for good reasons.

Today we will do a detailed review from A to Z and see if it is worth buying hosting or not.

Read this article till the end, as I have mentioned some schemes and discounts Coupons at the end of the article.

Let’s begin with the overview the company. It started in 2013 and has 70+ employees. FastComet is trusted by more than 50,000 brands, businesses and Professionals. It is a relatively new company. They have invested and spent in infrastructure and hosting.

FastComet offers two hosting plans to their customers i.e. Fast Cloud + and Fast Cloud Extra.

Now lets talk about an important parameter i.e. server response time. I personally experience an awesome Server response time in cities like, 2ms in Bangalore, 0.59ms in Singapore and 1.25ms in London, and overall it has A + performance.

I have seen this performance in Fast Cloud Extra, so both have a good server response time to talk about their speed.

Note: Average response time is slightly shorter. HTTPs were not failures; they participated in all my requests. 

FastComet Shared hosting Plans and Pricing

Fastcomet Hosting Provider provides us with 3 different types of shared hosting plans. You can choose the one, as per your choice and work.

  • FastCloud – If you want to use a single website, then you have to spend 15GB of SSD space at $9.95/mo.
  • FastCloud Plus – If you want to use the multiple websites, then you have to spend 25GB of SSD space at $ 14.95/mo.
  • FastCloud Extra – If you want to use the multiple websites, then you have to spend 35GB of SSD space at $ 19.95/mo.

If you have interest in blogging or wants to scale your business through your website, then you must try fast comet because it is very cheap, and its support system is also perfect.



This week FastComet is giving us a discount of 70% on all plans. We should not let this opportunity go out of our hands. And in order to get this hosting, you coupon REVIVE70, you will get instant discount of 70%.

However, before you buy this, let me tell you the reasons why I have liked this hosting company.

Fastcomet offers huge discount on the month of november every year in the name of fastcomet black driday.

Why to choose FastComet Hosting

Why to choose FastComet Hosting

The Reasons why I prefer FastComet Hosting are:

  • 24/7 Hours support system for free.
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.
  • SSD ( Which your website runs very fast ).
  • Daily and weekly backup.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.

Bonus Part: The most considerable part is that FastComet forwards us SSL certificates for Free, so that we do not have to buy an SSL certificate from any other company.

PROBLEM-SOLVING HOSTING COMPANY: Everyone has a problem that they do not get the support system well due to which they got very disappointed.

Still, the Fastcomet hosting company provides us with the entire support system so that we can become successful in our Digital life.

Fastcomet gives us a support system of 24/7 hours, so that any problem occurs on any of the blogger or website owner. So you can easily contact their team anytime.

Their Customer Support also tries to teach us everything, and if in any case we do not able to understand, They explains each and everything to us through the useful articles.

The biggest problem of all bloggers or website Owners is that their website does not run fast, But fastcomet Hosting company solves our problem. Moreover, you get an SSD in all plans so that your website or blog can run even more faster.

Difference between Site ground and Fast Comet?

If I compare its pricing with Siteground, Siteground has a Growbig Plan, which you can get for 25k, which is $ 6 per month.

If I compare with the $ 4.5 plan where they are offering a limit of 50k unique visitors per month, Fastcomet is offering better pricing.

The pricing of Fast Cloud Extra is much cheaper than the Siteground, and it provides more resources.


In the Upcoming future, Fast Comet easily handles their new customers.

As FastComet have excellent customer support, I think it is a good competitor for Siteground.

I believe there is a close competition among Both of the hosting Providers, but as per current scenario, FastComet is the leading competitor of Siteground.

Pros and Cons of FastComet


  • good speed
  • Amazing uptime
  • Excellent Customer care support
  • Easily handle the load on the website.


  • less space. If I come on a plus plan, I only get 25GB of SSD space. With-it Fast Cloud Extra, only 35GB of SSD space is available, so if you have a massive website, So it is a little bit less, if you have a video or image website, it can be a space limit, the similar limitations will also exist in the siteground.

FastComet Comparison From other well-known hosting Providers

As per my own opinion, FastComet is a relatively small company if we compare it to Site Ground or A2 Hosting.

Still, the investment that FastComet has made on their infrastructure and consumer is excellent, and I think It is worth the money.

FastComet is continuously providing the best value for the option.

If you are looking for a Siteground opportunity, then it is not good. As FastComet will provide more features and more resources at a lower price, so it is a good option that will be all for it.

Cloudflare CDN: Fastcomet Hosting Provider also provides Cloudflare CDN to us. Which makes our website much better.

Whenever your website’s entire system is offline, Cloudflare handles all of its operations.

Fastcomet necessarily provides its plans via Cloudflare CDN, which hosts all the servers of the world, so that the data of your website will be loaded within seconds.

While other companies do not provide CDN in their hosting plan, and if they do, they charge more.


Fastcomet Hosting is the best hosting company out of all the plans that are best for Brands, businesses and Professionals.

RocketBooster Hosting Environmental: The Fastcomet hosting provider is known as Rocketbooster hosting because it gives its customers three times the benefit per resource.

Fastcomet promises fast speed to all, and what we all know is, fast websites have customer satisfaction and SEO. And no doubt, Fastcomet servers can handle traffic well, so we should use fastComet hosting.

Final Words For FastComet Hosting Deals 2020:-

First of all, I want to say that I found Fastcomet Hosting Company the best among all hosting companies. If you are going to increase your business through blogging or website, then you should buy this hosting.

Because it gives us many offers like – Free Website Migration, Free SSL, Free Domain Transfer, SSD And 24/7 Support at a very affordable price.

So, If you are looking for WordPress Hosting, then you should prefer FastComet Hosting provider.

As you can see, there is a special offer due to COVID-19; you will not know this Offer again. It is available for $ 2.95 per month, so if you need it for testing, it is a good plan. It is not too expensive.

Moreover, I think this post helps you in your buying decision. If you successfully hosted your new website this month, then let me know in the comment section.

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FAQ Related to FastComet Deals 2020

What is FastComet Deals 2020?

This Month, Fast comment is giving us a discount of up to 70%. If you think that you have to make your career in blogging, then I will tell you that you should take a fast cloud plan.

Where can I buy a fast comment hosting plan?

If you think that you do not want to lose an offer with FastComet Hosting Plans, then click Here now and activate your 70 % discount.

Attains Fastcomet Hosting Company give us a free trial?

Yes, the fastComet hosting Provider gives us a chance for 14 days for a free trial.

Will we benefit by buying a plan from Fastcomet Hosting Company?

Yes, you will benefit significantly by purchasing the FastComet Hosting Plan, because its support system is excellent and yes, it is cheapest from another hosting company.

If I do not like the service of this hosting company, then what will I get its money-back guarantee?

Yes, you can provide a 45 days money-back guarantee in this hosting company which refunds you without asking any question from you.

Why should I choose Fastcomet Hosting over other hosting companies?

Because the fast comment company gives us many benefits at a low price, its support system is also perfect if we have a problem, then we get an answer along with it.
The Fastcomet Hosting Company also provides us with SSL certificates, which makes our website secure.
Fastcomet gives us a 45-day money-back guarantee, if we do not like their service then it refunds us.

Why should you buy FastComet Hosting this month only?

My answer is simple this month; you will not find any such hosting company that can provide you hosting at such a cheap rate and speed up the website. So you have not to let this opportunity go by hands and grab it.

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