Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels: Who Wins The Bettle?


GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnelsđŸ€‘ and Comparison Between GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels😍. Check out the Difference Between GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels and Choose better for your business. Compare GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels Differences and what makes more sales.

In this article, I have discussed all the key factors and comparisons between Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels. Also, which one is best for you?

Groovefunnels is a new entrant in the world of sales funnel and impressing with its features. It has many strong features like GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveVideo, and many more.

Clickfunnels is the oldest and has a variety of templates, sales funnel, and pages. 

Both Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels are marketing platforms for building funnels. These web-based platforms have tons of features and options to offer.

GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels

There are lots of similarities between Clickfunnels and Groovefunnels but also have different functionality and unique features which makes them best in their own way.

In terms of pricing, groovefunnels have a free basic plan for users. Which is such a great thing for all. It’s mostly all plans that have major features even in its lower pricing plans. It also offers a lifetime great deal. Will discuss this in detail. On the other hand, Clickfunnels offers 14 days free trial and three pricing plans starting from $97/month.

Now, without further due let’s get deep into Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels review.

Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels Pricing

Groovefunnels vs click funnels pricing plays an important role in choosing the best tool. Check their pricing, what features they are offering at that price. And choose the one suitable for your work and budget.

Groovefunnels Pricing

Groovefunnels offers the following plans:

  • Base Plan
  • Silver Plan
  • Gold Plan
  • And Platinum Plan

The advantage of groovefunnels is its free plan i.e. Basic plan. If you are a beginner it is affordable to you and can upgrade to pricing plans after getting a better understanding. Its other plans are also worth to buy.

1. Base Plan

Base plan Best For beginners

Its is Free to use. In this you will get 20% Recurring Commission per referral.
$0/Month Get Offer

Groovefunnels base plan is fully free for use. Its base plan includes GroovePage Lite, GrooveAffiliate, and GrooveSell.

When you register then automatically get registered for the affiliate program here get 20% recurring commission per referral.

Base Plan Features
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveSell
  • GroovePage, and etc.

2. Silver Plan

Silver Plan Best For Starters

Silver plan is best for starters. In this plan, You will get the core apps needed to run your online business.
$99/Month Get Offer

The silver plan will cost you $99/month. Here you can experience the pro version of GroovePages. Here you will get access to:

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember and 
  • GrooveVideo.

And referral commission rate is the same at 20%.

3. Gold Plan

Gold Plan Best For Professionals

In this plan, you will get all the core features that you need as a professional entrepreneur in order to run your online business.
$199/Month Get Offer

Groovefunnels gold plan costs $199/month. And this plan you will get access to :

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember and 
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • Groovesurvey
  • GrooveQuiz.

Here, the commission still is 20% per referral.

4. Platinum Plan

Platinum Plan Best For Agencies

ThĐ” Platinum Plan gives you all the features with unlimited access along with some essential tools like GrooveKart, GrĐŸĐŸvĐ”WĐ”bіnĐ°rѕ Live and etc.
$497/Month Get Offer

Groovefunnels platinum plan has everything own need for making its business successful and if one wants to optimize the sales funnel. This plan is its mega-deal.

Groovefunnels silver and gold plan will be officially launched and there now it offers only two plans i.e base plan for free and platinum plan for the lifetime subscription option.

For paying $497, you will get it’s all its features for a lifetime. This plan included:

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember and 
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • Groovesurvey
  • GrooveQuiz
  • GrooveWebinars Live
  • GrooveWebinars Automated
  • GroovePages for Shopify.

This plan also offers 14 days free trial. You will get three payment options in the platinum plan for lifetime access no need to pay again and again.

Pricing for different tools included in platinum plan GrooveFunnels.

  • GroovePages Pro $1,188
  • GrooveMail $3,828
  • GrooveMember $468
  • GrooveVideo $240
  • GrooveWebinars $1,198
  • Groove Affiliate (40%) $2,970
  • GrooveKart $948
  • GrooveBlog $264
  • Groovedesk $180
  • GrooveCalendar $96
  • GrooveSurvey $1,198

Option 1:

The first option is one can try out its functionality for 14 days for free as it offers 14 days free trial. Then can decide if it works for you or not.

Then need to pay $497 each in three monthly installments.

Option 2:

This option is more convenient than the first one as you can pay in six monthly installments of $288 each.

Option 3:

This plan is suitable if you want to grow a small business as you can pay monthly installments over 12 months. So pay $188 per month for a year and become a lifetime member.

These offers are limited for some time and can get close sooner. After the official launch of the platform Platinum plan will cost $299/month.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels offers three pricing plans. And no free plan for users is offered. It offers 14 days free trial which is great as one can try it out and make a decision as per experience.

These three plans are:

  • Standard plan
  • Platinum Plan
  • Collective Plan

1. Standard Plan: $97/month

Standard Plan Best For Starters

20 sales funnels, 100 landing pages, 1 sub-user, 3 payment gateways, and 3 domains.
$97/Month Get Offer

The standard plan of Clickfunnels costs $97/month and gives limited access to the tools.

In this plan, you get access to funnels up to 20, pages limited to 100, and 3 custom domains.

Along with that only one user account and three payment gateways.

Standard Plan Features
  • Sharefunnel
  • 20 funnels
  • 100 pages
  • 1 admin user
  • 3 Payment gateways
  • 3 domains
  • Chat support

2. Platinum Plan: $297/month

Platinum Plan Best For Professionals

Unlimited funnels, unlimited landing pages, unlimited follow-up funnels, 3 sub-users, 9 payment gateways, and 9 domains.<br>
$297/Month Get Offer

The cost of the Clickfunnels platinum plan is $297/month. In this plan, you will get unlimited pages, unlimited funnels, and three user accounts.

In this plan, you get access to 9 payment gateways and 9 domains. It also offers a funnel follow-up feature and also enables all courses on FunnelFix. 

Platinum Plan Features
  • Share funnels
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • 3 sub-users
  • 9 domains
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels
  • chat priority support

3. Collective Plan: $1497/month

Collective Plan Best For Agencies

Unlimited funnels, unlimited landing pages, unlimited follow-up funnels, 10 sub-users, 27 payment gateways, and 27 domains.
$1497/Month Get Offer

Collective Plan is a complete package which Clickfunnels offer. Here one gets unlimited pages, unlimited funnels, follow-up funnels. Here it also offers VIP phone support and access to training, coaching, and live events.

Collective Plan Features 
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Follow up funnels
  • FunnelFix
  • Live Phone Support
  • 9 sub-user accounts
  • All courses access

Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels: Features Comparison

It’s time for Clickfunnels comparison with Groovefunnels. Let’s get started..

1. Sales funnel templates

Groovefunnels provide readymade sales funnel templates also you can customize them totally as per your need. Websites and landing pages can be created using these templates.

It offers a huge number of templates i.e. 180 plus templates for landing pages and more than 10 complete templates for websites.

GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels

 On the other hand, Clickfunnels funnel templates are very strong which have the power to turn visitors into your paid customers. It has automatically connected page builders, shopping carts, etc. So just do a plug and ready to get started.

GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels

So, after comparing groovefunnels comes out with more and effective templates than Clickfunnels. In groovefunnels, customization is also super easy to do.

2.Video Hosting

In terms of the video hosting feature, groovefunnels comes out as a winner because Clickfunnels itself doesn’t support video hosting.

So in Clickfunnels, you need to go for third-party service if you want video hosting.

Whereas groovefunnels has Groovevideo which is its own platform for video hosting. It also provides various customize options like a call to action, or you will also be provided with A/B Split Testing and in-depth analytics.

So, if you need video hosting then groovefunnels is perfect for you in this regard.

3. Drag and Drop Landing Page and Website Editor

 Groovefunnels has a very impressive and straightforward drag and drops editor. It provides so many features that one can’t ignore its drag and drop editor.

Here, the builder is divided into the following sections.

  • Namely
  • Blocks
  • Pages
  • Funnels
  • Blocks 
  • Elements
  • Pop-ups
  • Stats and integrations.

Another advantage here is one can use a custom domain in its free plan or one can use its own domain with Groovefunnels.

Clickfunnels drag and drop editor is equally strong and well designed which has 18 different elements to offer. But its user navigation is not that smooth. Overall it offers decent drag and drops editor.

Here also groovefunnels took the attention due to its usable and strongly well-designed drag and drop editor.

4. Affiliate Program

Both the platforms offer this feature but let’s see how they are different.

Groovefunnels offers full affiliate software for free. It offers weekly payouts and commission on recurring monthly payments.

Clickfunnels has a backpack that is its affiliate management tool. In Clickfunnels you need to pay for high plans to get it.

Groovefunnels has a complete system in this regard and one can access to GrooveSell for free makes it more effective.

5. Memberships

Groovefunnels membership setup process is easy and one can easily be a member and access the content after payment. 

Groovefunnels membership setup is quite simple and it allows drip and gate content. It also offers different plans for membership and even free access as well.

Here, a free account per groove member is allowed only 100 members. If you want unlimited numbers of members then can upgrade to the lifetime account.

Clickfunnels also offers membership features but it is quite complex to set up and maintain. Also, there is lacking customization options here.

Along with that, it doesn’t provide a smooth customer experience and there is a lack of tools for interactions between the members. Added to that no responsive for mobile users.

For the membership area, groovefunnels is a winner.

6. Email Marketing Automation

Groovefunnels has a GrooveMail feature for offering email marketing automation tools. It is very easy to add lists, send emails, follow it up and many more features provided here.

Its interface is also very good and neatly arranged. One can easily navigate here and powerful to handle.

Clickfunnels also provides integrated email marketing automation by integrating with lots of apps like MailChimp and Zapier.

In Clickfunnels it is easy to build email lists and it provides different and beautiful templates for emails and allows to create mails and lot many more.

So, in providing email marketing automation, Clickfunnels is a star here as groovefunnels has some limitations.

7. Custom support and community

GrooveDesk is Groovefunnels built-in app. Here one can raise tickets. They respond really quick and also you can connect to them via live chats. They are pretty good at solving issues. And try their best to help you out.

Clickfunnels also provide excellent customer support. It offers Facebook groups, chat, and blogs to solve your queries and help you out. They also have documentation.

Both platforms offer the best customer support in their own best way.

8. Ease of use

Both Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels are easy to use. One doesn’t need any prior knowledge to use these tools.

Both offer a simple and effective drag and drop interface for managing and creating funnels and pages.

Both the platforms are easy and idle to use for beginners.

9. Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels Integration

Groovefunnels integrates with the following systems:

  • Gmail
  • Vidyard
  • DocSend
  • Salesforce
  • Google Calendar
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • And others.

On the other hand, Clickfunnels integrates with many popular softwares which includes :

For email Integrations-

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Ontraport
  • AWeber
  • Constant contact and many more

 Payment gateways Integrations-

  • Keap
  • Stripe
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Android Pay
  • PayPal
  • API
  • NMI 
  • And others.

Drawbacks of Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels

Other than amazing features both the tools also have some drawbacks which we are going to discuss in detail.

Clickfunnels drawbacks

Clickfunnels has strong features and functionality but it lacks in some factors i.e. It’s basic plan has only few features so if want more features need to pay for higher pricing plan and it also lacks in video hosting feature. Let’s see in detail.

1. Restrictive Basic Plan

Clickfunnels has an extremely restrictive basic plan which is one of its disadvantages. Many of the features like affiliate programs and email automation are lacking in its lower plan. So if one needs all these features then has to go for only higher plans. Its lower plans have only limited features.

2. Lack of Video Hosting

If you want to host a video on the same platform then needs to go for other competitors. As Clickfunnels doesn’t have any feature like video hosting. Groovefunnels has a GrooveVideo app for video hosting.

3. Lack of Calendar and Helpdesk feature

There is also lacking calendar and Helpdesk tools in Clickfunnels. On the other hand, Groovefunnels offers these features in its basic plans as well.

4. No Blog Feature and Weak SEO

SEO is very important nowadays. Well, optimization of pages helps in fast ranking and gaining organic traffic. But the sad part is Clickfunnels have no blog features and overall SEO is weak.

Groovefunnels Drawbacks

Groovefunnels is growing and operates higher and superior technology than Clickfunnels. It has provided all one needs in a marketing platform. But developing all the features effectively will take a more extended time.

1. Still in beta

It is still in its beta level. Its official launch was July 2020 but still, it needs more time to make available all the functionality. And many important features are postponed.

Its team is working hard but still needs some more time to settle well otherwise it’s has taken a major growth as comparable with Clickfunnels.

2. Community

Groovefunnels community is not that large. Clickfunnels has over 250,000 community whereas has over 75,000 users. 

Groovefunnels community is not that large as Clickfunnels but its progressing rate is high. As it’s a new platform and Clickfunnels is serving for over 15 years.

3. Integrated Sales pipeline

Groovefunnels decided not to provide features of the Integrated sales pipeline. They are not hosting this feature yet. Their reason for this is Pipedrive’s has been exceptional.

Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels: Pros and Cons

It’s time to see the pros and cons of both platforms one by one.

9Expert Score

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one tool, with the help of which you can easily build sales funnels, landing pages, and websites to sell your products online.

  • Free Web Hosting.
  • Mobile responsive design.
  • Lifetime deal package.
  • Lots of advanced options.
  • Video Hosting.
  • Blog feature.
  • Few numbers templates.
  • Not yet fully launched.
9Expert Score

ClickFunnels help businesses automate their sale process from start to finish. It helps you to increase your average customer journey.

  • More Integrations options.
  • Variety of different templates.
  • Easy to build strong funnels.
  • Ease of use.
  • Drag and drop tools.
  • No processing fee.
  • The only higher plan offers an affiliate program.
  • Shopping cart features are less impressive.

Groovefunnels best for?

Groovefunnels is best for you if you want lifetime free access to GrooveSell (e-commerce platform) and GroovePages (funnel builder).

Choose groovefunnels if you want to host videos as it has GrooveVideo regarding this.

If you prefer tickets for queries and a digital calendar for the task you must do, groovefunnels is for you.

It also uses a progressive JavaScript platform for faster loading of pages. 

So enjoy groovefunnels if you want access to all these amazing features.

Clickfunnels best for?

 Clickfunnels has FunnelFix for providing information on every aspect of digital marketing and if you want a digital marketing library of content must choose ClickfunnelsClickfunnels.

Looking for a strong funnel builder then Clickfunnels is very powerful in providing strong funnel building.

It also has a large variety of templates that are even customizable as well make your page more attractive and appealing.

If you want an integrated sales pipeline then also Clickfunnels is best. It also has called for a customer service feature.

Its interface is also clean and good which makes it ideal for beginners to use.

GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels: Final Words

In the article, we have discussed the major difference between Clickfunnels and Groovefunnels and their in-depth comparison. Both the tools are highly strong having tons of amazing features. Now the decision is up to you, choose between the two as per your choice. Try them out and go for the best one for you which suits your needs. Also, don’t forget to check out their pricing plans. Try Clickfunnels free trial for 14 days or groovefunnels basic plan for free to make your decision. For any query let me know in the comment section below.

Best of Luck.

Spread Love and May God Bless you.

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  1. What is Groovefunnels?

    Groovefunnels is a marketing platform that provides all the tools for a sales funnel and to grow your business. It also provides strong SEO for better growth and ranking.

  2. What is Clickfunnels?

    Clickfunnels is an online marketing platform that offers you to sell and manage digital and physical products online. It also has strong features for building sales funnels and pages.

  3. Do Clickfunnels offer a free trial?

    Yes, Clickfunnels offers 14 days free trial period.

  4. How is Groovefunnels better than Clickfunnels?

    Groovefunnels overcome Clickfunnels in many ways:
    1. Effective Pricing plans.
    2. Tons of extra features than Clickfunnels.
    3. More powerful marketing tool as have so many apps in this regard.

  5. Is Groovefunnels free?

    Groovefunnels has a basic plan which is free for use. It’s totally free. And offers you to access down of its major features. You will get access to GrooveSell, GroovePage and GrooveAffiliate, and others.

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