Highest Paying Affiliate Program

Top 30 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Are you a bloggers? and Searching for highest paying affiliate programs?

well, if yes, then this article will definitely help you out in finding such highest paying affiliate programs.

Digital marketing is a revolutionary change in the modern world. People sell or buy from parent hubs to small local hubs. 

Digital marketers promote their sales and products with the help of digital sources available on our hands, desktops, mobiles, etc. But do we know how this system works? 

Affiliate programs or associates make this possible.  

It is a process where online trading and e-commerce websites hire multiple affiliate websites to send them online traffic. An affiliate earns an agreeing amount of commission by establishing this relationship. 

Being a professional blogger, I know the importance of your time so without wasting it, so lets begin with the article.

I have listed some most trusted highest paying affiliate programs for you.

Disclosure :- This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on links, I’ll receive a small commission with no additional cost incurred to you. 

Top 30 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Highest Paying Affiliate Program

1. Bluehost 

bluehost affiliate

The highly-rated web hosting space in 2020. These programs start with $2.95/month low in investments and high in commissions. 

Their affiliate managers provide brilliant customer service with access to links and advertisements. And hence, it is high ticket affiliate program.

Commission: $65 for each sign-up from your affiliate link.

More than 2 million of the websites are powered by Bluehost, making it one of the leading domain service provider programs.

2. Amazon

Amazon affiliate

Well we all know Jeff Bezos and his Amazon.com started in 1994. It is also one of the best affiliate programs for beginners. This one-way website is the most trusted way for gaining income. 

All you have to do is, sign-up and place the amazon link on your website, when a customer visits the link you’ll get your commission. Sounds easy?

Commission: 1% to 10%, varies from product to product

3. WP Engine

wpengine affliate

Bloggers who want to write about themes and WordPress can look for WP Engine as their safest income option.

It is one of the highest paying affiliate program. With WP Engine you can earn a minimum amount of $200 from this affiliate program.

Don’t worry about the registration process, it is quite simple and easy. Do register today and start earning today.

Commission: Either a $200 or 100% amount of the first payment of the user whichever is more.

4. Uniclix

Uniclix affiliate

Uniclix is one of the best social media management tools used by most of the social media managers. So if you are choosing this profession then I highly recommend you this tool. 

It offers three different pricing plans for beginners, intermediates, and pro.

Commission: crazy commission of 25% (recurring) from per purchase.

5. HostGator

hostgator affiliate

It is one of the highest paying affiliate program in India. With the HostGator affiliate program you can earn up to $50 per signup. 

You can look at this as your best blogging career by joining their program.

The HostGator pricing plans are very much affordable for a start-up business starting from $3.84 per month. 

You’ll get access to a variety of clipart, banners, text, etc. HostGator has millions of happily satisfied customers.

Commission: $50 per signup from your affiliate link.

6. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Affiliate

It offers $13 to $36 depending on the plan purchased by the user. 

It is a highest Paying affiliate program that pay daily, based on the user sign-ups.

You can get your payment through PayPay or Wire transfer. ExpressVPNservice is set up in more than 90 countries.

Commission: $13 to $36 easy payouts through PayPal or wire transfer.

7. Ace Fitness 

Ace fitness affiliate (1)

Ace fitness is an American based organization with a team of 90,000 certified fitness professionals. 

They offer 8% of their sales for advertising them by using their muscular banners on your blog. 

Once a user clicks on any banner of your blog they will be redirected to the official website of ace fitness, you will be credited 8% commission when they purchase exam sitting and study material (both) from the website.

Commission: 8% per sale.

8. Wix

wix affiliate (1)

This high-quality website builder is a viable option for tech as well as non-tech users.

Wix offers excellent mobile-friendly features, SEO, and many more amazing features to their customers. 

Wix has 100 million users itself; they provide $100 to their affiliates with texts and banners which you can use in multiple languages around the globe. 

$100 is the minimum amount of the withdrawal. Wix offers very affordable prices to its customers starting from $4.50 per month.

Commission: Upto $100.

9. GreenGeeks

Greengeeks affiliate

Do you want to enjoy a safe environment between users and your hosts, try out GreenGeeks. Their affiliates can earn up to $125 by promoting traffics and customers to their websites. 

It is a highest paying affiliate program for those who are looking to find a career in web marketing.

Commission: $50 per sale of the web hosting service of GreenGeeks.

10. IPVanish

ipvanish affiliate (1)

Unlike many other VPN web hosting services, IPVanish offers the best services and best pay-outs. Their monthly package is 100% secure and can give you a viable income source. 

IPVanish offers affordable prices to its customers starting from $5. Where are more than 300,000 satisfied customers with 50+ partner programs.

Commission: 100% per sale with an extra additional referral commission. 

11. Weebly

weebly affiliate

WIX is very expensive for beginners. You can look Weebly as the best alternative for website owners, bloggers and techies. 

Weebly has about 45 million users around the globe. By joining their affiliate programs, you can earn with good coding knowledge you can earn a lot. 

It is completely free to join Weebly. And is regarded as highest paying affiliate program.

Commission: 25% from each sale

12. TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor affiliate

If you are doped to traveling come to check out this awesome travel website.

With their local and international review program can earn you up to 50% of their credentials.

You can enjoy free hotel bookings, vacation packages, and a lot more. You can easily sign up and join the TripAdvisor affiliate program in just a few clicks.

Commission: 50% of their credentials.

13. Priceline

Priceline affiliate

They are growing rapidly, with their cheap bookings on hotels, lodges, vacations, and other travel destinations.

They offer $50 to their affiliates. And hence, is highest Paying affiliate program.

Commission: $50 crazy commission to their affiliate 

14. Eddie Bauer 

If you are a fashion influencer and looking a carrier ahead in this field Eddie Bauer can help you grow. They can offer 3-5% of their commission per sale you make. 

Their cookie duration lasts for 7 days.

Commission: 3% to 5% per sale.

15. JNCO Jeans

JNCO Jeans affiliate

This is another fashion website that offers the highest paying to their affiliates he/she can earn 20% of their commission per sale.

Style yourself with a good earning.

Commission: 20% per sale.

17. Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming affiliate

Do you spend most of your time playing computer games; well I have listed this amazing affiliate program for you. You can earn up to 5% commission per sales in the Astro gaming affiliate program. 

You will get a commission on selling:

  • Headsets
  • Game controllers
  • Gaming backpacks
  • Earbuds
  • and Other accessories. 

You can earn while enjoying your game. So hurry up and start earning today.

Commission: 5% per sale.

17. Fiverr Affiliate Program 

Fiverr Affiliate

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces for freelancers or digital marketers. If a person buys freelancing service in Fiverr from your affiliate link then you can earn up to $150 from the purchase.

Almost every digital marketing service is sold in Fiverr, so there is a great chance of your earning. Search for the clients who need genuine freelancers for their business and refer them to Fiverr, it’s that simple.

Commission: $150 to $200 per refer.

18. Unbounce

Unbounce affiliate

Unbounce allows users to make the best landing pages for their business and eCommerce websites. Unbounce affiliate program allows you to earn a handsome commision.

It is not only beneficial for you but your followers as well because for the first three months they avail 20% off on Unbounce. Isn’t it sounding great?

Commission: 20% recurring per signup.

19. Constant Contact

Constant Contact affiliate

Constant Contract is one of the best email marketing tools used by most of the digital marketers.

For every free trial sign up you get $5 and you get $105 when your referral purchases this amazing tool.

Commission: $5 to $105.

20. Coursera

coursera affiliate

Coursera is amongst the biggest platforms providing courses and sessions in a variety of domains. The purpose of marketing here is to bring the relevant and potential learners to the site and get them enrolled for the course. 

Affiliate marketing here can be a versatile mode of earning. Having a social presence is the basic requirement for the same.

Commission: flat 20%.

21. BigCommerce

bigcommerce Affiliate

BigCommerce provides an easy way of affiliate marketing using monetized links. Here using a Lasso software one can easily monetize any keyword or existing link directed to the main targeted page.

It understands that manual orientation is a bit unresponsive in many of the cases. Thus, the monetization of links proves to be an easier way to abstract the rest.

Commission: 200% of the first payment of the customer.

22. Shopify

Shopify affiliate

Commission, Support, and content are the basic parameters of the affiliate program of the company. It provides $58 for every new user with a link and registration through a unique referral link. 

The earnings could be maximized here by providing assistance and guidance during the trial phase to be paid once. Shopify partner support also provides information about key products and aspects. That makes the user convert the links feasibly.

Commission: $58 to $2000 depending on the customer’s plan.

23. HubSpot

HubSpot affiliate

HubSpot is rigid enough to provide commissions up to $1000. If you want to earn revenue through content then this is for you. 

Furthermore, it promotes growth in the SBM community. 

The easy converting and monetizing links provide an easy transaction and activity of the referral code. Therefore, HubSpot is one of the leading affiliate marketers in the marketplace.

Commission: upto $1000 to every joined partner.

24. EBay

Ebay Affiliate

Like Amazon and flipkart affiliate marketing schemes, eBay also provides massive advantages and earning opportunities. 

Unlike other shopping platforms, eBay provides revenue for auction rates and not for selling prices.

Commission: 50% to 60% over the auction rates.

25. Invoice Ninja

Invoice ninja Affiliate

Invoice Ninja is a platform for freelancers. Certainly, the platform consists of pro membership for $10 per month. The referrals who register for the same are considered for the commission purpose. 

If you are successful, registering for 100 pro users using your referral code. You will be paid $5000 for the coming four years sounds great no? Four years is the session limit for affiliate marketing.

Commission: 50% per referral.

26. BH Cosmetics

BHCosmatic Affiliate

BH Cosmetics is amongst the popular brands in the beauty industry.

Well, being a highest paying affiliate program, the commission retrieval period offered is 60 days. 

Being affiliated the company offers entire access to banners, links, and these can be used in emails, blogs, and on other platforms.

It releases monthly incentives for the users. An affiliate newsletter is released every week at BH cosmetics.

Commission: 8% of total sale.

27. Cheap flights

CheapFlights Affiliate

An easy brand of providing cheap flight bookings and other deals.

It is a company that initiates an affiliate program for providing traffic to the partners rather than providing payable clients and customers. 

Travel widgets, banners, and search boxes are the accessible modules for the affiliate registered individual.

This is one of the leading and highly revenue-generating tools that pays for the customer visits.

Commission: $0.45 with every click pay-out

28. Kabbage

Affiliates registered with the company are offered with $250 with every approval of the loan generated with the referral code. hence, it is one of the highest paying affiliate program.

The company is an initiative to provide and encourage small businesses and start-ups with the capital they required. Off-course, loans are part of the same.

Every newly approved individual through referral also receives the gift card of a flat amount of $50.

Therefore, the company makes it certain that it provides the relevant pride to the visitors. 

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