How do Bloggers Make Money

How Do Blogers Make Money

There are many ways to make money online. Of them, blogging is one that is booming right now.

doesn’t matter that you are blogger of not, if you are willing to know how bloggers earn money, then you are in the right place.

let me tell you a fact that Many of the professional bloggers take blogging side hustle initially.

And trust me!

If you do it in the right way then blogging has the power to change your life and replace your 9-5 job. Also, it gives you freedom to live a life of your choice.

Blogging is a passion that can be done from comfort of your home.

if you took blogging as a passion then there’s no need go to office, follow hectic schedules and all.

You can publish your posts at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Making money online via blogging is booming these days. And it is best for those people who has a passion for writing.

If you have passion for writing and if you wish to share your views to the world, then you are in the right place.

You may have a doubt of whether people really earn money out of blogs? Or they just showoff!

You need not doubt at all!

I myself is a blogger and I earn in different ways.

I have 4 years of experience in this field and now, you are in right hands.

Believe me!!!

Bloggers earn money

Honestly speaking,

If it is done right, it will change your lifestyle

Bloggers earn a lot of money


There is a lot of hardwork and smart work involved in it.

One cannot become a blogger just like that. There is a lot to learn and then only you can earn.

Many try blogging without knowing anything.

They start blogging to earn money by seeing others and eventually they fail.

They build websites, write blogs and wait for money to reach them.

So, without proper knowledge one cannot win in this field.

One should not leave a blog just like that after writing articles.

There is a lot to do after writing a blog.

One needs to market it in the right way.

So, people are not interested in doing all these don’t and say

“Man!!! Blogging don’t work”

Trust me!!!

Blogging works!!

Many made lakhs and Crores of rupees with blogging.

Inorder to achieve this, you need consistency, perseverance and hardwork.

You cannot just build a blog today and expect money to flow into your bankaccount tomorrow.

It takes time.


The best part of blogging is you can earn money in different ways.

So let’s get in to the point.

There are many ways that a blogger earns money.

You might have seen many advertisements over your television, FM radio, on websites, streets and almost everywhere.

Why do people advertise products?


If you have a product that you want to sell,

Will you sell it where less people live or where more people live?

You sell it where there are more people.

This is obvious right?


So the targeted customers or the people from the example are called as “traffic” in blogging.

So , if you have more visitors to your blog,

Then obviously the advertisers will show interest to advertise their product on your website.

All you need to do is bring traffic to your website.

So, when you have large amount of traffic on your website, automatically ads will be placed, people shoe interest on different ads and then click on the ads.

So, indirectly you are making a particular user to click on a certai ad through ypur blog,

So the user clicks on ad and if he has interest in a particular product or service then he may go ahead an d purchase it.

But if the user had purchased a product or a service is none of the business of the blogger.

Because adsense pays per click.

That means,

If a user clicks on a particular advertisement that appears on your blog ,


You will get paid.

How cool is this!!

And this way of earning is known to almost every blogger and it Is called Adsense.

This is the reason why most people choose blogging.

How do Bloggers Make Money


Adsense is the major source of income to many bloggers. Almost 90 percent of the bloggers use adsense as their primary source of income.

Adsense is the largest ad displaying network.

Adsense pays according to a click and also rpm.

There are so many young bloggers who earn a lot of money through adsense.

Private ads:

These are also a form of advertisements.

But inorder to generate money through  this method, you have to contact big companies. I

f you have some decent traffic on your blog then those companies may accept your request.

For this you need to give some pace on your website to display ad banners of a particular company.

So, whenever a particular user visits your website they see the ad banner and may show interest in that particular ad.

You will get paid decent amount of money as you are promoting a company product/service.

This is one of the methods through which bloggers earn money.

But inorder to go with adsense and private ads you must have great traffic to earn lot of money.

So, here comes the next important way to earn money and I personally love this.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to earn money online.

This method doesn’t require huge traffic as in case of adsense and private ads.

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

And it has lot of scope.

Affiliate marketing has no end.

Confused of what affiliate marketing is?

Okay, let me explain.

If you are starting a business, you have to promote your product and market it in proper direction. Then only you will be able to see success.

But in order to grow alone it takes a lot of time and you need patience to see massive results.

But, what if somebody else help you to market your product?

Yes you got it right.

These people are called affiliate marketers. They promote your product and in return you pay them some money as commission.

It may sound normal, but its market is huge.

Best example for this is Amazon affiliate.

Amazon uses affiliates to promote its products.

Amazon increased its revenue with the help of affiliates and now it’s a big brand and anybody can buy a product from amazon just by trusting them as they have built such trust and systems.

Now , I hope you got an idea.

Affiliate marketing is all about targeted audience. So, even if you have a monthly traffic of 100  you can make decent amount of money.

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting product or a particularcompany products and earning money as a commission.

It’s not that difficult to get approval from such companies.

Every company has their own affiliate programmes. Some pay 50 percent as commission, some 25 percent and much more.

Inorder to be an affiliate of a certain company you need to apply to their affiliate program. They will review your application. Once you get approval for their afffiliateprogramme, you can describe their product and make users understand what all the product is about.

When people come and purchase product through your affiliate link you make money.

That is..

Bloggers make money.

You can sell any kind of products using affiliate program.

If your interest of area is beauty, then you can choose any affiliate program that offers or sells beauty products and start producing high quality content and bring traffic to your blog and make people buy through your link.


You make money, when a user buys through your affiliate link.

Trust me!!

People earn a lot of money using this method.

Moving on to next way….


Many people buy products just by reading blogposts. So brands make use of this opportunity and get in contact with bloggers who had decent amount of traffic.

So, this is a golden opportunity to bloggers.

Many bloggers make use of this and make a ton of money.

It is not easy to get sponsored posts, it is not difficult though.

You have to keep your blog professional and have some decent traffic to attract brands.

You can earn decent money with this method and many bloggers do this.

The brands reach out to a blogger who has decent blog and ask them to write about their product or service, so that their brand get more exposure.

So it Is like a win -win situation.

Brands also approach people who has decent amount of YouTube subscribers.

They make use of audience and make money.

This is also a method through which bloggers make money.

Being a blogger it is also important to have a YouTube channel. It can increase traffic to your blog and thus increases your revenue.

In order to make good amount of money one must choose a niche that has lot of scope and less competition. It will help in the long run.


Inorder to sell anything in this world one needs targeted traffic and good marketing skills.

When you have blog you have everything. You can easily sell your products if you have decent traffic and make money out of it.

But being loyal and genuine is very important.

Always over deliver the value and then selling a product will be a cakewalk for you.

However bloggers have their own blogs in their specific niche

So, if you have a food blogging website then you can create a ebookexplaining how to cook food and also a video course explaining people how they can be best at it.

If you are into blogging niche, then you can explain how blogging works, how do bloggers earn money and also explain seo and all other things in the form of ebook or a video service.

If you are into a gaming niche, you can create a product teaching how to play a certain game, what are the tactics that one should follow to defeat opponent and many such tricks which helps them.

If you are into education niche, you can create some products related to your field and sell them to your audience.

Hope you got an idea with all these examples.

However it takes lot of time to create a qualityebook or a video course. But

It will be one time investment of your time and efforts. You can reap results for months and years together.


Many bloggers earn a lot of money using this method.

In order to this effectively bloggers make use of email marketing.

they capture emails of people initially by using a lead magnet.

Confused what a lead magnet is?

People always need some freebies. So bloggers create a small ebook and give it for free to their audience.

They ask them to sign up or leave an email.

So in return they get your email and you get their ebook.

Now, they collect emails of different people and save them.

They make use of some tools and start sending mails to people who have signed up to their free ebook and left their emails.

 They send emails mentioning their products.

But audience are not blind and they don’t buying anything so easily without thinking anything.

So trust is a very important factor, inorder to get success in this field.

So, build trust with your audience and you can easily master this skill and make ton of money as many bloggers do.

This is all ecosystem and a long term business.

Coming to our next source of income.


If a person Is good at anything like,

If you are good at web development you can provide web development services and earn money.

If you are good at seo, you can provide seo services to your clients and earn money.

If you are good at content writing you can earn money by writing content to your clients and make a ton of money.

If you are good at app development you can earn money by selling app service.

These are different ways to make money.

As bloggers deal with websites and seo, they provide these services to their clients and earn a lot of money.

Of all, this is the best method to earn more money.

So many bloggers make use of this and earn money in this way by providing their services to clients.


Bloggers earn in different ways. They make money at the comfort of their home.

Inorder to rank a blog one must follow different steps.

First one has to write content.

Then do some on page seo.

Onpageseo includes keywords optimization and all, H1,H2 and all.

Later the blog has to get some social signals.

After all, backlinks from authority sites will give a extra push to the website.


One can get backlinks from different sites to rank their blog.

But only some of them are free and some are paid.

If you are in a niche called beauty niche,

Then you will have to get a backlink from the same niche.

If you want a backlink from technical niche, then you should get a backlink from technical niche only.

So, there are some other sites already built on every niche.

So, if you get backlinks from such niche then your blog will get authority and ranks faster and it will be very much beneficial to your blog.


Now comes the question,, how do bloggers earn through this.

They create high authority sites and sell backlinks.

And you know what each link costs around $1000.

So, you can imagine how much a blogger earns.


Some bloggers create n number of websites and they monetize them using adsense or affiliate.

They start earning some money through it and they sell the websites through some websites called Flippa.

So, those people who don’t have time to get adsense approval or monetize it in any way they buy websites that are monetized and then start working from there.

This way they make a lot of money.

There are people who only rely on such way of selling and make a living.

They also buy some domains that may be valuable for low cost from go daddy.

And then they resell the domain for higher price.

This sounds small, but it can make a ton of money if done in right way.


This has become the trend thesedays. As blogger already are earning money, it means they have a lot of knowledge.

So they make use of this opportunity and earn lots of money.

For  example,

If you want to be a blogger and need some guidance then you can get it from youtube and google .but the information there is scattered and is not organized in a proper way.

So if you take consultation from such bloggers who are already doing best and have good results then you can book a consultation call with them and move in the right direction.

But one has to be very careful when taking such a decision because there are lot of fake gurus out there in the market.

So you should be able to recognize who Is genuine and who is not.

In order to find who is genuine and who is not just go and visit their website and social media handles and then you will be able to understand and easily and find a genuine one and then take consultation.

The value the right person will be definitely beneficial if you put everything into action.

So, start taking action if you want to be a blogger and earn money like all other bloggers.


Some bloggers do webinars to help upcoming bloggers.

They teach you the path that one should move to get success in this field.

They also do all these to expose their blog or a brand that own.

So, what is the use for them if they expose their blog or brand to many people?

They gain trust from their followers and they monetize it.

It is as simple as that.

When there is a trust factor there is a business.

So, a good blogger makes use of all these and enjoy the financial freedom.

But remember doing all this is not an easy task and every one cannot do It.

Social media handles:

Bloggers maintain their own social media handles and capture audience almost everywhere.

They promote their products and services to their followers and also they help them by giving some guidance. In return they make some money.

Social media is also a great way where bloggers earn through brand promotions and all. But on emust have good following and targeted audience to earn money this way.

So, these are different ways in which bloggers make money.

They have different oppurtunities.

it is not that easy to earn using all these methods, but most of them use almost 90 percent of the above methods.

The future is different.

Everything becomes online.

And now a says every business is online and everyone started internet marketing.

So, if you are a blogger or an aspiring blogger you can start your journey.

Never keep on thinking. Always take action and the results will follow you.

Trust me!!

If you follow atleast one method religiously you can make ton of money.


Anyway it is not advised to keep all your eggs in one basket and yes, you can earnalot.

You will get to know everything by experience. So, stop thinking and start taking action.

If you have any doubts regarding a blog or how to earn money online you can always refer this website and learn a lot of things that nobody teaches you.

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