How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Complete Checklist From Scratch]

How To Start A Blog In 2020 [Complete Checklist From Scratch]

Looking forward to knowing how to start a blog?

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Earlier when i was new in this blogging industry, I was very conscious of how to create a blog and I invested a lot of time to create a profitable blog.

To save you time I have created this free step by step blog tutorial, with the help of which you can easily understand how to make a blog quickly and easily.

Let me tell you a fact that how to start blogging is the most asked question in google here i will answer that.

In this tutorial on blogging for beginners, I’d put all the stuff that one should know before starting a blog in 2021

If you are willing to know how to start a blog and make money online, then surely you are in the right place. In this article, you will find 8 easy steps to start a blog with the help of which, I promise you can create a blog within 15- 20 minutes.

Infact many of our readers start a profitable blog after reading this article.

Many people face difficulties in the beginning on the topic – how to build the blog but here I have explained you in depth knowledge. So stay tuned and read this article till the end.

So without wasting your time, let’s begin with the article on- how to start a blog?

& Some Bonus Tips for you (Read below)


Hello, I am Aviral Srivastava and I am going to teach you how to start blogging. Since I am having the experience of more than 4 years in this blogging field so I can tell you those tips & tricks which I have learned after enrolling in so many premium courses.  I know that blogging could look full of thrills but believe me this is what makes it’s more attention-grabbing. This step by step tutorial in blogging for beginners. You can undoubtedly do blogging even if you don’t know the basic computer skills. So, age doesn’t matter here whether you are in your 20s or 60s.  I’ll show you Step by Step Guidance about How to Start a Blog in 2020 with a Checklist.

What is a Blog? (Complete Explanation)

Briefly, a blog is a kind of website which contains content in a written format which is also known as a blog post.

You have definitely heard about the news blogs and celebrity blogs but in this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to make blogs on almost anything you can imagine and even make money through that. 

Bloggers are also among normal people so whatever they write from their normal perspective is more relatable to all of us means readers.

Moreover, the comment section also plays a key role in setting up a connection between a reader and blogger because it is an open platform for blogger and reader both to interact. 

Major benefit of starting a blog is the direct connection with readers that allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded people.

And if you are doing this with consistency so you will have a loyal and trustworthy audience which will also allow you to make money through it which is later discussed in this guide. 

This Why You Should Follow My Advice on How to Start a Blog? n How to Start a Blog?  

  • The tips & tricks that I am going to teach you are not only based on my experience but also of so many experts in this field. 
  • I spend zero rupees on SEO but still my website is ranking on SERP. 
  •  I am doing affiliate marketing and generating a lot of passive income through it. 

Why Do You Want to Start A Blog?

We all should have our own reason to start a blog because only a strong why can help us to continue it in the long term. Everyone has their own reasons to start blogging. Some do to earn money, to have a loyal audience, etc. 

As if you are blogging to make money, it would be for number of reasons 

  • To have a side hustle to have more money as a side income. 
  • For quitting your 9-5 grinding job and blogging your full-time work. 
  • Want to earn passively after a certain period of excessive work. 
  • To save money for your future plans. 

Dig your why statement more to understand not only the importance of blogging but what it will man for you in future 

For me blogging is the thing that has made money for me to get out of all the debts that remained to be repaid. If I was working on my job so I won’t be able to repay my debt for at least 30 years but by the grace I came out of that dilemma in my late 20s.  

Even that job has its own problem :- 

  • My life was becoming robotic and I was actually tired of that robotic lifestyle. 
  • Doing something that I actually didn’t like for a significant time every day. 
  • Not having an opportunity of growth, working for a company for about 5 years and didn’t even received a single promotion 

So, the very first reason I started blogging was to have the time freedom…. 

The second reason was that I wanted to prove something to myself and wanted to be grown up in my own eyes. I obviously found so many difficulties and failures in this path but with every single failure and difficulty I became much wiser than I used to be. 

It’s a truth that even I didn’t know even the basics of blogging but after learning a lot through so many premium courses I settled up with my blog and my blogging career. .

I have seriously invested a lot of time and money both in learning blogging. 

Now, I hope you have your WHY to go ahead in this blogging field… 

Are you also having some doubtfulness on yourself before starting a blog? 

The biggest misconception in people’s mind is that they should be expert in that particular field to be a successful blogger. Even some people think that they should have great writing skills in order to have a successful blog. 

As I previously said that to be expert in your field is none other than a misconception, I can say this with that much surety because there are so many bloggers who are doing great in their blogging career even after not having the advance knowledge in their field. Means they are just playing with that basic knowledge and making a lot of money. 

Passion For your topic is the only thing that you need to be a successful blogger… 

Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge & ideas with others and sharing something you are passionate about makes this process so much easier and you even share valuable content and this is the initiation of a successful blog. If you are actually interested in the topic so it is for sure that your readers will atomically show good response towards your blog. 

You know why it will be better to start a blog today? 

So many people think that so many bloggers are already successful and there is a tough competition in this field so it is none other than a myth because you can learn from those successful bloggers about their mistakes and growth through their experience. 

So, you can achieve everything in just 2 years what they have achieved in 5 years. 

But the Qns is How you can Start Blogging in 2020? 

Well if you’re Still Reading this Article, i’ll guide you with Seven Easy Steps to start blogging today !!

Simple Nine Steps Process to Start Blogging:

Step #1: Select an Ideal Niche for Your Blog

Step #2: Find a Good Domain Name for your Blog

Step #3: FInd a Great Hosting Platform to Start

Step #4: Setup your WordPress for Blogging

Step #5: Write down your Blog’s Goals 

Step #6: Find Eye Catching theme for Your Blog

Step #7: All plugins you need in your Blogging 

Step #8: Write your first article & Publish + Promotion Strategy

Step #9: Create a Long-Term Content Strategy

BONUS: Best Possible Ways to Make Money online through Blogs

Now, at least you’ve an idea about these Exact Steps to Start Blogging in 2020.

Let’s Explain in depth,

Step #1: Select an Ideal Niche for Your Blog

Your Focus/Energy goes to this Step 1, because this is the most Important Step for you before starting blogging.

All new bloggers confuse at this point, they don’t know the exact niche that matches with their Interest or Passion.

According to the Research, 99% New Bloggers Quit Blogging because they choose a niche they aren’t passionate about.

But Don’t worry because you’re reading our Article today, So you’re going to learn some secrets that only top 1% Bloggers have. 

Let me Explain you,

There are so many bloggers you have seen it. Right? 

They are massively earning through their Blogging but this is not the reason behind selecting the niche that are trending?

They earn because they’re passionate about their Topic. That’s why i don’t suggest you go with trending niches so that you can earn money !!

because if you’re not interested in that field, you’ll quit blogging soon.

So, How you can find a Profitable Niche for your Blogging & Thanks me Later !!

OK, It’s time to Share Secret to Find Blogging Niche:

P + P = P 

This is 3P’s Formula you need to find your Blogging niche.

Where, P = Profit & P = Passion & P = Profitable Niche

i.e, Profit + Passion = Profitable Niche.

This is the Full Proof Plan to find your Perfect niche for Blogging.

Let’s discuss more about this formula in details,


  • Find How you can make money from that nich you selected?
  • That niche have enough affiliate programs or not?
  • Is that niche having good volume of keywords or not?


  • Are you Interested enough in that field?
  • Can you write at least 50+ topics in that niche?
  • Is that your niche solving others problems through your articles?

Now you know the exact steps to follow & find your ideal niche, but still having any doubt in niche selection. Let me Give you

Brief summary with some more Tips !!

  • Take pen and Blank paper
  • Write minimum top 10 Niches you’re interested in it
  • Now start Filter these niches with 3P’s formulas
  • Make sure that niche have more affiliate programs
  • Now filter final One & Your niche is selected.

Step #2: Find a Good Domain Name for your Blog

Before starting any business, we think of its name, which will also become the identity of that business. Similarly, before starting any website or blog, we have to select its domain name.

Choosing the domain name is not very difficult if you are starting your own website or blog, then you can also easily choose the domain name of your website or blog.

When choosing a domain name for your website or blog, you have to take care that the domain name you are choosing is premium and SEO-friendly so that it can be easily ranked.

I think that after reading this blog, you will not make any mistake in choosing the domain name in 2020.

Here are some tips that will help you a lot in choosing a premium and seo friendly domain name in 2020

Tip 1: When purchasing a domain name, always use the TLD extension

Domain name extensions like .com, .in, .blog etc. The .com extension is the most used and most popular domain extension. So you should give more importance to .com extension when buying a domain name.

The person who does not know any technology, surfing only after writing the .com extension after the domain name. Because he feels that any website is a .com. Therefore .com extension should be your first choice. If your business or work is multinational. So first of all .com and then buy the domain created for that country.

Tip 2: Use your niche related keyword 

Whenever you buy a domain name, always take care that the domain name you are buying must contain the keywords related to the niche of your website or blog so that your website or blog can be easily ranked.

Tip 3: Keep your domain name short and easy

Whenever you buy a domain name for your website or blog, make sure that it is short and easy to tell to anyone, so that anyone who visits your website can easily remember your website name. And this is likely to bring more traffic to your website.

Tip 4: Never use numbers in the domain

Whenever you buy a domain name, never give it the numbers for your website or blog in your domain name because they are not easy to remember.

Tip 5: Ensure that the domain name you are purchasing is available on social media.

Anytime you buy a domain name, make sure that the domain you are choosing is available on most social media platforms so that people can get more familiar with your website or blog and it will also help you in the SEO of your website or blog.

3 tools that will help you find the related domain name of your website or blog

If you are still stuck, you can try these below tools in selecting a domain name

  • Dotomator
  • Domains Bot
  • Lean Domain search

Step #3: FInd a Great Hosting Platform to Start

For writing & Publishing your blog you need a platform i.e, Hosting & Domain

If you’re still confused & don’t know about these things, Read Below you all doubts will be Cleared !!

Domain: The domain name is the name of your Website, means that niche when readers/viewers type to find your website on google.

There are some few examples for domains:

  • HTTPS:// (Hypertext transfer protocol)
  • WWW (the Sub domain) 
  • BelikeAviral (domain name)
  • .com ( Top Level domain)

Web hosting: A web hosting is nothing just a platform where your all blogs/ pages/ website Stored.

Hosting is like an External Storage (Hard Disk) of a computer having all data stored in it.

Now you have a clear idea about hostin, but still don’t know which hosting is best for your Blogging? 

There are many hosting platforms you have to know about so that you can select the best hosting for your blogging !!

Instead of giving you so many hosting reviews, what if i give you Best 2 hosting platform for your blogging.

So that you can find your best one !! Today

So i recommend you Siteground Hosting & Fastcomet Hosting.

  1. Let’s Go with SiteGround Hosting

Siteground is the most demandable hosting for beginners. Their support & services are amazing. But the no.1 reason to go with a siteground is, Budget friendly.

So if you’re a beginner & want to go with premium hosting, best services & Live chat support 24/7.

I recommend you to go with Siteground hosting. 

So if you’re ready to setup your business on siteground then let’s dive in more depth:

When you use Siteground you feel the changes of Before/After that exactly same i feel when i switch to siteground. 

And the results you can see right now !! Now i’m  to share my experiences, Right reviews with you through blogging 

& when i start Blogging with siteground i can see results daily & you’ll too.

Okay ! Now you’re excited right, so let’s go with a few steps about How to Purchase Siteground Hosting & domain of your first blog.

#1: Click Here to unlock your special offer Today

I Suggest you to go with Startup plan because it has all features you need to start under budget.

#2: Select your Domain you want

Now it’s time for Domain selection !!

and i’ll share some tips with you to find the perfect domain for your business.

Pick your domain name which is:

  • Easy to understand
  • Related to your niche
  • Must be short
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Use some Domain name generations tools

#3: Fill Account information

Now completely fill your all details & go to payment page

Here you need to fill Credit/Debit card details in which you’re suitable.

Now confirm the conditions & Lets get started

You have to confirm the Terms & conditions 

Now click on the Check out button & It takes a few minutes to complete all the details in siteground.

Now after payment, check your Email for more details you get & you’re done

Congratulations, You have your own Domain with Premium Hosting. So now you’re eligible to start your business with full authority.

Now the 2nd Biggest Suggestion i would like to share with you is, FastComet Hosting.

  1. Let’s Go with Fastcomet Hosting

Why I Prefer Fastcomet Hosting for you?

Fastcomet is a leading hosting platform provider. In 2020 it will become popular day by day. Let me share with you a detailed review of this hosting that helps you to make a decision.

The reason why i prefer Fastcomet hosting is:

  • You get complete support 24/7 live chat support
  • Fastcomet give you uptime guarantee 99.99%
  • Have SSD (Make your website so fast)
  • Daily & weekly backup
  • 45-days Money back guarantee

They provide a Free SSL Certificate on your website as a Bonus for you. 

It’s just not about their features but also the support they offer to us is really appreciable.

Fastcomet team is best in support/Live chat. They’ll help you as soon as possible with required solutions.

The unique point of the fastcomet hosting company is, speed of website loading. Those websites run on fastcomet hosting,  having very high speed to load websites.

Fastcomet Shared Hosting Plans & Pricing:

Fastcomet Hosting gives us 3-different types of shared hosting plans. You can choose the one.

  • FastCloud – For a single website, then you have to go with 15GB of SSD space at $9.95/mo.
  • FastCloud Plus – For multiple websites, then you have to go with 25GB of SSD space at $ 14.95/mo.
  • FastCloud Extra – For multiple websites, then you have to go with 35GB of SSD space at $ 19.95/mo.

These are regular price of Fastcomet, but one shocking & surprising news i have for you just look this picture below:

As you can see, these prices/plans are very cheap & affordable for everyone !!

Now if i share my opinion, Fastcomet hosting company is the best among all hosting companies. If you’re a blogger or initially start blogging this is the best time to buy this hosting so that your website efficiency/speed.

Because it gives us many offers like – Free Website Migration, Free SSL Certificate installation, Free Domain Transfer, SSD & 24/7 Live Chat Support with solutions at an affordable price!!

How to Purchase FastComet Hosting/ Activate deals with Special Bonuses:

#1. Click Here, to redirected to Fastcomet hosting prices/plans and also get amazing discount to your plans 

#2. There are 3-types of Hosting provided by Fastcomet Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS web hosting and Dedicated CPU Servers Hosting.

#3. Select your plan and click on Get Started Button

#4. Now Register a brand new domain, or you could use your current domain which you have registered someplace else.

#5. On the next Page Review your web hosting plan and domain and Checkout using PayPal or your Debit or Credit Card.

#6. After your successful transaction, you will get an email from the Fastcomet web hosting company regarding your Hosting account Details and The Billing information.

Congratulations, You have your own Domain with Premium Fastcomet Hosting !!

Step #4: Setup your WordPress for Blogging

See after purchasing Domain/Hosting many people think that they need a technician to setup WordPress in their hosting.

But let me tell you the truth, this is really not tough you thought.

If you’re still reading this article means this is completely easy for you to install wordpress.

First, you have to go to your Siteground account & login after purchasing any plan you selected.

Then you see the exact interface like this below:

First select the “Start a new Website” option & then click on wordpress Below icon.

Click on the WordPress icon & install this software to your website.

Now after that you have to fill login details about your website.

This information is Very essential, make sure you write down your password to another notepad or diary. So that in future it will help you to recover your password if you forget.

After completing all details, now tick on “Complete Button” and proceed with the process.

Now all the process done, click on proceed button to go to an customer area:

Now click on My account section & click on installation tab:

Then click on admin panel, to visit admin dashboard

Now you’re redirected to your wordpress dashboard, when you go to the dashboard section first wordpress asks you for any Login details & those details you’ll get while installing wordpress !!

After inserting login details, all done & your wordpress is completely installed with your Domain/Hosting.

Now you get an URL Link of your dashboard login section, for ex-

Now you’re completely ready with wordpress for blogging.

Step #5: Write down your Blog’s Goals 

Everybody knows the very popular quotation –  

“An Idiot with a Plan Can Beat a Genius without a Plan” 

This factor is going to work even in the field of blogging. 

After selecting a niche for yourself, you don’t only need to keep track of your to-Dos & content ideas but also your goals, ideas and inspirations. These are actually the important things that are needed to consider before posting anything. 

Now, take care of the fact that you won’t overcomplicate things because it would be so normal that you would overcomplicate anything. So, give your complete attention to stay away from all these kinds of complication issues.   

Even while writing this blog I was maintaining everything in a simple document. Which has actually made my work so much effortless and has also boosted my productivity. And this is the only reason I am pitching you again & again to maintain everything in simple documents.  

Your Blog’s Goals 

It is the only best time for you to think about your blog and need to write down the things you want to achieve either in short term or in long term. Your goal should be SMART GOALS – SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT, TIME-BOUND. 

Here are some examples from my initial blogging experience: 

  • I wrote my first five blogs of 2000+ words. 
  • Complete about me page within 5 days of your working. 
  • Then, publish five guest posts. 
  • Work on getting 1,000 blog site visitors/month. 
  • Get 250 people in your email list as soon as possible. 
  • Obtain 100 backlink within 2 months. 

All the above thing are short term attainable goals on which you can easily work 

Your Blog’s Profile 

In your planning & plotting document, you should keep track of your random ideas & unique selling point. The things that I am going to tell you below should never be forgotten by you because these are the things which will actually separate you from the crowd. So be ready for upcoming things & STAY TUNED.  

Things here should include: 

  • You should have a unique value proposition. 
  • Blog’s headline & Sub-headline. 
  • What’s the problem you are solving? 
  • You should have your ideal customer personas. 
  • Decide the main categories of your blog. 
  • Have content ideas for your future with targeted keywords and search volume. 
  • Blog post categories. 
  • You should have your “elevator pitch” which can easily explain the blog to any stranger. 

That’s all. 

So, before starting a blog for yourself just go have some simple goals for yourself, and believe me that it will be 100 percent worth it to do this activity instead of directly posting the blog posts. The most important thing that you need to know is the fact who your audience is. You should keep in mind the fact that starting a blog is as similar as starting a business from day one so you need to maintain it as similar as business

Step #6: Find Eye Catching theme for Your Blog

Now you have a platform to write blogs, but one more special requirement left before start blogging is the Premium theme you’re going to use in your Website.

It’s time to select an Eye Catching theme for your website.

For New Bloggers, selecting a theme is really essential. One thing you should always consider in your mind before starting a blog is,

“If you don’t have an Eye Catching theme, lots of traffic you’re going to lose” 

Website required theme because it builds Trust/ Authority in the market.

Well, if you’re reading this article means you’ll definitely grab some more benefits than any other readers.  

Let me tell you the truth, there are so many Free wordpress themes available in the market, but i never suggest you those themes because these themes are easily hacked & it may crash your website & your all data will be lost.

So if you want to start a business, you have to invest in Themes/Plugins.

Now you’ve a clear idea about Free Themes/Paid Themes.

But the qns is still in mind, which theme is best for you?

Well, if you ask me which theme is best for me? I use GeneratePress, the reason behind this theme is it is the lightest theme and really so efficient to handle traffic load, Fast Speed & it has classic design because it’s really an eye catching theme & many pro bloggers used this theme. 

It’s really easy to Setup & Design that theme for you !!

As you’re our reader so let me share you some, Secret tips about you should consider before purchasing themes:

  • The very first point you should consider, in premium themes, is lightweight & easy to use. 
  • In your WordPress, that theme must compatible with your wordpress version
  • Before purchasing the theme, must check is it responsive or not?
  • Support is really plan an important role, so must check like (GeneratePress & Themeshop)

Some of Most Demanded Themes in 2020 & also share my self-tested review:

Astra Pro: Astra Pro is really an lightweight & very easy to use theme. This theme is similar to GeneratePress. But the reason that makes this theme more important is because it has lots of more features that are not seen in generatepress. You can make your home page attractive & responsive too with an elementor tool to edit.

Focus Theme (by Thrive Themes): You’re reading a very important line…  Focus theme is a really very powerful theme, because it has all important options/features like Email Opt-in, Shortcode & many more. This is really a great deal for you, when you can customise easily & it’s fully responsive.

This theme is best suitable for Affiliate marketers, & if you’re one of them then definitely this theme is a Gold for you. Focus theme is so powerful with lots of features in it.

Schema Theme: Schema theme, it is crafted by mythemeshop. The unique point of this theme is, this SEO (search engine optimised). Schema this counts in the Fastest theme.

GeneratePress theme: As i previously told you, this theme is completely self tested by me & i’m very satisfied with this theme because it’s really easy to customise, fast speed & looks good for newbie bloggers.

The reason behind i’m using this theme is, not only their amazing features but also the support team is really supportive & helpful.

In generatepress theme, it’s really an amazing look of theme you’ll feel while reading the blogs,Eye catching.

Now i hope you select your one ideal theme, it’s time to install your theme in wordpress.

Let me show you exact steps to follow for Installing theme in wordpress:

  1. Go to WordPress & login with your id/password
  2. After login, left sidebar, go to Appearance section below

In theme section, all you have to do just go to top button 

“add new” click on it. 

Now click on Upload the new theme button & upload your selected theme zip file then activate the Theme.

Finally your theme is installed & activated. Installing your theme is not a big task but the major task to import & customize it.

Now if you’re ready to customise your theme, click on the appearance button to customise button.

Now you get all features to customize your theme !!

This is not done yet, you have to install some plugins & for this i’ll help you to know some important plugins.

These plugins play an important role for making your website faster.

Step #7: All plugins you need in your Blogging 

Did you know, plugins play a really important role in a website.

Just like a mobile without any applications. 

You have to install plugins to make your website very effective, High speed & Easy looking. 

We use plugins for SEO (Search engine optimised), fast speed & for designing purpose. In wordpress they have lots of plugins but today i’ll suggest you some self tested plugins & also premium plugins so that your website work becomes an auto pilot.

There are some plugins list i’ve for you:

Elementor or Thrive Architect: These tools we used for designing purposes, with these two plugins you can edit the website/ Create landing page just by Drag and Drop.

These two are both lightweight & really easy to use for creating an eye catching landing page.

Rank Math SEO: We all know the importance of SEO, so Rank math will help you to boost your SEO. Rank Math SEO is now becoming the most demandable Tool for bloggers nowadays.

When you use this tool once, it becomes your favorite one.

WP Rocket: We all know that one of the major ranking factors on google is speed, for this WP Rocket will help you to increase/Boost your website speed.

By WP Rocket your website can be fully optimised & make it faster. 

Thrive Leads: If you’re planning for lead generation through your website & looking for email collecting tools, then you’re reading a right name “Thrive Leads” this plugin can helps you to collect emails & there are many ways to collect emails by Thrive Design like – Popup Lightbox, sticky ribbon, screen filter overlay, content locker & many more…

iTheme Security: As a name implies this plugin is used for security purposes. So whenever someone tries to hack your website, this website first takes a backup website on a daily basis. So that you can restore data whenever you want.

Anti-Spam: This plugin is very important for your blogging purpose. Because many times someone does spam comments on your blog article. So that’s why we use this tool because with the help of this tool if someone does spam comment on your blog it will automatically remove it. Suppose you’re writing an article having lots of pictures/ images so try this tool, because with the help of this tool you can easily smash them so that you’re website load fast

Social Snap pro: This tool is really helpful for my personal use also. Because with the help of this plugin lots of traffic comes through social media. And these mediums like – facebook, twitter, Instagram & many more..

Now after getting complete details of these premium plugins now let’s go & learn how to install plugins?

  • Go to wordpress dashboard
  • Then left sidebar click on plugin
  • Then click on top header “Add new”
  • Then upload zip file of your plugin you want to install
  • Click on Install Now & at last (Activate Plugin)

Step #8: Write your first article & Publish

Are everything completely set up & now are you ready to start writing your first blog post then publish it !!

So now I’ll guide you more easy steps to write your first blog. 

If you’re reading till now, congratulations because you’ve successfully completed wordpress setup & now you’re going to learn about your first blog writing.

Now first go to wordpress Dashboard ➡️ Post section ➡️ Add New  

Now after this process, you see the screen like below:

As you’re a consistent reader, i’ll share some secret tips with you to write your first blog.

  1. If you’re confused a bit about your topic but know the keywords just go to google find articles related to your keywords note down their heading & then filter/shuffle Re-create a new headline with the helps of others example
  2. Always tries to make an attractive tagline having keyword that showcase your topic 
  3. Always add some images/gif/videos because google prioritized you if you add these things in your post
  4. Try to connect with Reader through very simple words like i, you, We.
  5. Always write article like you teach someone else/ talking with your friends

I think these tips are enough to make your first blog very effective.

Start promoting your blog

Well, with the help of this blog you can write an amazing article with full SEO optimized. But the thing that matters in blogging if no one sees your article is your all hard work is waste. Right?

That’s why i’ve a bonus section for you today because this plays an important role in blogging.

Marketing is important when it comes to promoting your blogs. 

There are various factors included when promoting your blogs on social media.

Because when you market your blog post to social media, & little traffic start coming to your blog. Google analyze & if user engagement is good then google try to level up your article faster.

That’s why many Pro Bloggers don’t just write & publish or wait for trends. When they write an article they publish & start promoting with their network so that they get a boost up a little bit.

I have various types of marketing ways to promote your blog & generate results with it. With the help of these techniques you can become a successful blogger.

Let’s look more closely !!

First Promote with Friends

The very fastest way to drive traffic to your blog through friends & their friends. See if you’re at the initial stage & want others to give feedback. Want others to read your article, want to rank your website. 

The cheapest way to drive traffic is this, all you have to do is write your first blog post, publish it. Get the link & start promoting it.

Your URL is your Blog Signature, so make sure you should select a proper url with permalink.

Ex- This is what your URL looks like. Because it’s easy to promote these links.

Let suppose, now you have that link next what?

All you have to do is just share with your friends on whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, Instagram etc. social media platform.

Second step, You have to tell your friends to share on their social media platform with their friends. This is like a chain system to promote your blogs frequently. 

I didn’t say that you drive traffic of millions through this strategy but make sure you’re level up than those bloggers that are just waiting for trends & didn’t do any things, share on social media.

This method is100%  proven & self tested, that is why today i share with you this method. At the initial stage this really helps me alot. Remember one thing if your article is really valuable/Helpful & people are ready to read your whole article, means soon google will rank your article just by analyzing user engagement with your blog.

Submit Blogs to Search Engine

This is a task that is really helpful for every blogger or I can say that it’s compulsory for all bloggers to go & index your blog on google.

By the help of indexing google will start noticing you, is just like becoming a premium member (For Free) on google & they will start noticing your articles/ analyzing & if they found an engaging article they will start self promoting/ranking your article. 

This method you should apply at the second stage. Let me explain to you in brief. As you read the first strategy, where you have to start writing articles & start promoting with friends & their friends.

So when you write some articles & start promoting with friends & their friends. Let’s assume you drive some traffic to your blogs. And if your website has some traffic & user satisfied after reading your article this is where we start our game.

If you index your website to google, now google starts noticing your each activity, suppose if you already have some traffic on your website with engaging articles so what do you think google do with your website?

You’re absolutely right !! Google gives you priority & start ranking your articles on google.

Now the qns is now…

How to Get Google to Index Your Blog Content Quickly?

Let me share you step by step  process to index your blog on Google:

#1: Setup a Google Webmaster Tools Account 

  • Submit your sitemap and/or RSS Feed.
  • Submit your page by clicking ‘Fetch as Google’

#2:  Setup Google Analytics

#3: Ping google about your new Content

#4: Submit your RSS to FeedBurner

#5: Share content on Big Social Media platforms

#6. Bookmark your Content

#7: Submit URL to google

Submit your articles to bookmarking sites

Bookmarking is really a great way to attract your potential customers to visit your blog & read the whole article if it’s valuable.

So bookmarking platforms like Reddit,, etc. These are some popular bookmarking platforms for you. 

Are you getting my Point? Let me clear you about the Bookmarking method. It’s like a Free Branding strategy, where you can go to these social media platforms & Publish an advertisement about your Blog & those who are interested in your niche they’ll read your article.

Because these platforms have so much traffic no. of millions, so here you can promote your blog for free & drive traffic to your blog that helps you for user engagement & Helps to rank on google.

Here you can Publish articles to a particular targeted audience & get amazing results with it. 

Remember one thing, make this a Habit whenever you write/Publish an article. Go to these Social media platforms & Promote your blog with full efficiency so that you get a bundle of traffic to your website blogs.

It has two major benefits you’ll get after doing this method.

  1. You get targeted audience so that they can be your Leads (If they put email in your Popup Box)
  2. When you drive traffic to your website definitely after your indexing, google will analyze your website & if google see an engagement with the audience surely they’’ promote your blog & give them ranking.

Be Hyper Active on social media

You know that your content is unique, valuable, Engaging but your audience doesn’t know about you?

The reason is you don’t promote on social media platforms. When you promote your blogs on social media platforms like facebook/ Linkedin/ Instagram/ Pinterest/ Youtube etc. so that you can drive traffic to your blog with targeted audiences. 

These social media platforms have Billions of traffic so you can imagine the potential of these social media platforms when you promote on social media.

I’ve a tip for you, try to link all social media platforms to each other, so that when you publish on Instagram it will automatically share to other platforms like Facebook. 

But the qns is what is the exact way to promote your links to social media platforms?

Many bloggers try to promote through just sharing URLs to social media platforms & think they’ll convert. But this is the point where everyone didn’t get the results.

You have to try another way to start promoting your blog link. So let’s suppose you want to promote on facebook so the best way to promote on facebook is first create a poster of your topic with Tagline & Key Points of what you’re going to share with you through the article.

When you create a complete poster of your Blog with tagline/Key Points, Now it’s time to write a description of your blog summary & URL link so at the end when you start promoting your blog in Facebook Groups or Facebook post/Stories 

So all you have to do is just upload your Poster/Add description attached with the link of Article. So this is something eye catching.

Then the audience starts noticing & clicking on URL to read your Blog & this is the best way to drive traffic to your website.

Now you can share your Blog with Eye catching method on all social media platforms. So that soon you’ll get ranking on Google.

Build your Email List

When you apply these methods for a few months, now it’s time to change the Game. Now you’re going to build your Fans, those who are ready to be the first viewer when you publish an article.

Sounds Good?

Now what to do to build your fan list is Start building email lists. After applying the previous method you get traffic on your website, those who read your article. Now all we have to do is just add a popup box for collecting email. This setup can easily be added through a plugin like mailchimp etc.

As usual when someone reads your article & when they see a popup box to put email for notification/Or something for Free. So they’ll definitely put their emails & that’s how your email list builds.

Now this process is going to repeat again & again. After sometime you notice you have a huge email list of your fans.

You have a power to promote your products/ offers/ Subscriptions/ and Notifications for your next blog post. So that you don’t need to put more effort into re-sharing on social media platform. You get traffic automatically because now you’ve power to promote on your email list. 

The biggest benefit you’ll get is user engagement because now the first viewers who are going to read your blogs are your fans, when the user engagement is good. Google will help you to rank with it. 

When you reach this level, you can start making money also.Because its your audience you can promote anything & whatever your audience purchase anything you get commission. This is the best way to start making money with it.

But the top most factor of having an Email List is you can build an authority in front of google. After indexing your website google analyzes your website & if they found that your website has traffic with user engagement, so this is where you get so much benefit. If you have your own audience base so you’ll definitely get more benefits to rank your articles on Google.

Advertising on Paid Traffic (On Web platform)

Advertisement is the Best Option to promote your Blog. My suggestion for you to advertise when you already apply previous methods to drive traffic to your website & Google Indexing.

Because it builds potential in yourself, if ads don’t work at the initial stage at least you have the right strategy to drive traffic to your blogs without spending a single money. 

Now, if you already apply all these methods & looking for a new way to derive huge amounts of traffic to your blog or website, is through ads.

Because ads have the potential to drive millions of traffic to your website in a day. So i think now you can imagine the power of ads, but for ads you have to pay for it.

For ads promotion, you have to build your authority & promotion posters/descriptions so that your target audience takes pause & see your advertisement to know what value you’re going to provide us.

For Bloggers there are two best platforms to drive traffic to your website is Google Adwords & Facebook.

But remember that your authority will build only when you give value to your audience through blog posts & user engagement. 

If Google sees these two factors in your article definitely google will rank your article, so that you get a huge amount of traffic through ads & organically with rank.

Now you know the best method, what if i share with you a complete checklists for your ads preparation so that it’s easy for you to complete checklist & start promoting through ads:

  • First make sure your content of promotion is ready to launch like posters/Description/ Call to action etc.
  • Now you know audiences are going to land on your page, so you should check the header buttons/Links if they work properly.
  • You should check your blog looking ( open in several browsers like chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) & check if everything looks great.
  • One more Major thing you should Recheck is the Popup box, when you insert email, you get notification or not?
  • Add Social Media Buttons to your blog, because as you know you’re targeting the right audience & if they get value through your blogs they will definitely share with others so don’t miss this opportunity & add social media buttons.
  • Final but Very Important thing is, Setup your Google Analytics to track your visitors, to check where they come from & What are the top content articles of your website.

Step #9: Create a Long-Term Content Strategy

If you think that you have posted your first blog so you are done, you have done everything so you are completely wrong but it is just a start and you still need to do so many things. 

It takes months for blogs to rank on google and even it performs well only when you make consistent updates. 

This Is the Strategy I Use to Level Up My Content Creation, Rank My Post On SERP (Search Engine Result Page) & Start Making Money: 

  1. I do keyword research for those high-volume keywords I want to rank for. 
  2. I always prefer to make an outline first before start writing my blog post and obviously take care of length of blog post by analyzing the blog posts of competitors 
  3. As soon as my article’s first draft is complete, I immediately edit and publish it. You should not have any sort of hesitation because it takes time to have traffic. 
  4. I have also taught so many things in this blog about ranking the blog on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Obviously, we should never forget about basics so I have also increased the length of this article & improving its quality by adding high-volume keywords. 
  5. As my articles rank in 2-3 pages of search results, I put my affiliate link on that post which gives me a chance to make money through it. 
  6. Now, its matter of maintaining the organic ranking and for that I always update the content on a continual basis and also generate inbound links. 
  7. And obviously when the blog reaches the first page and starts making money for the brands, I am promoting. I personally check them all and ask them if they can increase my commission. 

Following all the above things is a great way to plan your long term-based content strategy. 

You will undoubtedly see amazing increments in your blog as it will rank higher, will generate a considerable amount of revenue & will also have good traffic. 

But, to be very honest it is not enough to write good content. 

It is crucial to have both a good content strategy and outreach strategy to make good links with people. 

These are Nine Steps for a complete blog to start in 2020. 

Now it’s time to share some self-tested methods, to make money online through your blogs. 

Let’s dive in.

Possible Ways Make Money Online from your Blogs (BONUS)

This is the best part you ever read because, now we’re going to discuss making money online through your blogs.

So what you’re going to learn in this article is 100% working & self-tested. So if you’re a blogger or initially start doing blogging don’t worry the money making strategies you’re going to learn is for all.

Before starting, Congratulations !! to you all because you’ve write and published an article today with the help of this article.

Now let me help you a little bit more through a guide on how you can start making money at initial level or a beginner level through blogging.

For making money online, there is not only one single way there are multiple ways to earn money online so that anyone can make money at any level.

I’ve self-tested proven methods to make money through blogging, read carefully the list & increase your potential to make money online.

I’m Sure you’re excited enough to make money online !! 

So let’s discuss in depth.

Affiliate Marketing: We all know about this, but most of us don’t know that through blogging how much they can earn? Even if they’re a beginner they can start making money with it.

Suppose if you write an article on a product review, so now you can promote your blog through all promoting methods I’ve taught you in previous topics.

If you have an affiliate link of that product & surprisingly when you promote your blog on a particular product review, when someone purchases through your link you’ll definitely get commission in between.

This is the simplest way to start making money online. 

In affiliate Programs there is something you need to consider while enrolling in these affiliate programs:

  • Your no. of affiliate sales depends on no. of traffic drive in your blog
  • You need an eye catching looking of advertisement, so that these visitors must click on that affiliate link
  • You need to add some step by step process, & what you’ll get after clicking on these ads. So that it increases chances to click in it.

Because now customers know the exact thing about those ads.

Advertising on your Blog: This is the first thought coming in every blogger’s mind, that starts blogging & adds ads on your website.

So when you drive traffic to your blog & ads already running to your blog you get paid through adsense.  

This is the simplest way that anyone can start making money with our tips to drive traffic & through adsense combinations they can start making money.

This is all about monetizing your traffic, if you’ve a huge traffic so that you can monetize your traffic through google adsense.

But can we have a different program to make money through traffic?

YES !!

Google adsense & is the best possible way to start making money through ads.

Offering Services: This is the best way to start making money, because if you’ve some skills to offer you never be jobless again.

Suppose you’re good at something, all you have to do just write an article promoting it on social media. You never be jobless, just learn any skills and start promoting to your visitors & they’ll pay you for your service.

For this you don’t need a millions of traffic, you can start with few traffic at the initial stage. Because the traffic drive in your website/Blog is targeted so it’s easy for you to promote your services through your blogs.

Let me share with you a secret tip, all you have to do is just create a blog about something you give service & invite your audience to come on a webinar you’re going to conduct. In that webinar give them value & when they’re ready to be your fan convert them through show your services, definitely you get big conversion that just a blog.

Membership Programs: This is one of the simplest & best methods to make money online even on a monthly basis you can earn through this method. These membership programs like netflix/Hotstar/ hosting/Domain/Email marketing tools etc.  are all subscription based affiliate programs because in these you have to pay per month. 

So whenever someone purchases through your blog/affiliate link you get paid per month whenever someone purchases a membership program & pay monthly basis.

Let me share some ideas about trending membership programas so that you can start through these one, like – Consultation programs, private content, hosting membership programs & many more are waiting for you just go & get their affiliate link so that you’ll start making money through your affiliate program.

Selling your Own Course or Product: Let suppose, you’re now a blogger having experience & email list. So what is the next step to make a big amount of money?

I’ve a very great method to make money online today through your blogging, experience & Email list is, Sell your own product like course or anything at which you’re good.

When you win trust of your audience & they give your email that means they know that you’re good at something, now all you have to do is just create a product & launch it with your email list fans. Because these email audiences are only first who’re going to purchase your product or course through you.

These are self-tested & proven methods to start making money at any level you want. All you have to do is just select any one method and start making money with it. Then go to another method and start making money with it. And again and again go with the flow, when you have enough experience you can go with the last section & earn a huge amount of money though your audience.

 How to Start a Blog: Final Summary

It’s a big Congratulations!!! . You have learned a very great skill of this year that is none other than how to start a blog.

As it is clearly visible for all that it is not even a tinge of difficult to do blogging.It is not only needed but 

I hope now you are owning your own Domain name and hosting space as well. if it is so, you should feel overwhelmed because now you are able to start a blog whenever you want, In short your blog is set up. But obviously some things are still left to do, as you still need to be familiar with the wordpress dashboard, you should know how to make desired changes that you can be in need to make anytime. So start content creation and just promote that as much as you can to be a successful blogger.

Now we’ve some frequent Q&A for you so that you get complete clarity in your mind to Start A blog in 2020 is worth it.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) 

  1. What Do You Need to Start a Blog

What you all need to start a blog is just Time, Passion & Clear Goal  

It is almost a full-time job. Successful bloggers need to commit to posting lengthy & thorough articles. 

You also need to do the same. Along with posting you also need to promote your blog regularly on social sites and blog must go through the peer interaction. 

Your passion towards your blog topic matters the most because only it is going to decide the quality of content you are going to provide to your readers on a regular basis. Coming up with unique & valuable ideas everyday about the topic you are not interested in is so much challenging and after sometime it could easily affect the quality of your, it is needed for you to have enthusiasm in the topic you are going to write about. This is the only essential thing. 

  1. What Should My Blog Be About? 

Answer the following questions to solve these problems :- 

  • What’s the thing that you can say about your passion? 
  • What’s the thing you think about daily? 
  • What’s the topic that your family, friends & Co-workers are annoyed by on a continuous basis? 
  • What’s the topic that you dream of? 
  • What’s the thing that you research mostly? 
  • What’s the thing that you read about? 

If there is any common answer to all these questions, congratulations, you have found the thing that you should blog about. 

NOW, your problem is solved……just go and write your blog. 

  1. What Should You Do to Make Your Blog Successful?  

Your Passion, Creativity, Knowledge & Expertise is the thing that will make your blog successful. Till you are providing fascinating, informative & engaging content, you are on the right path. 

Keep doing your work and maintain the momentum and believe me you will be unstoppable. 

  1. How Would I Find a Profitable Niche for My Blog?

If you know the basic topic of what you are going to blog about. So, to make your niche more profitable what you all need to do is just narrowing your niche to reduce the competition. 

for example, you are interested in food and you want to write about food recipes. So, you will have millions of blogs in the form of your competition. So, now it is the time to narrow the niche in the topic that will still be the important one for a significant amount of audience. As you can make your blog more specific by narrowing it into “Inexpensive Keto Recipe” and this will not only reduce your competition but also elevate your blogs in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

5.What to Do If I Already Have a Free Blog? 

Beginners, you need not to worry. If you want to move to a self-hosted WordPress. You can effortlessly move your free blog to the new host. 

Almost every free blog site has the feature to export the content to another site. WordPress is a platform featured with numerous tools that import the content to the new blog on its own. You can easily find the way to move it to WordPress on YouTube. 

6.How Do I Learn WordPress?   

I like to hear that someone is interested in learning WordPress or actually blogging in general, since I genuinely like to share the experience I have been experiencing for the last few years. 

You can easily learn anything through the platform from where I have learnt everything. So, go on YouTube and you will find everything you want to learn. It may be possible that you won’t find everything directly on YouTube but I am so sure that you will find at least some traces of the thing that you want to learn.  

7.How Do You Start a Blog for Free? 

It is absolutely free to do blogging with WordPress so what all you need to pay for is hosting. 

There are free amateur services as well like Tumblr or Blogger and these platforms also allow you to blog for free but be careful, you may not own content that you would post on the other’s website. This is the reason I always prefer for the WordPress. 

8.How often Should I Blog? 

Even in my premium classes I always recommend my students to write every single day and post a blog at least once a week. Even in my own blog I always post 2 blog posts every week. 

Whatever the pattern you want to follow is not at all a problem but you need to be consistent. Consistency is the only key to be successful in blogging. 

9.Do Bloggers Make Money?  

Blogging alone can easily set a full-time income for you. Some bloggers even make thousands of dollars through it but it is definitely not easy to be a highly paid blogger but of course it is possible with hard work and the time you invest in it. 

So many bloggers give up in the early stage of blogging due to not earning money according to the work they do every single day. But it is the fact that, in the blogging, money comes only to those who have patience and consistency. 

10.How Do I Get Readers to My Blog? 

Providing value is the only thing that you can do to get readers. 

These are some tips to have good reader attractive blog :- 

  • Go for Master SEO 
  • Write catchbenefitsy headlines – Your headline is definitely the first thing that anyone will read so help them by figuring out the . The ideal headline should be like  Odd number + superlative + target keyword + year  
  • Post your blog with consistency so that your readers get data on a regular basis to consume. 
  • Do not forget to use CTA’s (Call to Actions) 
  • Give something extra to your readers than others such as product discount, insider knowledge etc.  
  • Share each post on social media. 

Congratulations !! You have Created your first Blog Post in 2020

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