Many People wonder to travel the world in their lives. You will be happy to know that many people are actually able to do so. And none of them are from Flights cabin crew, Pilots or any Airlines member. These people are even get to paid to travel the world and they are called as Travel Bloggers. And the income that these people use to generate is called the passive income.

Before You think that to get paid for travelling is not your cup of tea. Let me share some truth and Ideas about the travel blogging with you. It is easiest than you think to starting a travel blog. It is common for everyone to get confused after getting into new things. When I started blogging, I was very unknown about making a website or how to run a website. By looking at my passion, I decided to start a travel blog.

Many people use to go with the blogging course and they get failed because they don’t get taught about the proven and relatable things about how to start a website on wordpress.

Now a days, WordPress covers approx 90% of the total blogs on the web. The only reason is it is quite very easy to operate and it is the best platform to start a blog. Many top bloggers also use to recommend the wordpress as a right blogging platform. Let me share you quickly some easy steps on how to create a travel blog.

Travel Blogging Truths

According to me ‘who wouldn’t want to be a travel blogger’ Well The Travel blogging is just like a job. The more you travel the more you can share your blog. Travelling can be expensive but traveling on someone else expenses is quite awesome for the travel bloggers. In Travel blogging when you get the audience engagement more on your blog then you started getting paid to travel on someone else’s expenses. The travelling, Hotel expenses, Food Expenses, you get fully paid.

Now as you got the basic details about travel blogging, so let’s jump on the very important sections that is How to start a travel blog and what basic and technical things you need to start a successful travel blog.

Why To Start A Travel Blog?

Well there are few reasons that influence us to start a travel blog. But if you want to get succeeded in any field, the one thing that should get clear first is your ‘WHY’. Your why will fuel you always to get the life that you want to design by yourself. Your ‘WHY’ will motivate and keeps you always running even when you feel tired.

Let’s discuss over some good reasons that will push you towards the success.

You must have desire to do it for yourself

If you have desire to be a successful blogger and make money online then there is nothing wrong in that. Well I must say it is very good to have these types of ambitions in your life.

As you have decided to be an independent entrepreneur, then such kind of careers are suitable for you to go with. So, if you want to make money with travelling, then this is the career opportunity that you should pursue.

If you are looking to get in tourism industry

Now a days, many people consider travel blogging as an career opportunity to jump into tourism industry. But I must say this is the big mistake that one does after starting their travel blog. They started asuming the things that they will get instead of what they have to offer to the companies.

It is well said that to get something in return, you have to give the values and quality. Don’t follow the bloggers those who use to ask the companies for the paid travels by sending emails. Just focus on the building of your blog and your blog qualities and values. You will surely get what you want on their own.

If you wish to help others

It is very basic that everyone think and work for themselves to get their targets and achieved their goals by travel blogging. But if you are thinking that you can get all these things by yourself only and get succeeded then you are huge mistaking. Without engaging the people you are not going to be succeeded ever.

Travel Blogging is about to create the connections with the users, you have to collaborate with other bloggers. And you have to create the partnership with the companies that are in tourism industry.

The Basic Five Technical Things You Need To Have Before Starting a Travel Blog

  • Domain Name:- Many people get confused that how to chose a domain name. The First thing you need to starting a travel blog is a name / permanent address of your blog. I.e:- Travelworld.com, Roamingworld.com, Solotravel.com, Etc…
  • A good and catchy name is the first step to start a successful travel blog.
  • Make sure your site carrying the .com extension as people are very use to go with the .com and may be forget other extension.
  • It is very important to make your site available on each and every social media network before buying the domain. For eg:- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Numbers or any kind of sign should be not included.
  • Your blog name speaks by itself that what your blog tells about.
  • WordPress Web Hosting:- There are many wordpress hosting services are available. WordPress web hosting is the platform where you can make visible your blog to the visitors or audience. If I talk about some of the best hosting brands are Bluehost, Fastcomet, Siteground.
  • WordPress:- This is the platform where you can write your content, you can Customize your post, Design your post, And can also add Images and Videos. You make categories, pages and many more things in wordpress which make your website look more beautiful and attractive. Once you get done with your content you can publish your post from here by a single click.
  • A WordPress Theme:- The look of your website is totally depends on the themes that you use. Here you will get many free and premium themes. But If you want to add premium themes then you have to pay charges for that. A WordPress theme makes your Article background and post much attractive and well designed.

So chose very wisely the great looking travel blog theme.

  • A WordPress Plugins:- This is a very important factor for a website. The Plugins helps you to manage your post with SEO, Headlines, Keyphrases and many more. Well there are lots of Plugins are available to use for totally free. But Like Themes there are also many plugins are available for the premium users that you can only get by paying some charges.

The essential Plugins to use in your travel blog:-

  • Akismet:- This plugin is use to protect your website from spammers that use to do irrelevant comments on your blog post. Akismet use to filter all the spam comments. This comes up with the wordpress already installed.
  • Yoast SEO Plugins:- This is one of the best SEO Plugin out there. It help us to improve the ranking in google. it consist of meta tags, descriptions, and also optimizes your title. It is very simple to use and handle.
  • Social share button plugin:- This plugin will help the user to share your article directly from the blog posts by using different social media platform by just clicking on it. It consist of nice looking simple set of icons that is comfortable to use on both desktop and mobile.
  • WP Rocket:- This plugin will help you to increase the speed of your travel blog.

Well once you get done with the WordPress full process, I will share some important tips on how to write contents and how to promote your post and get regular traffic.

Let’s Disscuss about the ways to start a travel blog.

Essential Steps To Start a Travel Blog

1. Pick a Name For Your Blog

Well for starting a travel Blog, You have to chose a name for your blog. Eg:- Travelworld.com, Ghumateraho.com, SathGhumo.com, Etc…

Name Should Be Short And Simple

You have to choose the name of your blog that should be short and simple. So that the name of your blog get pronounced by anyone easily. It should be easy to type, easy to spell, easy to remember and easy to share. Avoid to choose a long tail Name for your blog .

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

While Deciding the name of your Blog, You always remember to avoid using the numbers and hyphens, So that to spell or to search your blog becomes easy for anyone. If you use Numbers and Hyphens, Then there will be a major problem with the audience those who wants to connect with you or your blog.

Avoid Using Already Used Words For your Blog Name

Well This is the major mistake that many beginners do is that they use the words that are already used by someone as a brand or a company. So, If you also do the same then Such Domain names do not sustain for long term in blogging industry. So Avoid Using overused names for your Blog.

2. Set Up Hosting For Your Blog

What Is this Hosting? Well Every website Needs Internet space. Well This is the space where you can store your all blog’s data, photos and files so that people can easily access all these when they search your Domain Name.

There are many Hosting Brands are available on internet but I recommend the cheapest Hosting that is Fastcomet. This is one of the cheapest web Hosting with fastest web speed.

Steps To Set Up Your Blog

Step 1:- Go to the FastComet.com Website.

Step 2:- Select a Hosting Plan Depending on your budget.

Step 3:- Search Your Domain name in Domain Name box if that is available or not.

Step 4:- Add Extra Features If you want to Add . I would recommend you to go for Domain Privacy Protection Feature Only.

3. Time To Install The WordPress Software

Now, To start a blog you need a self- hosted WordPress Account. Not On a free wordpress.com account. What is the Difference between Self- Hosted WordPress Account or WordPress.com?

  • Your Website should be your domain name.com not as your domain name.wordpress.com
  • In Self – Hosted WordPress Account, You get the full access to control your website from WordPress.
  • You can also sell advertisement on your website.
  • By Using Self- Hosted WordPress you can use different Plugins & Themes to design your blog and to give an attractive look to your website.
  • The Most Important feature You get to use in Self- Hosted WordPress account is Google Analytics Tracking.

Yes, There are many more advantages to Use wordpress. But only WordPress. Around 90% of Blogs in this world are using WordPress with that around 30% of websites are using wordpress.

Once the WordPress installed, You will be able to log in with your user id and Password and then you will be directed to the WordPress DashBoard.

Let’s Cheers You now have a Travel Blog.

4. How To Use WordPress

Well, Using WordPress is not that much difficult at all. I am going to share an amazing Idea to master the WordPress.

What You have to do is that Fix Saturday as your learning day. On Every Saturday learn The WordPress features totally free. If you are a Bluehost Customer, than There is a customer support available 24/7 to assist you about each and every feature of WordPress.

On Every saturday, Learn How to use wordpress, How to write Articles and post it, How to use free and paid themes that are available in WordPress.

5. A professional Theme is Very Important for your Blog

There are many free and Paid Themes are available in WordPress. At Beginning you can go with the Free Themes. But If you are serious about your blog and looking for the monitiozation with your blog than later on, You have to go with the Premium Themes.

Themes Provide your Blog look Awesome and look like professional one. By Using Themes, it is easy to customize your blog, design your blog and make your articles audience friendly.

The another place that I would recommend from where you can purchase the themes is ThemeTrust.

6. Install The Essential Plugins

Installing the Plugins is like installing another app that provides your blog the additional Features. Some Plugins are free and for some you have to pay.

Now you are thinking that how and from where You can Install all these important Plugins.So You can install all the important plugins from the Plugins Section that are available in the WordPress Dashboard.

  • Easy Social Share button:- This Plugin Provide you the buttons of different social media that you can use in your Blog for Social Media Sharing.
  • Imagify:- It automatically optimizes the media of your blog for fast loading.

7. Create A Home Page

One of the most important and the first thing you have to do after making your blog is to create a Home Page on your Blog.

I highly recommend you to add some basics pages into your blog.

  1. About Page:- Your home page consist of an About page for sure. This Page cover very high Traffic as people wants to know about you and it tells who you are, what you are and why people should follow you.                                                                             Before publishing any post on your blog. You should must create an about page at the home page of your blog. Any user that visit your website for the first time, they open your about page first to know that what kind of blogger you are. What are you doing currently. An about page is very important as it build the trust between you and the user that why he should follow you along with his whole journey.                                                                                          
  2. Contact Page:- Users always wants to reach you. So stay aware that what contact information you are giving to reach you. Sometimes users send spam messages or emails.
  3. Privacy Page:- This shows the standard user agreement page that informing the readers what the laws are applicable on your site.

Embrace Social Media

Posting regularly on Social Media is very important if you want to make a successful and Profitable travel blog.

To start for that let’s make account on all the social media platforms that are:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

All these Social Media Platform helps you to promote and support your Blog. Make sure that your name should be same at all the social media platforms. SO that people won’t get confused and can find you easily.

Sometimes People think to start their travel blog on social media like facebook and instagram rather than creating their own websites. But I don’t allow them to do so because you don’t have command on these platforms. But in your website the all commands are in your hand.

8. Writing Your First Blog

When you are done by making all the pages, Now It’s time to begin with the content Writing that How you have to publish your first blog. One thing I would musty recommend to you all that when you start writing the Articles. Post one to two articles per week only. Always remember that the quality is must important than quantity.

I would highly recommend you to write the first post about yourself. Write in brief that why you have chosen the blogging industry, what your current blog is all about, what you are currently doing and what you did before. After completing your first blog post, start sharing over the social media platform where you are going to share your amazing blog content. Eg:- facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest.

During writing the content, Take your time to write an unique and very different content. Customize your content.

In the Article Tell the people that why you have started a travel blog or where you are planning for your next trip.

Share your favourite part of the Journey. What best you did during your whole travel journey. If your Viewer wants to go their than what best they can do for fun at that place. Which restaurant they should go for the treat. Which places they should visit and from which shopping malls they should shop.

Share some Images as well. The Images should be of the location, views, and the places.

The Things that You should do if you are not Travelling now.

Well If you are still planning to travel than you can still write a blog too.

Share the ideas that what best describe your planning for the trip. Share the different ways that what you have to plan and what things you have to keep in mind during travelling to the different states or different countries.

Let’s take an example that you are living at Patna, Bihar. May be you don’t think that it is an interesting city to write about but still thousands of people want to visit this place. So as you are familiar with this place so share some tips about the trip of this place.

Making Networks with Other Bloggers

Always Look into the other posts of other Bloggers. Engage yourself with their blogs. Do comments, Follow them on social media.

Be an Active Member of the Travel Blog Community.

9. Time To Monetize Your Blog

Most of the Travel Bloggers recommend to wait until you build a large audience on your blog. But Somewhere it is a myth. There are many ways by which you can earn money without creating any negative effect on your blog posts or your audiences. At the beginning of your blog, Only your family and your friends are your traffic. But that is not the matter to worry. Everyone starts with that. To make a good income with your blog, you must know about to generate income through other ways.

Let me share you quickly some ways that you can generate income through that :-

Google Adsense:- Google adsense is one of the easiest way to make money with advertisement. Do sign up for an account in adsense. Do the ad settings according to yourself. And now you are ready to go. Don’t forget to download the adsense plugin. It helps you to place the ad code at the place you want on your website. Obviously, it will take time to make your first dollar. But trust me if you are consistent and well focused, you are not much far from making 10000 $ a month.

Rather than Google Adsense, You can start making money with Amazon by doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:- If you literally want to make money through the affiliate marketing, then I would say that the Amazon Associates is best for beginners.

You must wondering that how you can make money through the Amazon by doing Affiliate marketing.

Stat searching the product through Amazon Associates, Use the link of that particular product in your post. When a user will go through that link by clicking on it, or buy that product then you will get some part of the price of that product as a commission.

Note:- Use the link of only those products that are relatable to your blog. For eg:- if your blog is about what is blogging, then your product links should be related to the blogging tools only.

More affiliate programs:- Rather than Amazon affiliate, I would also recommend you the following:-

  • Agoda & Booking.com – For the accommodation where I stayed in.                                                                    
  • World Nomads – For travel Insurance                                                                                                                   
  • Skyscanner – Finding Expensive Flights

Whenever you visit to a place and stayed in a hotel you can recommend that hotel. The flight that you took to visit that place, you can also recommend how to take the cheapest flight. And you can also recommend the travel insurance that your user should buy. Whenever they click on that particular link, and follow your instruction, you will get paid in the form of commission.

Basically, Affiliate marketing let you recommend things like clothes, Mobile phones, Photography equipment, Tour packages or any services. So when someone click on your ad or buy something, you get a small commission for that.

The most exciting things about the affiliates that I like is you can make money from the day one of blogging. When You write any travel guide blog and found that blog post on the first page, then you can add the link and make money from that.

Writing sponsored post :- When your blog get succeeded and getting the numbers of traffic then you will get contacted by the people to write the blog for them and for that they offer you an advance and handsome money. But still, You have to continue writing the post to get to get the regular traffic not only for the clients to get paid only.

Sponsored trips by travel agencies :- Many successful and top bloggers get sponsored trips by the travel agencies or travel companies. Companies offers them to view some certain locations, write the reviews about that particular location and also mention about the sights. These bloggers get paid in return of that. And their travel expenses are also get sponsored by the travel agencies.

Premium Contents:- In this, You can sell the details of your travel experiences about the place that you have visited as a digital guide to save the time of travellers.

Travel guide workshops :- Travel guide workshops is also one of the good source of income from where you can earn a handsome income by accepting the offer of travel guide workshops.

I can surely say that now you are thinking that how much money you can make through blogging?

Let’s discuss about that.

What Amount You Can Earn From A Travel Blog?

Honestly, If I tell you about the income that you can generate through the travel blogging than I will tell you that at beginning you won’t get any amount from your blog. It is proven that your income from the blogging depends on the traffic that you are getting on your blog.

The one of the famous platform that you can use to increase your blog audience is social media. When You add the social media platform buttons in your blog, it becomes easy for the audience to share your post. The Instagram and pinterest are the easiest platform to share your blog and increase your traffic. The both platforms should be the part of your social media strategy.

The email platform is also a fine idea to promote your blog by just sharing the blog by building an email list.

So, At beginning, your priority should be the generation and increment of the traffic on your blog posts.

How You Can Increase the traffic on your blog and increase your business as well if you are a Beginner?

So At first, this is already proven by many of the blogging experts that if you generally want to increase the traffic on your blog at beginning, you should be totally focused on the quality of content that you are giving in your blog and the attractive way of writing the content of your blog.

I know you are not expert in writing or designing any blog. So not everyone borned expert but by gaining skills, ideas, or by doing experiment, you can be the pro later.

Attracting The New Reader Towards your Travel Blog By Writing Satisfied Content

To be honest, You can make around hundreds to thousands dollars per month after an year of blogging. This is only possible by knowing the Unknownable factors.

To create a handsome income you need to spend some years with fully focused intentions and consistency towards your blog.

It could take around 3 to 4 years to make 50000$ to 100000$ Per Year.

But Don’t worry, As you are now a part of Blogging dictionary family, So here you will get the proven and implemented strategies and ideas to increase your blog and your income as well.

Now, as I covered all the details about How to start travel blog. Now let’s look at what does it cost to start a travel blog.

10. What is the cost to start a travel blog.

The expenses are depends on the blog that for whom you are making for.

If you want to run a blog to keep your friends and family update with your travels then it costs completely free:-

If you think only to update your friends and family with your travelling experiences by keeping record of your blog, and not aim to turn your blog into business, than there is no need to invest even a single penny. I would recommend you to go with wordpress.com rather than wordpress.org. There you will get the access to use free themes in your travel blog.

If you want to start a professional travel blog but don’t have that much money to invest on it then it will take 105$ approx.

Yes, there is still a way to make your travel blog professional though you don’t have much money to invest. Here you have to spend around 105 $ to create a professional blog.

Opt for a forest theme that cost around 50 $. It will give the best look to your blog and leave an amazing impact on the audience.

Now the logo is must for every and each blog. So to design an amazing logo, use the Canva. If you are looking to save money then Canva provides many attractive and impressive banner designs that are absolutely free. You can also hire a logo designer once you get succeeded. In such things avoid spending the pennies, start investing once you get succeeded and started making money online.

The rest 59$ you have to invest in your web hosting. So the 59 $ for the hosting and 50 $ for the theme. That’s it.

Let’s Have a Look Over Some Frequent Questions that are being asked by the beginners those who are about to start the blogging.

Do People really make money through Blogging?

This question is very frequent that people ask that people really make money through blogging. So, The answer is Yes. To be the successful Travel Blogger, You need to provide the valuable content to your audience. You don’t need to write the helpful tips about travelling to a particular destination. But you should write a fun loving, helpful and the excited travel blogs.

It would be more better if you share the real experiences and tips in your blog post. Try to travel to a particular destination. There don’t forget to capture some awesome photos and videos of the destination.

Now to make your blog more interesting and valuable add those pictures and videos in your blog so that it can create excitement to the viewers. The impact of images in your blog is far more effective to the viewers that is beyond your thinking.  

Investment To Start A Travel Blog?

There is a rumor that to start a travel blog is quite expensive and unaffordable.

Let me clear you this nonsense talk.

Well If I tell you honestly that the cost of per montb to start a travel blog is only 2.95 $ per month.

If you want you can purchase some amazing themes for your blog post or you can create by your own.

Same for the Logo. You can purchase or you can make that by your own.

Starting the Travel Blog is Too Difficult?

Well now a days, everyone and their grand parents have a blog. But many people don’t take it seriously. ‘Success comes to those who are consistent and hard working’. This is the very famous quote that everyone are aware of.

So You can make your blog successful only by working hard and being consistent.So It is really up to you that how much effort you are putting.

Laptop Or Camera Is Important?

I would say ‘YES’. They both are much important. Ofcorse, You need a good camera to capture the images and pictures of the views of the destination. To Upload all the contents and putting images into your blog, you need a laptop as well.

Some of the good and high quality cameras you need are:-





Is It Important To Participate Into A Travel Blogging Course?

I would say ‘NO’. Enrolling into a Travel Blogging Course doesn’t mean that you will get all the valuable knowledges, Proven techniques and the practical knowledges.

 The Best way to increase the skills and the techniques, is to keep experimenting the things with your website, blog post, website designing, Keywords research and the SEO.

‘Happy Travel Blogging’

Well To create a blog is easy but getting a large audience is much tougher. It can take almost a year or more than that to see a good number of audience on your blog. So, as I already mention that it’s all depends upon your efforts, hard work, and most important your patience.

Stay consistence with your work and increase your efforts and skills on the daily basis. Always remember that by increasing the 1% of your skill on daily basis can take you beyond your blogging skills and the income as well.

Many of the blogger those who are doing in their part time give almost 10 hours a week to their blog.

Some professional and pro bloggers give almost 30 hours a week on their blog.

It could be your dream job. But the travel blogging is still a hard work that need lots of efforts and hard work.

‘To be successful overnight is totally a myth’. Creating a successful travel blog is not like to have a cup of tea.

If I tell you in a single line that what technique you should follow to take the path of success is simply by following the ‘Bloggingdictionary.com’

Here You will get all the secret and the proven strategies that the professional and the pro bloggers use to follow and implement in their blog for absolutely without any charges.

                          Always Remember ‘Without Risk No Reward’

                                         Good Luck Out There.

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