Landingi Discount Code

Landingi Discount Code

Grab the latest Landingi Discount Code & Landingi Coupon code🤑 of 2021. Get the highest discount on Landingi plans using our given Landingi Promo code. 😍 

Are You Searching Landingi Discount Coupon?? 

Landingi is the most reliable and affordable landing page creator that gives you fully user-friendly and easy-to-use features that help you to build a marketing and sales funnel for your business. 

So if you want to establish your online business on the peek then use or Landingi discount code and get instant access. 

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Here in this post, we have come up with the live Landingi coupon and deals. With which you don’t need to invest much money on purchasing the Landingi plan using our Landingi discount offer

All Active Coupons of Landingi

Landingi Discount Codes 2021

Get the super huge Landingi  discount offers and get instant access to all super-advanced features using our code.

14 Days Free Trial Value for money

First use our discount code and get 14 days free trial to get better experience before subscribing any premium plan.

<strong>Discount On Landingi Create Plan </strong> Value for money

Make unlimited landing pages by subscribing landingi create plan and get huge discount

<strong>Landingi Automate Plan Discount </strong> Value for money

Get high conversion using Landingi automate plan and get money saving discount

Landingi Agency Plan Discount Value for money

Use coupon and get high discount on agency plan that allow you to make millions.

<strong>Landingi 6 Month Plan Discount</strong> Value for money

If you choose landingi 12 months billing and save lost of money.

Landing 3 Month Plan Discount Value for money

Choose landingi 3-month billing and save $10 on the agency plan

Get 14 Days Free Trial

So before becoming a paid member of Landingi plans it offers you to make you comfortable by using their 14 days free trial for a better understanding of all the advanced features and the flow of working tool.

In 14 days you can create unlimited landing pages and take them live. So that you can get to know the landing page you have maid is it really a high converting page or not?

All the features will be given in the free trial that makes your sale revenue super profitable.
So go ahead and click on the button and get free 14 days trial access.

Let’s take a look at all the Landingi discount codes a quick review 

Landingi Coupon Code Review

  • Whatever plan you subscribe to on Landingi you will get a huge discount of up to 40% on each plan.
  • It also comes with 14 days free trial to get the best experience to use premium plans. 

Landingi Discount Code

Landingi is the easy-to-use and user-friendly landing page builder that anybody can use and create a super-duper high converting landing page.

It comes with drag and drops options that make you comfortable to create any kind of web page no matter whatever your niche is.

This amazing tool is developed the year 2013 by Błażej Abel. It has well-developed features that make business fruitful.

So if you are a marketer or a business owner and want to sell your products or services globally then go ahead and adopt them into your business.

It helps you to take your product among the targeted audience who are actually your buyers with the help of a useful landing page.
So use our Landingi discount code and get up to a 40% discount on each plan.

We have come up with so many live Landing coupon codes that save money.

Landingi Pricing Plans

Landingi Core Plan 


Landingi Core Plan Best Values

subscribe landingi core plan and kickstart your business
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Laning core plan is the most reasonable plan that anybody can afford and use it. It costs $29/month annual subscription, $47/monthly subscriptions.

Here is the quick pricing

  • Monthly subscriptions $47/month
  • Annual subscriptions cost $29/month.

 Landingi Core Plan Features:

  • 160+ pre maid tamplets
  • 40+ useful tools
  • 150 landing page templates 
  • unlimited conversions
  • 1 custom domain and many more

Landingi Create Plan

This is Landingi’s second plan that comes with a lot of features for its users. 


Landingi Create Plan Best Values

subscribe landingi create plan and kickstart your online business and get $55/month annually subscriptions
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If you subscribe to a Landingi create a plan then it costs $89/month monthly subscription, $65/mo for a 6-month subscription, and $55/mo for an annual subscription.

  • Monthly subscriptions $89/month
  • A 6-month subscription costs $65/month
  • Annual subscriptions cost $55/month.
  • 14 Days free trial

So if you go with 6 month or annual plan then you can save your money using our Landingi discount code. 

So if you are a startup or a student and want to start an online business then this plan is the best and money-making plan for you. 

Now let’s take a look at the Landingi Core Features.

 Landingi Create Plan Features:

  • Get Unlimited Conversion
  • Create Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Come up with 400+ Landing page templates
  • Allow 50,000 Unique Visitors
  • Use 10 Custom Domains
  • Custom fonts and 800+ Google Fonts
  • Use 5000 free images
  • 600 free icons
  • Custom HTML
  • Background Videos and many more.

Automate Plan

Automate processes and boost conversions.


Landingi Automate Plan Best Values

subscribe landingi create plan annually and get it at just $75/month on annual subscriptions
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Landingi automate plan is also money-making and high ROI plan that offer you a lot of advanced plan that make your investment worth it. 

If you choose to automate plan the it cost $127/month on monthly options, $95/mo for 6-months options, and $79/mo for an annual subscription.

Here is the quick pricing

  • Monthly subscriptions $127/month
  • A 6-month subscription costs $95/month
  • Annual subscriptions cost $75/month.
  • 14 Days free trial

So if you ask my personal suggestion then go with an annual subscription that saves your money and gives a high return on investment.

And paying a monthly fee is not a good option in any way. 

Go ahead and click on the button and get flat up to 40% discount using our Landingi promo codes. 

Let’s have a look at the core features of landingi.

 Landingi Automate Plan Features:

  • Get Unlimited Conversion
  • Create Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Allow 100,000 Unique Visitors
  • 20 Custom Domains
  • All Create Plan Features
  • Campaign scheduler
  • A/B/x split testing and many more. 

Landingi Agency Plan

This plan is designed for agency owners and pro digital marketers or you can say those who already exist in the market to sell their products and services. 


Landingi Automate Plan Best Values

subscribe landingi Automate plan annually and get it at just $75/month on annual subscriptions
Disclaimer text…

It comes with super-advanced features that help you get exponential growth into your business. If you are stuck to sell your product and service using your old landing page that is not that appealing then do not worry here using this amazing tool you can get boost your sales revenues. 

If you subscribe to this plan then it cost 127/mo for monthly options, $95/mo for 6-months options, and $79/mo for an annual subscription.

Here is the quick pricing

  • Monthly subscriptions $127/month
  • A 6-month subscription costs $95/month
  • Annual subscriptions cost $75/month.
  • 14 Days free trial

So use our Landingi coupon code and get flat up to a 40% discount right now.

Let’s have a look at the core features of landingi.

 Landingi Automate Plan Features:

  • Unlimited Conversion
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 300,000 Unique Visitors
  • 30 Custom Domains
  • All Automate Plan Features
  • Campaign scheduler
  • A/B/x split testing

These are all the plans and pricing of Landingi page builders so go ahead and subscribe to their premium plan according to your business investment budget and run your business like a rocket. 

Features of Landingi


Your landing page design is the first impression that makes the buying intention of your customers by seeing your super cool designs. 

Let’s take a look at the design features that Lanfingi offer

Landing Page Builder

You can create a high converting landing page according to your products and services. 

Drag & Drop Editor

You can create easily a good looking landing page by just doing drag and drop. These are the best features especially for those who don’t know coding.


You can just customize up to 300+ pre-designed templates and landing pages according to your business. You can edit every template. 

Smart Sections

You can just do copy and paste some sections and do changes according to your needs.

Responsive Web Design

This is one of the best and high sales converting features that make reach out to your mobile user’s customers and empower them to buy your products. 

A allows you to make your design responsive and user-friendly. 

Free Images And Icons

You will have a lot of icons and images that are stored in their library. so you easily access them and use them. 

Pop Up Builder 

You can create popups that help you get useful information about your potential customers so that you can pith your products and services. 


You can use your own domain and take your landing page out there in the real market and get results. 

Test Domain

You can test your custom domain and publish them live. 

Publish On Your Domain

You can publish your landing page using your own custom domain there is no problem. 

WordPress Plugin

You can install any WordPress plugin into it and build a highly functional web page.


You can create your campaign and schedule them according to your preferred time. 


You can connect multiple marketing tools that will increase your conversion rate.

Email Marketing

You can integrate an email marketing tool into your landing page that will help you to make better connections to your user and as well as make more customers automatically.

You can do email marketing and generate more and more sales. 


You can connect customer relationship management software to your landing page that identifies the right users for your business. 

Social Media

Add all the social media handles of your that navigate your users to your all online presence. 

Payment Gateways

Add payment gateways that help you to accept payment globally without having any issues. 

Analytics Integrations

You can add analytics code to monitor your user’s activities so that you can present your landing page in a better way and generate better results. 


You can list your products and sell them easily. 

Payment Button

You can add a payment button to your landing page that navigates your customers into the payment page to proceed with the orders.

Shopify Integration

You can add a Shopify store to your landing page to sell your online products globally. 

Final Words: Landingi Discount Code

In this article, I have given all latest and live Landingi discount code that comes with multiple advanced features to fulfill your business requirements. Using our Landingi coupon code you can get a fruitful Landingi deal in 2021

So this is the best time to buy this amazing tool by using our Landingi promo code and boost your sales and customer base.

Landingi FAQs 

What is Landingi Coupon?

Landingi coupon codes are a money-saving opportunity for new users who want to use landing page builders and get a high return on investment by selling their products and services. 

So we have shared all the activated latest Landingi discount codes that save your money.

How to get Landingi Discount?

If you want to get benefited by our discount code the click the given button and choose an annual subscription of any plan and get up to 40% discount. 

See How much money you save choosing an annual plan

  1. Core – you save 18$ per month
  2. Create – you save 34$ a month
  3. Automate – you save 48$ a month
  4. Choose a 6-month subscription plan and save up to 25% using our discount code.

Does Landingi offer a free trial?

Yes, Landingi page builder gives you 14 days free trial to experience all the core features and knowing how they work.

So using 14 days free trial you can have the clarity to use this tool or not. 

How can I get a refund?

If you have chosen any premium plan of Landingi tool and you are not ok with their features and not getting expected results then you cancel and claim a refund and it would be seen into your dashboard automatically or you can also contact with support team. 

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, definitely you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time if you are not getting the expected results.

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