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Milesweb is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is the largest Indian based web hosting company. This comprehensive and dynamic web hosting company was launched in 2012 in India. Deepak Kori, Chetan Mahale, and Chinmay Dingore are the founders of this hosting company. They have a web hosting industry with extensive experience and knowledge and are ready for a dynamic technology revolution.

Milesweb is a web hosting company that provides and it aims to create a flexible and simple platform where it can reach a maximum extent without any limitations. Hereby its offers are different and it has types of plans and these plans include very little time in accessing the required information.

The main key characteristics of Milesweb are the ‘server’, as the speed of the server is dependent on opting the best hosting which is referred to as Milesweb.

Milesweb not only concentrates on the hosting but also dispatches the fast server speed which extends the standard rate of your website.

Being a newbie to this field, I heard from ‘AVIRAL SRIVASTAVA’ the ‘Digital Marketing Expert’ that hosting’s are the important source of any online business and its architecture is the presence of online commercial activities digitally worldwide.

In this article, I am going to explain to you about the Milesweb Black Friday Offer. Here is the unbelievable offers and discount on Milesweb Black Friday and I would strongly suggest grabbing this wonderful offer without missing the opportunity to someone else’s hands.

To avail of these wonderful hosting offers of Milesweb Black Friday 2020, please click the below link and proceed further.

Milesweb Hosting Black Friday Offer 2020

Hosting PlansDiscountCoupon

How to Activate Milesweb Hosting Black Friday Deals 2020

1.  Click here on the below available link Milesweb Hosting Black Friday sales page 2020 to activate the discount part as an account of the special deals

2 Please proceed further by selecting the hosting plan which you are Interested in for

3 Select and fill in all the mandatory, required information

4 Continue forward the payment page

5 Complete the payment and you will have an acknowledgment of the purchase and that’s where the Milesweb is with you

You’ve now made your new hosting after the payment. The best part from my point of view is to take the correct decision to choose your blog/website for the best hosting.

Now let us talk about the features of Milesweb on this special black Friday deals week

Features of Milesweb:

  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited SQL Database
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Cloud Flare CDN
  • cPanel/Plesk Control Panel
  • Anytime Money back guarantee
  • No Pre-defined restrictions on I/O, Inode
  • No cap on CPU and memory usage

Why to particularly choose Milesweb Hosting Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal 2020?

Milesweb is considered as one of the excellent and prominent hosting companies in India.

Milesweb is driven by simplifying the value of web hosting for the customers to provide them the web hosting solutions at a reasonable cost.

Milesweb comprises the most crucial aspects of setting up a website through the technology, uptime, and round the clock technical supporting system.

Milesweb hosting is better in providing the fastest speed and they support the consumers with their vast customer support teams which are very much cooperative and excellently provide solutions.

The website/blog owners must always opt for the best web hosting provider.

Let us go through each step/function in ensuring to have a thorough mindset.

99.9% Server Up-time Rate

MilesWeb gives assurance of 99.9% server up-time. This shows they are very sure about the quality of their service, which is why they stand with confidence and guarantee 99.9% of server uptime rate. During your use of their service, you rarely see server downtimes. It’s a big yes to MilesWeb from my side. If you want the best accommodation then it’s up to you.

Friendly 24/7 Customer Support

For every type of service you take, quality and responsive assistance are indeed required. MilesWeb offers different support options. You can use Live Chat, Call, and contact them via mail to take their support managers’ assistance. With most questions, the support team is very sensitive and helpful. In this way, they are closely connected to customers by providing solutions.

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

With full confidence, you can buy your Milesweb hosting plans. You will also receive a cashback guarantee for 30 days. So, if you feel that it doesn’t help you or doesn’t work for you, you can request a refund instantly and you will get it within a week. And here where the customers feel flexible on confidently move further to place an order and purchase the products and services

Blazing with Fast Website Speed

You have a little time to impress the website visitors with a focus of fewer than 2 seconds. If it takes too long to load web pages for your website, visitors will most likely dismiss your website and leave SEO with negative feedback, and marketing strategies will be unfavorable.

MilesWeb provides SSD powered hosting with many innovative features, which again will help in enhancing download time.

Cloudflare CDN and Railgun

To improve website performance, MilesWeb offers Cloudflare CDN and Railgun features. CDN is a great way to reduce bandwidth costs and provide fast loading time for high availability.

Cloudflare Railgun is a technology for web optimization that accelerates the delivery of non-cached websites. It provides additional advantages, including bandwidth reduction, data transmission, and the loading of the overall page in a short span time with excellent accuracy.

Frequent Backups

You’re working hard to create a professional website, but everyone can do the worst. If your site is down, you will hardly survive as a result of malware attacks or attempted hacking. If you have a backup copy, you can however restore the original version. MilesWeb offers a daily backup of all plans for web hosting, but this must be purchased as an add-on feature from Milesweb.

Features of Bulletproof Security

MilesWeb ensures that each hosted website is protected against malware, trojans, viruses, and hacking efforts. The MilesWeb website provides unlimited free SSL via Let’s Encrypt. Moreover, it gives you extra peace of mindfree malware scans and removal service. In case, if you need a personalized email address with your domain name, MilesWeb enhances its supports to a secured email communication through POP3/SMTP/IMAP which protects everything safely and clearly without any unwanted troubles

MilesWeb Shared Hosting

The shared hosting plans on MilesWeb are perfect for beginners with limited budget and resources. These web hosting plans offer SSD disc storage, significant monthly bandwidth, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, and cPanel certificates. People who start their first blog are eligible for shared hosting on MilesWeb. When your blog begins to grow, you can upgrade to a more premium plan or change to VPS.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

If you’re looking for Webhosting of a reseller, MilesWeb has several hosting plans for Linux and Windows. Each scheme has some standard features, including SSD disc storage, Let’s Encrypt Free SSL, white-label, cPanel, and auto-installation script.

The MilesWeb reseller’s hosting plans are few other benefits: malware scan, email services, domain reseller account, free website builder.

To minimize latency issues for your clients’ websites, you can choose the location of the data center. However, the prices may differ little from the standard prices depending on the server location.

You can buy reseller add-ons on the payment page for the reseller’s account and web-hosted site to improve performance, security, and management efficiency.

Free Website Migration

Join the hands and get your website all you want. At MilesWeb, they welcome you and help you move your website free of charge. During your website migration to their servers and their experts will always offer you full support. You will ensure that your entire information remains secure while you move your website from your old host to their servers.

Development Tools

MilesWeb supports all content and other application management systems. With the one-click Softaculous installer you can install applications on your website. You can have more than 400 applications installed. A free website building tool allows you to build your website without knowing the development of the website. Simply select and drag and drop into the template the elements.

Global Presence

MilesWeb has become one of the world’s leading providers of web hosting. MilesWeb currently has six data centers with standard amenities and professional on-site staff across four continents. To achieve faster site speed, you may select the server location closest to your target audience.

MilesWeb Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2020

MilesWeb is a global market presence web hosting company. It is one of the most renowned web hosting companies with an enormous customer base in the US, the UK, India, and Australia. MilesWeb provides the offers in such a way that a one-stop solution for your hosting needs and offers affordable services. From 27 November 2020 and up to 30 November 2020, MilesWeb Black and Cyber Monday deals will go live. Don’t miss one year’s chance to capture MilesWeb hosting plans for an exclusive 80 percent offer.

MilesWeb Black Friday Discount & Hosting Plans

MilesWeb is one of the best hosts on the market. MilesWeb is seen as a premium web hosting company that never compromises its service quality. MilesWeb is a web host that can say that even with your eyes closed, you can trust. Besides, 30 days, without any raise of questions there is a money-back guarantee by MilesWeb that is also applicable for you.

Milesweb Plans on Black Friday Sale 2020

1. Tyro

  • Host 1 Website
  • 1GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • cPanel + Softaculous Demo
  • 3 MySQL DB’s
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 1.5 CPU Core, 2GB RAM

This plan is ideal for bloggers who start their first website. It is cheap, secure, reliable, and quick enough to keep visitors to the site unaware of any delay. For your money, Tyro is a great value.

2. Swift

  • Host 1 Website
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • cPanel + Softaculous Demo
  • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts3 CPU Core, 3GB RAM

Swift is similar to Tyro, except that it is much faster with a free domain name.

For bloggers with a prosperous website with plenty of traffic, Swift has an excellent value. Swift hosting ensures that your website loads fast even if thousands of visitors are sieged every day.

3. Turbo

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • cPanel + Softaculous Demo
  • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
  • Unlimited Email Accounts4 CPU Core, 5GB RAM

Turbo is more powerful than the two first plans. You can accommodate many web sites simultaneously, with unlimited bandwidth.

It’s a great value with many moneymaking websites in its portfolio for serial niche web builders.

FAQ’s on Milesweb:

What is web hosting?

Web hosting enables an owner of the website to publish online. The person providing the technologies and services necessary for the website or for the website to view over the Internet is a web hosting provider or web host.

What is MilesWeb Hosting?

MilesWeb was founded in 2012 as a hosting company. They aren’t so old, but in the hosting industry, they have already become a family name. They host thousands of successful bloggers and their service quality is increasing fast providing best service in the hosting industry

Why should we host with MilesWeb Hosting?

They’re a superior customer service, high-quality host. They are very affordable, especially when you buy their hosting for an extra cost at their exclusive 2020 Black Friday sale.

Do we get a Free Domain Name With MilesWeb Hosting?

With their Swift and Turbo hosting plans, you get a free domain name. Tyro does not come with a free domain name, their fundamental/basic plan.

Does MilesWeb Protect my Site From Hackers and Viruses?

Yes, they are going to do so. Your site gets a daily free antivirus scan, and you will automatically fix it if they find anything. You must not lift a finger, therefore, it is secured one and helps in all aspects of the hosting platform.

Which MilesWeb Hosting Plan Should I Pick?

If you do not have a big budget and don’t already have one ton of visitors, then either Tyro, Swift, and Turbo start with one of their common hosting plans. Their shared accommodation is a great price for your money. Especially when you think that this Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be paid at such a cheap price.

What is the difference between domain and hosting?

You will need both domain and web hosting to start your website online. A domain helps your audience find an address on your website, and web hosting is the site where all your websites’ content resides.

Is there any technical assistance provided?

Our technical support team can answer any hosting questions or solve any technical problems that arise within 24/7/365 days.

The Conclusion

In terms of support, service, uptime, and reliability, MilesWeb is an industry leader. So, you can always switch to the unlimited web hosting of MilesWeb if you want more resources for your website. If you have a small budget and don’t want to invest a lot of money then take the deal as quickly as possible. This sale is for a very short time. During the 2020 Black Friday and Cyber, Monday sale is the time to buy and take advantage of this limited-time massive discount and get MilesWeb hosting now!

For many years, Milesweb hosting has also been a reliable web hosting company. It has an excellent Internet reputation. Based on the needs of customers they have a wide range of plans available.

If you think about the overall result of your site, then you should review your hosting Milesweb. Compared to other firms, the price is a little more. However, the quality of the services offered by Milesweb is also a top priority and If the webmaster purchases a host, he always looks at some parameters. First of all, he seeks the reputation of the company, its web hosting price, key features, and client support. So all the other restrictions are excellent at Milesweb apart from the Milesweb price and e-mails.

Hence it is better to avail the Black Friday sale 2020 have a safe and secured website hosting with Milesweb.

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