[11+] Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs – Increase Your Earning

Best Pay per Click Affiliate Programs

Advertisers spend billions of dollars every year on Google AdWords, social networking platforms like Facebook, etc.

Do you know why they’re spending a lot of money? We all want traffic to their blogs, landing pages, goods that produce high-quality leads, and increasing their revenue.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, an advertising model where advertisers pay publishers fees if one of their advertisements is clicked. (i.e., bloggers, affiliate marketers who show their ads on their websites).

This is how PPC advertising works in general. Now, without much ado, let’s consider some of the commonly used and top Pay Per Click partner services that you will use in 2020.

PPC affiliate services are incredibly beneficial for websites such as bloggers to make more money by advertising their advertisements.

Top Pay per click affiliate services to use in 2020 to gain more as a publisher & partner, where you’ll find some of the best PPC affiliate programs.

How to make money using Pay Per Click affiliate programs through Ads:-

Connecting with an advertiser and hosting their advertisements is the most direct way to make money. Yet, there are many ways that PPC can be used to make money.

You may access the PPC network. They’re linking you to a variety of different advertisers offering different items. PPC networks follow the “done for you” model and automatically track conversions and commissions.

Some companies sell PPC spy products that allow webmasters to learn about their PPC competition strategies. They’re selling well, and promoting them attracts excellent commissions.

What is Pay Per Click?

That’s a reasonable problem, to begin with. PPC, which is referred to as Pay per click, is a kind of online advertising where the advertiser charges the publisher (such as the owner of the website) every time a potential customer clicks on their ad.

Usually, PPC affiliate marketing is done widely by several marketplaces, such as Taboola, Adsterra, AdSense, and so on. The advertiser pays you a commission to place their ads on your site (you’ll get paid when your website visitor clicks on their ads). It’s called Pay Per Click Advertising.

What are the most common mistakes that most affiliates make with Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs?

Not all traffic sources are the same. If you’re trying to monetize your site using the PPC affiliate programs listed here, try to get as much traffic as possible from search engines like Google.

Don’t concentrate on getting traffic from social media or forums (unless you push distinguished visitors who are genuinely interested in clicking on the PPC ads put on your site). Just make sure to concentrate on using 1 or 2 PPC services instead of displaying too many advertisements on your website.

What’s the easiest way to monetize your Pay Per Click Advertising website?

While there are many ways you can gain more from PPC ads, the # 1 tip is to attract the most critical traffic to your pages. Your CPC and PPC are highly dependent as publishers on how valuable traffic your site receives. Only then will you be able to easily attract relevant advertisers to add their advertisements on your web.

Relevance is what matters when it comes to growing the Pay Per Click earnings. By concentrating on the right keywords, you will carry significant traffic to your websites. So do the correct keyword work to push more critical traffic that eventually increases your PPC earnings.

What are the typical rates of Pay per click?

The amount of money you earn from Pay Per Click affiliate programs depends solely on your website traffic and the sector in which you work. Whether you’re in the health, real estate, or credit card market, the PPC will be massive. That means you can make a lot of money if you’re in these competitive industries.

Whereas, eCommerce websites will usually have a slightly lower CTR while services focused on one sector will have a somewhat higher CTR. WordStream has conducted an interesting survey that shows average benchmarks for different industries.

How much does AdSense Pay per click?

Google AdSense is undoubtedly one of the most common ad networks used by millions of people worldwide to view their ads. When a visitor from your website clicks on your AdSense ads, Google charges you 68% of the advertiser charges.

So how much does AdSense pay for each click? Sixty-eight percent of it. It also depends on a variety of factors, such as your market, the competitiveness of your keywords, CPC, traffic sources on your website, demographics, etc.

Below are 9 Best Pay Per Click services/programs which enable the growth of business digitally.

1. Media.net

If you want to access the most popular Yahoo! Bing Network Context Advertising service, Media.net is for you where you can access their network for free. Once you obtain a unique referral ID, you can promote it through your website, blog, or social media presence and start making money if anyone uses your referral connection.

Media.net links you to the network and allows you to make a difference by putting interactive, viewing, and native advertisements on your website, irrespective of the location.

2. Revenue Hits

When you want to receive both CPC and CPA, you should join Revenue Hits. It is a reasonably young network, but its self-service model has made it possible to access more than 20,000 publishers quickly.

You get access to several ad formats, including shadowboxes, notifiers, and sliders, all of which give you high commissions.

After you have signed up with their referral service, you will get a connection to your unique ID that you can post on your website or anywhere else on the web to start sending publishers to try their referral system. With every positive sign-up, you’ll receive 10% of their sales.

How do you want to use Revenue Hits?

The main reason to find RevenueHit is to give you access to over 5,000 advertisers in different industries, including Dating, Web, Shopping, Coupons, Travel, Tv, Gaming, Technology, and Lead Generation.

Best Benefits Of Using This RevenueHits Pay Per Click Affiliate Program:

Few reasons to use this Pay Per Click affiliate system for RevenueHits:

  1. It offers a wide variety of adjustable pricing models: CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPM.
  2. About 5000 media pools to choose from.
  3. Industry-leading rewards.
  4. Free to sign-up and instant setup.
  5. Skimlinks.

The # 1 reason to support the Skimlinks referral service is that they give you a massive sum of money that gives you 35 percent of what they make a year for each publisher you refer to.

Skimlinks connects you to more than 48,000 stores worldwide, making it one of the world’s biggest affiliate marketing PPC networks. You can pick the merchants and check the advertisements that appear on your pages.

Skimlinks provides a lot of advertising materials such as disclosure badges, text, and personalized banner ads to help their referral program and make money as an affiliate.

Why do you need to use Skimlinks?

When you are a member of Skimlinks, you will also have access to their referral scheme where you can support Skimlinks, and you can receive up to 35 percent of what Skimlinks earns for each publisher you refer to for a year.

Main Features of Use of Skimlinks As Pay Per Click Affiliate Program:

Significant reasons for using the Skimlinks Pay Per Click affiliate program.

With an affiliate, you get 75% of the sales split from the Skimlinks network.

When you are a WordPress user, you will also have access to their plugin, which lets you connect seamlessly with the Skimlinks on your website.

The ability to convert app product references to affiliate links automatically.

Skimlinks provides direct deposit or PayPal payments to publishers of US or UK bank accounts. If you are located outside the United States or the United Kingdom, PayPal payment is offered only. The minimum charge is $10, and they run on a Net-90 basis.

4. Infolinks

Infolinks’ top-notch cross-platform advertising infrastructure makes it one of the most influential PPC affiliate networks in the industry. Unique ad units allow you to monetize any unused space on your website, and since the ads are native, the experience of the visitor is not affected. Payouts are high, but because each advertiser sets its CPM, there is no way to predict future earnings.

How To Make Money Using Infolinks As An Affiliate?

Do you know that using the Infolinks referral service, can you send new publishers to Infolinks and receive 10% of their revenue for 12 months? Sure, by entering their referral network, you can do so. Besides, you will also have access to a wide variety of banners that you can use to advertise their referral service and make money as their affiliate.

Why do you want to use Infolinks?

Infolinks will provide you with a wide variety of ad format units to monetize your website traffic, and here are some of the ad formats that Infolinks will provide you with;

  • InFold
  • screen
  • InText
  • article
  • InFrame
  • InTag

Infolinks have a minimum payout level of $50 and have several payment options such as PayPal, eCheck, or Payoneer. You need to make at least $50 or more to get your Pay on PayPal.

Some of the advantages of using this Info link Pay per click Affiliate Program:

This is why you should use the Infolinks Pay Per Click affiliate program.

Use the smart ad unit targeting system to display highly relevant ads on your website.

The vast pool of thousands of advertisers.

Infolinks gives you access to several ad formats to monetize your website.

Digital ads are now available to monetize your internet traffic.

5. Adblade

While Adblade is a self-serve native ad network, it provides one of the highest-paying PPC affiliate programs.

Both publishers can use Adblade’s patented News Bullets ad network, which can generate up to three times better revenue.

How To Make Money Using Adblade As Pay Per Click Affiliate?

Suppose you want to support a PPC affiliate network with excellent tracking and reporting that includes everything from real-time reporting to providing information about the number of impressions received, click-through rate, cost-per-action, cost-per-click and so on. In that case, you should choose Adblade to help you increase revenue by attracting top advertisers around the world.

Adblade will not give you a bill if the amount owed to you is less than $100, and the law will only be made via PayPal.

Why Should You Use Adblade?

Adblade reports that content design-driven ads earn three times more clicks than regular display ads, so if you’re trying to get paid more for every click that your visitors create from your website advertising, try the Adblade network.

The Major Reasons To Use Adblade Pay Per Click Affiliate Program:

Why would you choose that Pay Per Click affiliate system?

Widely used (more than 300,000 sites use Adblade to monetize their traffic)

Wide Pool of Advertisers

Offers you excellent show ad specifications, like standard IAB units, along with Adblade ‘s patented news bulletins (a premium product that offers 3x better performance)

Gives you access to real-time reports (and you can easily find the number of printouts, click-through rate, cost-per-action, cost-per-click, and so on)

6. Outbrain

If your website receives more than 10 million page views per month, Outbrain is the ideal ad network to join. Unlike other companies on the list, Outbrain does not sell goods. This helps marketers access consumers more comfortable. Publishers need to add smart feeds and videos to the website to generate revenue.

How To Use Outbrain To Make Money As An Affiliate?

Outbrain Engage is one of the premium Pay Per Click services that can potentially be used as a network that lets you promote supported content through your blogs or website to make more money.

Below are some of how you can use Outbrain to make money as an affiliate.

Supported ads (where you can direct traffic to the products you pay for)

Audience exchange

Lookalike audiences

Traffic shaping

Native engage server

Your earnings depend on how much traffic your website gets and how many people click on the sponsored content you’re presenting on your blog. It’s just as simple as that.

Why Should You Use Outbrain?

The # 1 reason to use Outbrain is that it provides you with native advertising where you can view your ads in the following ways;

“In-Feed” posts (ads that appear in your social media stream on your Facebook or Twitter page)

Search & Promote listings (ads that appear at the top of your Google list or in the content recommendation on the sidebar)

Recommended articles (ads that appear below the item you have just read)

You can also view video suggestions if you have content based on data.

Do you know that 70 % of consumers prefer to see a product through articles rather than ads? It is where Outbrain works like a charm.

Key Benefits Of Using Outbrain Pay Per Click Affiliate Program:

Some justification for considering the Outbrain Pay Per Click affiliate plan.

Offers native advertising options for displaying non-disruptive Pay Per Click ads Outbrain is the industry’s leading marketing channel used by millions worldwide. Provides links to article-based advertising, mobile-optimized advertising, or video content, you can monetize your website in several ways, such as pop-up advertising, in-stream advertising, interstitial ads, and blogs, etc. Below are some fascinating facts about Outbrain that you should think about. About 275 BILLION consumer recommendations for more than 500 million people worldwide every month.70 percent Outbrain traffic is derived from organic suggestions.

7. Taboola

Taboola supports sites that show at least a million page views per month. The network advertises on some of the biggest brands like The NY Times and Business Insider, and because their feed looks natural, driving clicks are super comfortable.

The dashboard offers actionable data insights and allows A / B to check content feeds for full CTRs.

How To Use Taboola To Make Money As An Affiliate?

Taboola Publisher Network allows you to make money as an affiliate by helping you promote it across all online platforms, including apps and newsletters, websites, and so on.

You may use the Taboola network of publishers to make money in the following ways;

Through sponsored content

Through sponsored videos

Why do you need to use Taboola?

The # 1 reason for using Taboola over other Pay Per Click affiliate programs is that it offers a wide range of ad units and video ad monetization, where you can easily monetize your video content.

Taboola offers you a unique feature known as User Visit Value that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your promotions by tagging URLs with UTM codes so that you can drive more traffic to your websites and boost your total earnings quickly.

The key reasons for considering Taboola Pay Per Click Affiliate Program:

Provides access to profoundly insightful, actionable data insights, A / B testing, and alerts to help you quickly increase your earnings.

This allows you to share audiences where you can effectively drive high-quality traffic to your website by sharing traffic with partners and third-party websites.

You can also monetize your video content where you can conveniently add your video player to include PPC advertising and Taboola app analytics.

8. MintClicks

If you’re looking to automate the distribution of your Pay Per Click ad, MintClick is the best PPC affiliate network for you.

The network allows all pages irrespective of traffic, but they also have certain limits on content that you should be searching for.

The network will automatically detect keywords in your content and deliver ads based on relevance.

Why do you use MintClicks to make money as an affiliate?

Unlike most of the other PPC affiliate networks listed in this list, MintClicks allows you to earn money for any click you make.

Yeah, most of the sites listed here either pay you for every successful sign-up or any percentage of their earnings, but with MintClicks Publisher Account, you can make money from web traffic for any click you get on your website.

Upon signing up with their affiliate program, you will get a unique referral ID that you can use to display banner ads or text ads to monetize your website traffic and pay for every click that you generate. It’s just as simple as this.

Why do you want to use MintClicks?

Here are some of the ways you can make money by using MintClicks ads.   

Create Text ads

Create Banner ads

Supports Interstitial ads

Supports POP ads

You can also easily customize your ad codes’ theme to suit your website design and prototype to monetize your website traffic very quickly.

Significant Reasons and Benefits MintClicks Pay per click Affiliate Program:

Setup of an instant publisher account. All you need to do is fill out their online registration form, and you’re good to go.

Supports various types of PPC ads that include POP, Interstitial, Text Ads and Banner Ads (which can be tailored to match the nature of your website)

It uses automatic keyword detection and matching ad delivery to provide you with highly relevant PPC ads to increase your overall clicks and earnings.

You’ll get the payouts in any three ways: Paypal, check, and bank, so you can choose whatever payment method you like.

9. Bidvertiser

When you have a newer website and are trying to monetize the traffic you get on it, you should sign up for the Bidvertiser affiliate program.

The low payout level makes it suitable for beginners, but because the profit potential is limited, it is not acceptable for high-volume websites.

The different ad forms supplied combined with the low compensation threshold make it the best CPC affiliate system for beginners.

How To Make Money Using Bidvertiser As An Affiliate?

You can monetize everything from websites and toolbars, plugins to mobile devices, searches, and domains. Unlike the other Pay Per Click affiliate programs listed in this list, Bidvertiser has a shallow minimum payout cap. If your site makes $10, you can withdraw your money from several options, such as PayPal, Payza, wire, and verify.

It also offers a ton of ad formats, including banner displays, pop-ups, sliders, smartlinks, XML and programmatic, etc., to encourage your referral program to earn more money as an affiliate.

How do you want to use Bidvertiser?

Bidvertiser has been in the direct advertising business for over ten years and has access to thousands of advertisers worldwide.

Bidvertiser promises 100% maximum coverage of desktops and mobile devices worldwide with real-time optimization models. It also provides an instant account setup where you can instantly start monetizing with Bidvertiser advertising on your website within a few minutes.

Characteristics Of Using This Bidvertiser Pay Per Click Affiliate Program:

This is why you can use the Bidvertiser Pay Per Click affiliate system.

Min threshold of just $10 (so you get paid even though you receive more than $10)

Variety of payment options, including PayPal, Payza, wire and check options

Wide variety of ad formats to choose from, including banners, pop-ups, sliders, direct links, XML. JSONP, programmatic, etc.

Free Instant Setup

It gives you access to entirely safe ads to monetize any level of traffic on the website.

Conclusion: Tips to Make More Money with Pay Per Click

The advertisers you attach to and the advertisements you show will depend on the niche you’re in. Finding a hot niche will help ensure that your website uses the full amount of clicks.

You have to bear in mind that different niches have different payouts, so you have to set your earning goals accordingly.

The position also makes a big difference to the earnings. A niche’s prominence is moving from region to region, which is something to watch for.

You have the potential to attract the right audience when you launch a website/blog. Search for a firm buying intention in your audience. High-intent viewers click more and make more money for you.

Make sure you’re doing your niche work. A low-competition niche that drives a lot of traffic is what you need to search for. You can use free tools such as Google Keyword Planner to learn more about your chosen niche before launching a website/blog.

But, once you set up your website, make sure you monitor your advertisements. Don’t add too many ads, either. You risk losing reputation, and the site is going to feel invasive.

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