Must Use Plugins for WordPress Blogs

must use plugins for wordpress blog

Are you searching for the best plugins for WordPress 2020 blog?

If YES, keep reading this article to get the top 20 most popular WordPress plugins.

I can promise you after installing these coolest WordPress plugins you will be able to boost your audience 3X times.

You must use plugins for WordPress blogs to boost user engagement.

1. Everest Forms

Everest form is a plugin best plugins for your blog that helps the users of WordPress to work in a personal manner. 

For instance- while reading blogs, readers develop some queries in their mind that need to be resolved. Therefore, the job of Everest forms is to create contact forms too quickly, and this is the best WordPress plugins for blogs.

However, it can develop any type of form. Moreover, its drag and drop fields make the process of creating forms so simple that even beginners can enjoy its effectiveness. Furthermore, it has the feature of multiple column forms, templates, and design layouts. Everest form must use Plugins for WordPress Blogs.


  • Users can create unlimited forms.
  • It has the drag and drops fields option.
  • It contains shortcodes to add posts, pages, sidebars.
  • It contains the option of blocking spams through ReCaptcha.
  • It also has impressive premium features like- image and file upload, advanced style customizer, PDF form submission option allowing connecting forms through PayPal, stripe, and geolocation for safety. 

2. Yoast SEO

Every blogger must use Plugins for WordPress blogs. Yoast SEO plugin helps in optimizing the content on search engines. 

Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin, as it helps in increasing the SEO optimization. 

Notably, this Plugin helps improve the Flesch Reading Ease score, which helps increase the reader’s numbers. 


  • Allows the content to get identified through specific keywords.
  • It helps in making the work unique by removing all duplicates by checking the URLs.
  • It makes the blogs 100% readable that encourages readers to stick to the content.

3. Easy Social Sharing

Easy Social Sharing plugin is the best WordPress plugin for blogs 2020. Creating content is not just enough. 

For instance- promoting the business, information about the products or services must reach the customers. 

Therefore, the primary purpose of Easy Social Sharing is to share the content of the websites up to 18 different social media. Hence, this Plugin makes easy the most hectic work of sharing the content. 


  • Flexible and responsive design.
  • Seven designs and 4 Icons layouts.
  • Easy to understand Dashboard settings.
  • Sidebar layout option.

4. Akismet Anti- Spam Plugin

It is the must use Plugins for WordPress blogs, Akismet Plugin helps in making the website secure from spams as the spams will corrupt the website. 

Therefore, the Akismet Plugin filters the comments and contacts that help the website be free from spam and save it from losing its visibility.


  • Filters the comments by removing spam-like comments.
  • Akismet maintains the history of each comment that helps the users to identify the spam.
  • Instead of showing misleading comments, it just displays the URLs.
  • It has a feature of restore.
  • Increases productivity of the websites. 

5. Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack plugin is the must use Plugins for WordPress blogs as it helps in managing the blog websites effectively and efficiently. 

Notably, it maintains the transparency of who visited the website and helped increase the number of visitors.

Moreover, Jetpack is the best WordPress plugin for blogs because it also removes and scans spam and malware, respectively. 

Therefore, also it helps in protecting the website through unwanted threads. Thus, it maintains the security purpose as well.


  • It provides unlimited backup storage.
  • It provides the facility of automatic scanning.
  • It can manage multiple websites through one dashboard.
  • It provides customization, powerful tools for design.

6. Thirsty Affiliates Plugins

Thirsty Affiliates is Plugins cloaks the websites – however, the best method of monetizing the content via affiliate links. 

Thirsty Affiliate plugin systematically cloaks the links and applies them on the blogs. Moreover, users can categorize the links for more clarity and suitability. 

Furthermore, it will get easy to manage the website. It is the coolest WordPress plugin ever seen in the market.


  • Efficient Plugin as it saves time.
  • The Plugin divides the affiliate links into categories in a systematic manner.
  • It has numerous redirect options.
  • One can add images to affiliate links.
  • It provides statistics and reports of affiliate links. 

7. User Registration Plugin

This is the best WordPress plugin for blogs 2020 to increase the interaction between bloggers and website visitors, and people include registration and login options. 

However, logged in, visitors can use the website with more flexibility to react to the content by posting comments and suggestions. 

Its drag and drop fields keep the process accessible. Moreover, the Plugin can create any kind of registration form. 

This must-have WordPress plugins for eCommerce to engage your customer and to provide more value.

Other than registration, the Plugin also provides a facility for updating and editing the user’s profiles. 

One can change password, logout the account with the help of the User Registration plugin’s features. This theme comes at the top in WordPress plugin list of security.


  • Systematic and removes confusion of registration forms.
  • It provides a facility for drag and drop fields.
  • It provides the facility of Google ReCaptcha.
  • It has the feature of admin approval for registration. 

8. wpDiscuz

The “Comment” section is one of the essential features of digital interaction. WordPress has a mindblowing plugin for managing the comments on blogs, i.e., wpDiscuz

It contains various features like- it includes the disabled and enables options. 

Furthermore, it has the feature of sorting the old vs new comment and the most voted comments.


  • Three layouts of comments.
  • It provides the rating facility.
  • Keeps the identity anonymous of commentators that helps them to keep the point freely.
  • The Plugin has a clear and systematic design.
  • It contains an option of security that saves the website from spammers. 

9. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus comes under must use Plugins for WordPress blogs. However, there is much malware that corrupts your website even if you have other security plugins. 

To solve these problems, UpdraftPlus is the perfect Plugin to backup the contents in the cloud databases, for example- Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, iCloud, etc. 

One can restore the content by just a single click. Furthermore, it has scheduled automatic backup options.


  • It provides the facility of automatic backups.
  • It provides the facility of faster processing in fewer server resources.
  • Provides facility of enabling backup on multiple cloud services
  • Provides the facility of migrating websites.

10. NextGen Gallery Plugin

NextGen Gallery Plugin is considered as the best Plugin for WordPress 2020 blog. Every year it receives almost 1.5 million new users who download this Plugin. 

However, it is mostly in demand for photographers, artists, and professions related to images.

NextGen Gallery plugins for bloggers is a complete package in itself. It provides a facility for creating thumbnails, upload photos, creates albums, and much more. 

The two most famous types of galleries this Plugin offers is slideshow and thumbnail galleries.


  • Provides the facility by compacting and listing albums.
  • It provides the facility of creating Thumbnails.
  • It provides the facility of uploading photos.
  • Provides the facility of importing Metadata.
  • Provides facility of using Insert Gallery window.

11. Smush Plugin

You must use Plugins for WordPress blogs that help to compress the image without dis-balancing its quality. 

However, the slow website will put the wrong impression on the users of the website. Smush Plugin helps in loading the websites with faster speeds.


  • It compresses the image, saves space without reducing the quality of the image.
  • It provides the facility of increasing and decreasing the height and width of the image.
  • It can compress 50 images at the moment.
  • It detects the inappropriate size images and compresses to increase the speed of sites.
  • One can view the compressed images in image blocks.

12. WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache Plugin will help in reducing the dynamic WordPress blog’s size. The Plugin creates HTML files to serve despite the more massive files. 

Moreover, it reduces the delay in loading the blogs.

The Plugin delivers the cached files as an expert- using Apache mod_rewrite, Simple- by PHP mode, and WP-Cache Caching. 

These are the best WordPress plugins for blogs 2020 to increase speed. One can prefer simple mode if editing PHP files seems difficult to the users.


  • Reduces the load of websites by satisfying users.
  • It provides the cache pages facilities for unknown users.
  • The Plugin removes unwanted cache files.
  • Easy to use even for new users.

13. WooCommerce Plugin

The primary purpose of blogging is to sell the products and services to customers through digital platforms. 

You must use Plugins for WordPress blogs for e-commerce. WooCommerce is one of the best plugins for e-commerce

It has the function to create the themed based storefronts related to the industry. 

Moreover, it has a convenient payment to receive facilities via cards, cash, or bank transfers.


  • It provides easy modes to set up an online business.
  • Have a facility of trustworthy smooth payment transactions.
  • Allow all modes of payments via cash, cards, or through digital apps.
  • The process is based on digital deals.
  • Transparency and proper documentation from the sides to avoid conflicts.

14. Mailchimp Plugin

Mailchimp WordPress Plugin helps in gaining the customer via connecting visitors by making them subscribe to your newsletters. 

Email plays a significant role in spreading digital marketing. The Plugin helps to maintain the connectivity by subscribers by sending emails and tracking the results. 

This Plugin helps in increasing subscribers. I recommend you to use this Plugin to make your blog better.


  • It is free for up to 2000 subscribers.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has the feature of translating the newsletter in any language.
  • It provides multiple extensions.
  • It is a well-documented plugin which helps a lot in promoting business.

15. Ajax Search Lite Plugin

You must use Plugins for WordPress blogs to search the topics via keywords. However, this Plugin is even more advanced than the default searching bar. 

It has regular updates and has easy and smooth animations that can be performed even on mobile. 

It helps in increasing the chances to get highlighted on search engines by using the most searched keywords.


  • It provides the facility of getting searched in posts and pages.
  • It provides the facility of checkbox filters.
  • It provides the facility of searching images in searching results.
  • It provides the facility with a shortcode.
  • It provides the facility of templates and colour adjustments.

16. Newsletter Plugin

The newsletter plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for the promotion of blogs. Additionally, the user can create a list of emails and can make proper connectivity by sending emails. Its drag and drop option quickly provides the effectiveness of time-saving quality at work.


  • The efficient option of dragging and dropping in the Newsletter plugin.
  • It provides the facility of making unlimited subscribers.
  • It provides the facility of sending unlimited newsletters.
  • Provides facility of securing from spam.
  • It provides the facility for translating the messages. 

17. Elementor Plugin

Elementor is the best WordPress plugin for design, and one can create a professional website. 

Elementor Plugin is the best page builder plugin with multiple designs. Moreover, it has a toolset that helps in creating engaging websites. 

Furthermore, this Plugin is open-source. Additionally, it has a drag and drops editing option, professional designs.


  • It provides a facility of quick working by dragging and dropping option.
  • It provides professional touch even to beginners.
  • It provides multiple designing options.
  • It provides the facility of making changes through visiting history.
  • It provides the facility of editing according to circumstances. 

18. CSS Hero Plugin

CSS Hero Plugin makes it possible to customize the WordPress site without the knowledge of CSS or HTML. 

This is the most popular WordPress plugin; multiple users are not familiar with coding languages; they can’t use the web developing knowledge to improve their sites. 

Thus CSS Hero plugin allows creating creative changes to the themes of websites.


  • It provides the facility of changing the font size.
  • It provides the facility of managing functions.
  • It provides the facility of editing.
  • It provides the facility of performing all technical functions through the CSS Hero Plugin.

19. Co-Author Plus Plugin

Generally, blogging websites have multiple authors. Hence, the co-authors Plus Plugin is the best WordPress plugins for blogs that provide an easy way of illustrating the authors’ names to respective blogs or pages. 

Moreover, the users don’t have to create accounts on WordPress of authors for mentioning their names. 

Co-Authors Plus Plugin has made it possible to add writers without the WordPress account. One has to only create a guest author profile on the dashboard.


  • It provides the facility of adding multiple authors.
  • It provides the facility of systematically mentioning the co-authors’ list.
  • It provides the facility of creating guest accounts for the writers.
  • It provides the facility of tags to co-authors.
  • It provides a disabling function for removing the name of any co-author. 

20. Popup Maker Plugin

Popup maker plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin that provides a wonderful facility for creating popup windows for websites. 

Mainly, the popup is the best way to grasp the attention of the readers. Also, it allows adding content in bulk in systematic form. 

Pop-up techniques can highlight the sections of images, videos, links, or anything that is important and should be noticed by websites’ visitors.

You must use Plugins for WordPress blogs in order to reach more people.


  • It provides the facility of highlighting important content.
  • It provides the facility of fonts and other visual properties.
  • It provides multiple themes.
  • It provides the facility of animation effects.

Final Words - Must Use Plugins for WordPress blog

Technology always tries to make the jobs easy. Similarly, these must use Plugins for WordPress blogs helps to create the blogs most professionally. 

Even though users don’t have technical knowledge regarding HTML or Coding, therefore, these best WordPress plugins for blogs 2020 give a professional touch to WordPress blogs and allow them to reach to the vast readers. 

In conclusion, you must use Plugins for WordPress blogs to increase users engagement. 

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