15+ Awesome Productivity Tips for Bloggers

Productivity Tips for blogers

Do you want to become a creative and productive blogger?

Are you struggling to be productive? well! keep the things simple and you can easily be productive than ever before.

you have to take care of your productivity to get most out of what you do.

Being a productive and creative blogger is not easy. yet I manage my time effectively and that is the reason why I thought of giving some tips to increase your productivity in this article.

Consistency is one of the biggest challenges for every blogger.

Being a blogger myself I want to teach “Productivity Tips for Bloggers” to the newbie bloggers so that they don’t waste years of time to be productive like I did.

Don’t over complicate things. keep it simple.

Don’t create complicated situations for you.

Sometimes a blogger’s routine can be quite boring.  Working all day in front of a laptop.

initially, I also faced so many such problems. But after a lot of experience, I gained a lot of knowledge and hence came to know some great productivity hacks and habits.

maintaining my productivity at the highest level is not a tough job for me now and i will make it easier for you too by the end of this article.

let me tell you the routineof a blogger.

The routine of a Blogger:-

  • Always be updated to learn new things.
  • Staying active in social media.
  •  updating old articles.
  •  writing new articles.
  • Promotion of blog
  • Keep in touch with the same community
  • Test and review products

And many more.

It’s an awesome experience to learn something and apply it and then share with your audience and then make money out of it.

As a blogger, It was a very harsh journey for me to be a disciplined blogger to Be consistentand mainatain persistence.

Sometimes I wasted my whole day just scrolling on social media to find new topics for the blog.

Eventually I have learned some tricks to become faster and more productive.

This article of productivity tips for bloggers is very helpful for every blogger to be productive and make most out of blogging. so lets get started.

Productivity Tips for Bloggers

1.Set priorities

Whether a person works in any field, it is very important to choose his priorities.

 By doing this, your work becomes easier.

Schedule your every hour, every day, every month, and have a clear idea on which day you are going to write a post. 

plan one month of content at once. write all the topics in your notebook which you want to be published in your blog.

Start your day with the most important task and once you finish the main task of the day, move on to others.

Most important Tip:-  Have a dairy with you and then note down what has to be done on the next day, before one night itself.

2.Time management

Are you struggling to manage your time effectively?

If yes then it is the time to improve these habits.

Utilise your time smartly is Valuing your Time. you have to allocate certain time for doing a task. you can also use apps like toggl, these can help you in increasing your productivity.

as already tols always prioritize your work and then dedicate certain amount of time to each task specifically.

 use your time wisely. go for extra circular activities or for little entertainment only after you are finished with your certain task.

 3. Avoid multitasking

Sometimes you might have found that you are a  multitasker as you are not able to say no to anyone.

It’s ok to say no to anyone. Don’t be afraid to say no or dont hesitate to do so.

Always be aware of how much time you spend on other things which are not necessary for you.

Doing a lot of work at the same time diverts our focus. 

it is always advised to focus on one task at a time. Because multitasking not only reduces your focus but also reduces your productivity.

 so, always finish one task first and then move on to others.

4.Use Timer

Make sure to use a timer to keep a track of your hours, that will help you to maintain your word quality and quantity.

Also focus on quality and not on quantity. use very good apps like toggl, to track time of what you do and then look at how much time you took to finish a certain task and then if there is any possibility to do the same work in less time, try to implement that.

This is a very important productivity hack that helped me alot.

4.Set Goals

Make things easy, Keep it simple. Do not make it difficult and clumsy.

Before writing an article create a blueprint of it. You can call it a ” mind map” in which you need to add some main points, some highlights of the topic that you want to write.

Otherwise, you may be distracted by your post idea. This mind map will help you to write your article in ana organised way and you will not miss any important points as you have already mapped them.

5.  Turn of all Distractions

While working you need to be very forced.

Mobile plays an important role in disturbing you.

In 4 years of my blogging journey, I have faced many problems. so, i know how to handle these kind of distractions.

Create a distraction-free environment youself.

Here I follow some simple tricks to be focused in any kind of work.

  • While writing I turn off most of the notification of my mobile.
  • Keep my phone away.
  • Off the notification of my social media.

It helps me a lot while working on my blog.

You can use some applications to clear out all the distractions that your mobile phone causes. You can use an app like SelfControl.

6. Take a break

It is necessary to boost your energy. nobody can work continuously and still be productive. human brain requires sufficinet amount of breaks in between any work that they do.

You really need to take a break in every 45 min. and make sure you take 10 minutes of break in every 45 minutes. also remember not to take a break for more than 10 minutes. if you do so, again your productivity gets hampered.

7.Plan  Everything

You have to plan everything. 

Many bloggers commit this mistake of multi-tasking then think they are saving time but in actual they waste their time a lot.

In research, it has been declared that the students who are multi-tasker can easily get distracted.

so inorder to escape from this, you plan everything before itself and then execute it.

8. learn from the experts

our best teacher is our mistakes.

So learn from your every single mistake that you have made in every post and then recreate it in different angles.

But for everyone, it’s not possible.

Maybe you haven’t much time to follow this rule.

In this particular situation, you can read other personal blogs who already made mistakes and then try not to do such mistakes that they have done. this is the smartest way to avoid mistakes in one go.

9.  Use Google Analytics

To Track your website progress, you can use Google Analytics.

With the help of Google analytics, you can understand the response of the audience to your every single post.

By Google Analytics  You can know that which keyword of your post is booming, and how many visitors are visiting your site daily?

10. Spend limited time in Social Media

Many bloggers use social media to promote their articles, But many times Bloggers get used to it unknowingly. 

Social media is such a great deal to share photos, videos. You can easily make connections and communicate with groups and you can keep in touch with your favourite people.

There was a time when I spent a lot of my time on social media just by scrolling. I am pretty sure it happens with many bloggers.

But I was not aware of how much time is I was spending on social media.

So it is very important to use your time Smartly.

Here are some tips to spend limited time in social media

  1. Create morning rules like no Social media before 11 am.
  2. Set a goal for your social media usage depending on your work.
  3. Set a daily limit using apps.
  4. Remove frequently used apps from the home screen.
  5. Off the autoplay mode from youtube
  6. Use some apps to cut out the distractions

This app,

tracks how much time you are spending on social media.

  • Stay on task

Checks that you are doing your work or not and are not scrolling.

  • AppDetox

This app works as a reminder whenever you break your own rules. It also reminds to take a break.

  • Space

With the help of this apps, you can easily find your most used apps and block them.

Spend as little time as possible on social media.

11. Be Realistic

Nothing is perfect in the world, if you are looking for a perfect post then that day never comes.

You have to practice daily and learn every day

 Try to learn new things every day.

Perfection is a myth. Don’t think about perfection, just take a step and start writing.

always take imperfect action and trust me this leads to perfection.

12. Find out Your work Type.

You have to identify the way you work.

 Can You work in peace or in noise?

 Do you want people around you when you work or do you like to sit alone and work in a quiet environment?

Do you want background music or want a peaceful breeze.

Every human being works in different ways.

Find out what is your work type and then set things accordingly. This will help you to double your productivity.

13. Choose different ways.

 Choose different ways to achieve your goals.

Think like a pro.

Every time you do something, and if it doesn’t work for you, then it’s an indication for you to change the way of doing that thing and then try again.

“Keep trying to keep moving ahead”

Try different things and apply them and track them what is working for you and then do repeat what is working for you.

14. Stay Focused

This problem is generally faced by most people, we pay so much attention on how other people are achieving so many things with ease.

That’s the reason why you can’t focus on your work.

It’s not like, what is working for them will work for you.

This aspect gives you so much tension and you will easily lose your focus and will doubting on your work.

So ratherthan focusing on others work, Focus on your strengths.

Many bloggers do this mistakes, Instead of focusing on their strengths, they focus more on others and compare with them.

 By doing this, they make themselves weak. Break their courage.

so, never compare yourself to anyone. you have to be a better version of yours than yesterday.just focus on your work and your productivity will be increased automatically.

15. Reward yourself

Give a reward to yourself even if it’s small or big achievements.

Celebrate the Legacy.

A reward and achievement boost your energy then you can work with more power and you feel more confident about your work.

It increases your energy level, Every next time you work with more excitement and with enthusiasm. so its important to reward yourself.

16.  Work with Tools

Here are so many tools that help you to make your work more effective and impressive.

Every tool is very useful in its own way. I will suggest you some quick tips.

I have personally used many more tools and trust me the experience was great.

Here I mentioned some tools which I personally used and applied.


  • Buzzsumo:- You can find new blog topics and video topics for your blog.
  • Quora:-  Quora is one of the best platforms. You can find lots of ideas for your blogs using this platform by using their search option. You just need to enter your Keywords and boom you will find a lot of ideas.
  • Answer the public:- This will show you so many questions related to your keyword asked by the audience. You can use them as your blog topic.
  • Google Trends:- It will help you to know what is trending now, and you can find topics for your keyword choices.
  • Blog Topic Generator:-  Enter any keyword and it will show you huge post ideas.


  • Grammarly:–  It is highly helpful if you are not good at english
  • ProWriting Aid:- This is one more grammar and spell checker tool. its works fine.


  •  UpWorthy Title Generator:-  This will help you to generate trending Topic.
  • TweakBiz Title Generator:-   Best comprehensive Title generator.


  • ShortPixels:- It compresses images without Degrading Quality.

17. Take care of your health

It is very important than anything else.

Do some basic exercise on a daily basis.

 Take small breaks in work hours and stretch your body.

Take a small break for tea or coffee ,it will charge of your body and gives you fresh mood and mind.

Have healthy food.

Another tip:- start meditation. It will keep you calm and very focused. Don’t go for ½ hour. start with 5 minutes and continue to go for the long term.

It will help you a lot.It will decrease your stress.

 Do some sort of activities that brings you a lot of peace and quiet and makes you feel a little more relaxed.

This will help you to tackle large projects. It also helps a lot, to have more energy and then you are always ready to take on the world.

18. Read books

 Books will help you a lot to become more productive. It also helps to be very focused on your goals and it makes you a creative one. It also gives you peace.

Books are really helpful and can give you so many ideas about life, business, career. Every successful person reads a book for self-help.

You can get so many ideas by just reading books.


Starting something is very easy but carrying it forward is much harder.

Many bloggers quit it very easily.

It takes time to become successful, so be patient.

“Practice makes you perfect “

These are the tips that i used to become a productive blogger. if you found this article useful, leave a comment.

These are the best Productivity Tips for Bloggers. Hope this helps.

Thank you. keep following https://belikeaviral.com/ for more such beautiful articles.

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