12 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs Highly Profitable in 2020

best real estate affiliate program

Are you Looking for? how to make money as a real estate agent? Well, you are on a right place where you can easily learn to make money as a real estate agent

It is far simple for certified real estate brokers and agents to make money, but some people still know how to make money without any license or certifications !! Yes you read it Right

How would it be ? In this article You’re going to learn.

how to sell homes without any real estate certifications.

What you all need to do to learn real estate business,

of course, without any real estate license.

One of the best real estate affiliate programs in which you need to sell homes or offer rental by joining an affiliate program.

If you are wondering how you are able to use affiliate marketing to make money by promoting homes or rentals, this article is only for you in which you are going to find a list of the real estate affiliate programs to join in 2020.

Thousands of readers have already learned all the facts about real estate affiliate programs and have also started earning money.

So Let’s focus on : some Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to join in 2020 

Top 12 best real estate affiliate programs to use in 2020

1. Real Estate Express:

Real Estate Express is pioneer in online real estate instruction that was established in 1996 and assists tens of thousands of real estate brokers and agents to achieve success through their stage every year.

It’s also offering an affiliate program where it is easy to make money by discussing Real Estate Express referral hyperlinks with your own network.

This is how you can generate income with Real Estate Express.

Real Estate Express is a industry leader in real estate education Having over 20 years of Expertise

Commission: 25% with 100 days cookie

Affiliates make money by combining Real Estate Express using their own network. Once accepted, you’ll have access to banners and logos to enhance your site and other advertising tools. Their protected partner portal lets you monitor your earnings and earnings from real-time 24/7.  

They keep both the courses and certifications and just take care of all of the technical issues. So all you’ve to do is market their site.

Industry leader in Internet real estate education, nationwide licensed platform and long cookie lifestyle 

Affiliates get a 25% commission with an extremely extended 100-day cookie lifetime to provide additional time to convert and also boost commissions.  

How the Real Estate Express affiliate system works?

You will join their real estate affiliate program (that is absolutely free to register). As soon as your account is accepted, you should begin promoting Real Estate Express online classes to create commission.

If anybody uses your affiliate website to obtain their classes throughout real estate license, you’ll get paid your commission.  

You will also get immediate access to the Manager Dashboard on Real Estate Express to quickly track your clicks, individuals who register through your site, prospects, complete sales and so forth.


  • You may make 20% commission every time someone buys through the Real Estate Express Partner Affiliate Program referral hyperlinks in your own site.
  • That implies, if anybody clicks and does not purchase instantly and moves within 100 days, it’s still true that you will get compensated.
  • Payouts following every 15 days.  

2. Buildium:  

Afterward, Buildium is simply for you. Buildium is also known for its 7th consecutive season around the Inc 5000 listing of “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”.

Buildium helps property managers and owners Handle their Possessions and become more Effective 

Commission: 25 percent 

Buildium’s software helps property managers & real estate investors to become more effective and scale their own portfolio.  

Their property management software may perform everything from monitor budgets, handle rental listings, and pay sellers, conduct comprehensive tenant screenings, communicate with renters, sellers, and owners, plus far more.

Affiliates may combine their application via Impact.  This affiliate program provides you access to all of the marketing and monitoring tools you want to begin generating commissions.  real estate affiliate related sites and sites are invited to use.

Affiliates may make recurring monthly commissions in their own real estate property management software.  

Highlights : 

  • You will get paid for leads. Not just that, you will also earn 25% in recurring penalties for every monthly membership that comes from the site.  Therefore, if you’re looking for monthly recurring property affiliate programs, Buildium is an excellent selection for you.
  • Simple to install and excellent monitoring 
  • Everyone can use it & it’s totally free to sign up.  

3. Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO):

Business Home by Owner’ is also a superb marketing outlet for property site owners or rental property owners (like property managers) that are searching for rental properties for businesses and travelling professionals.

Corporate Housing By Owner Enables property managers Advertising their rental properties into Company professionals

Commission: 15 percent 

Corporate Housing by Owner is an advertising outlet for both property managers and rental property owners to advertise their rental properties into travel companies and professionals.  

They market worldwide to travelers looking to get short-term housing. CHBO ensures you will lease your property in 30 days by the moment you buy the listing or else they will expand your yearly listing an extra six months at no cost.

Their bronze listing bundle begins at $339 along with the average sale is about $455. CHBO is in large need for more stock globally and is looking for associates to help bring more property owners and managers looking to market their rental for corporate housing.  CHBO utilizes ShareASale to conduct their own affiliate program and also provide access to a fantastic choice of banner ads and text links, together with monitoring and reporting programs.

Corporate housing rental listing website, high average purchases, a Great Deal of marketing stuff 

CHBO is a fantastic service to market for real estate brokers looking to rent their properties or recommend to their customers coming from out of the city.  

How does the ‘Corporate Housing by Owner’ affiliate system work?

You have to get a publisher account with ShareASale to have the ability to sign up using the CHBO affiliate program. Also it is totally free to join.  After signing up, you’ll be provided an exceptional URL that you may utilize to advertise their real estate affiliate program to earn more commission.


  • You are able to earn a 15% commission of the entire purchase and you can definitely earn a nice income in their own real estate affiliate program since their Mileage List Package begins at $339.
  • Free to sign up and it is for everyone Who’s interested in boosting rental properties

4. All Things Real Estate:

All Things Real Estate was launched in 2014 & carries all things on the real estate marketing demands ranging from spacious home products to lawn signs to record, sold decals and so forth.

Commission: 20%

The real estate affiliate provides real estate agents with all of the resources that they require for marketing their organization.  

They believe real estate marketing materials do not need to be more generic and dull. Their online store includes everything in the spacious house and lawn signals, fireplaces guides, selling and listing decals, customized gifts, and much more all with new modern layouts.

Affiliates have access to amazing advertisement banner ads, text links, new publications, logos, and much more.  All Things Real Estate utilizes Refersion to handle their affiliate system. Their affiliate dash allows you to monitor sales and commission, download creatives, and view payment history.

  • Modern spin on real estate marketing, amazing banners, Tons of merchandise to market 
  • Affiliates have use of their own broad choice of modern real estate marketing materials and promotional resources they can market to real estate agents or agents.  

       How does their affiliate system work?

They have a fast and effortless signup form set up and as soon as you fill out the registration, you’ll automatically become an real estate affiliate and also will get started straight away. It is totally free to sign up.


  • You Can Make a decent 15 percent commission on their own affiliate program earnings for each sale you earn through affiliate links
  • You will also get 30 days cookie length 

5. Property M.O.B. :

If you’re a real estate investor or operating an real estate related site and seeking the best affiliate software related to real estate

Property M.O.B. Provides real estate investors that’s  a great Choice of tools, courses, and Also advice from their real estate community

Commission: 25%

They supply everything from coaching courses, digital training, trained virtual urges, to advice in the community of real estate investors.  

They also offer you the #1 best-selling CRM platform for real estate investors.

Affiliates may make money by speaking to fellow real estate investors, coworkers, or audiences that you believe could gain from their tools.  

Property M.O.B. utilizes InfusionSoft to conduct their affiliate program and also provide entry to pre-designed banner advertising and text links. You might even monitor clicks and earnings on your affiliate portal.

Great tools and solutions for real estate investors, Higher commission prices,  monthly recurring commissions accessible 

Affiliates earn 25% commissions to revenue and recurring monthly commissions for membership programs.  

How Property M.O.B. Does the affiliate system work?

You may register for their affiliate program for free of charge.  As soon the account has been activated, you will get links, banner ads etc this, you may utilize to advertise their products such as their monthly membership.  You have to get a minimal $100 account equilibrium to get payment out of them.


  • You can make a 25% commission on each successful sale that is coming via your affiliate referral links.
  • If anybody signs up for a monthly membership, then you are going to get paid monthly (recurring commission).

6. Foreclosure:

Foreclosure is the international leader of desperate asset information and solutions where it is possible to find a great deal of high flipping property listings to promote as an property affiliate to earn significant commissions on every effective closure.

Commission: 25%

Foreclosure.com is the most significant supplier of desperate properties in the United states. They provide the most complete residential foreclosure property listing in a simple to use structure.  

They’re thought of as the national specialist on reporting the standing of property. Their site and strategies generate among the maximum conversion rates in the business.

They compact their whole affiliate procedure to ensure it is as simple as you can begin generating commissions. Just share your affiliate link and get credit as soon as an order is put together with your own cookie. They provide their affiliates together with the tools required to begin talking to clients in as few as five seconds.

  • High conversion rates, monthly recurring commissions, greater commissions on high affiliates
  • Affiliates get a monthly recurring commission every month that the consumer stays a paid contributor.  Affiliates with high sales quantities can make even higher commissions.  

How does the Foreclosure affiliate system work?

First you have to create an account in an affiliate.  When the account has been activated, you’ll find an exceptional referral link that you may utilize to promote the goods utilizing their stage.


  • They’ve access to land listings that give you maximum conversion rates in the Business 
  • 6 months cookie length that means When a client comes through your affiliate referral link into their website and then comes back to buy six months afterwards, you receive your commission.  It is as straightforward as that.
  • You can earn 25% commission for every sale through your referral links
  • The commission is going to be paid for a PayPal account on a monthly basis.  The premiums will be paid 15th every month along with also the minimum payout will be $100.  In the event the minimum isn’t attained that’s 100, the payment is going to probably be added to the subsequent month.  

7. BoldLeads:

You can make money from real estate seller leads, begin using BoldLeads. This can be a direct platform associated with real estate where you are able to promote BoldLeads and make $20/month for each referral! 

How does the BoldLeads affiliate system work?

You want to complete a form to combine as their affiliate broker.  As soon as your account has been activated, you’ll be provided a referral link that you may utilize to create referrals to promote real estate seller leads.


  • Recurring monthly commissions so that you get paid every month about the referrals you send
  • You’ll be granted access to a wide Selection of affiliate links and promotion codes
  • Regular obligations for each referral you create 

8. Zilpy:

Zilpy has been among the highest areas for real estate leasing market analytics since 2008.  You may find a lot of chances to earn money as an real estate affiliate by promoting landlords, real estate investors, appraisers and money flow buyers employing Zilpy affiliate applications.

How does the Zilpy affiliate system work?

Upon registering (which will be absolutely free to join), then you’ll find a verification link where you could find your affiliate referral URL to begin promoting real estate bargains to make commission for each successful sale.


  • Sale Commission: 30 percent per each sale
  • Includes replicate sales
  • Typical arrangement: $30/month
  • The payouts will be created every month for a PayPal account.  

9. Lex Levinrad:

Lex Levinrad helps real estate investors understand how best to purchase, reverse, and lease properties. Over 1000 homes have been bought, wholesaled, and leased at this moment.  In addition, he assists other investors to understand how to purchase, reverse, and lease properties.

The affiliate program that he provides is among the toughest one of the real estate authors, due to the 50 percent commission rate.  But you need to have an established website using 1000 unique daily visitors to register with this particular program.They’ll approve your program because an affiliate upon assessing your website background. Following that, they will give you banner ads, advertising programs, logos, and email backup to ensure that you conduct the effort easily.

Commission: 50 percent 

Lex Levinrad was investing in real estate since 2003 and has bought, flipped, and leased over 1,000 single-family houses.  He’s the creator and CEO of Distressed Real Estate Institute which assists investors understand how to purchase, repair, flop, rent, and wholesale possessions.  Their programs have educated tens of thousands of students from all around the world how to earn money with real estate.  They also have among the lowest return rates from the real estate market.

Providers of real estate sites, sites, or real estate investment websites are welcome to use their own affiliate program.  Their real estate affiliate program supplies you banner ads, email backup, affiliate aid, and much more.  Additionally, it monitors all sales and commissions which may be paid through PayPal, check, or wire transfer.  They operate together with their affiliate associates to help them market their products and earn more cash.


  • Unbelievably Large commission fee, high quality products, and data, very low yield Prices 
  • Affiliates get an extremely large 50 percent commission fee on all products except training.  

10. Lending Tree:

LendingTree Assists home buyers find the perfect mortgage

Cookie: 14 times 

LendingTree was established in 1996 and has become the leading online loan market.   They will have the largest network of lenders in the country. Users may get numerous loans offered by simply filling out an easy form by the comfort of their home.  Their services are absolutely free to use and comprise credit score tracking and also upgrades to savings opportunities.

Real estate affiliate may register with Commission Junction or Effect Radius. The two programs give affiliates entry to advertising materials and tracking applications.  They made their program marketers who wish to put advertisements on their sites.  Affiliates are paid whenever a visitor out of their website fills a LendingTree form.


  • Online mortgage business leader, Higher conversion rates, Plenty of Approaches to make commissions
  • Real estate affiliates get paid each lead that may vary between $1 to $70 based on exactly what form their customer fills out.  

11. DealCheck: 

DealCheck is a favorite investment land analysis platform which helps traders to properly analyze their properties.

Launched in 2015 from Anton Ivanov, who recognized the demand for a tool that’s simple to use and contains a cloud-based analysis platform. 

More than 120,000 professionals are utilizing their program to gauge cash flow, analyze springs & multi-family buildings, lease properties, and locate the best property bargains.

Its own affiliate program is absolutely free to join.  Even though it generally provided a 30 percent commission on the affiliates, today it is offering 50 percent due to this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thus, if you’re stuck in the home due to this pandemic and on the lookout for a means to make more through your site, this is your best option.  

  • Commission: 50 Percent (to Get COVID-19)

12. Home Referral Network:

  • Aside from buying and renting properties, your viewers will also require home contractor services to develop and maintain their own dream homes.  That is why Home Referral Network offers a contractor referral service.

Their service offers the regional homeowners with technicians, carpenters, painters, as well as electricians necessary to maintain a best home. 

That is a remarkable service which you ought to market through your site.  As you’re busy discussing properties for buying or renting, including that service for your affiliate advertising effort will include an excess value to your website.

What are you going to get for this?  You are going to get from $100-$325 for each sale dependent on the service that your readers subscribe to.   

  • Cookie: TBC

Final Thoughts

Real Estate affiliate programs are the best ways to make money online as a real estate agent.

After joining in one of the real estate affiliate programs you can sell homes or rental properties without any real estate certifications.

In this article, we have listed top real estate affiliate programs to join in 2020.

Combine the most effective real estate affiliate programs listed here and get started encouraging them via social networking, paid advertisements or sites to earn additional commissions for every referral. 

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