[17+Dazzling] Reasons For Low Website Traffic You Must Be Aware Of

Reasons for low website traffic

Are you worried about low website traffic? 

Well! No worries. I will explain to you the reasons for low website traffic in detail in this article so that you will never again be worried about low web traffic.

If you are a new blogger, you must be getting little organic traffic in your blog. So it must be challenging for you to get tons of organic traffic in beginning.


Bringing traffic to a blog can be challenging. Many times professional bloggers also complain that their website traffic is going down.

This blog is for both newbies as well as professionals, as I assure you after reading this full blog it will be beneficial and will give the solution of all reasons for low website traffic.

Organic traffic helps in getting more and more visitors on your blog and it is highly worthy.

Yes, you heard it right. It helps in getting high-quality Visitors, as well as it helps in reaching your blog to more and more people and creating more engagement.

creating a blog is easy and can be done by lower-class students. but bringing traffic to your site is not that easy.

so many people created blogs just like that thinking that they would generate tons of traffic just by creating a website and then left this field due to lack of proper knowledge.

so, it is highly important to know how to drive traffic to your site to make money online through blogging.

In this blog, I will tell you how to get traffic and how to maintain it. 

How much traffic your website is receiving is directly proportional to the money you make. So as a blogger, you have to increase the number of quality visits to your site as quality traffic is the key to success.

Getting traffic on the blog, ranking of a site, and engagement of the website is done according to norms of the google algorithm.

So without any further delay, let’s discuss what are the reasons for low website traffic. And after reading this article, you will never have such reasons for low website traffic. So, keep reading.

Reasons for low website traffic

Reasons for low website traffic

1. Using of outdated content

“Imagine using a 2G phone and sim card in an era of 4G phone and network, and where few people are using 5G phone and 5G network is about to launch in the coming year.”

It’s just the same in the field of blogging you cant use outdated content. you have to update your content as and when necessary. Also recommending you don’t use false content and don’t Fabricate it.

Nobody likes to read an old blog that doesn’t have accurate information.

If one of your articles has wrong information User will think that website contains false reports and will leave your site immediately which will result in a High bouncing rate and will reflect a negative impression on your blog.

Always remember the First impression is the long-lasting impression.

So update content regularly if possible and be a winner by not having any such reasons for low website traffic.

2. Server Overloading 

Always use quality content and use a very good hosting. this helps in loading your site very fast and you will not miss any traffic to your site.

So buy good hosting which has various features. Avoid using shared hosting instead of this use dedicated hosting will also help you in increasing the speed of your blog.

If you want to be a professional blogger, then you have to make some investment, and thus you can escape from low web traffic.

3. Source Of Traffic

There are two types of traffic in blogging field, Inorganic traffic and organic traffic.

Organic traffic refers to the traffic coming from search engine. It is something that is earned. In simple words the traffic coming from searching on a search engine.

Inorganic traffic refers to the traffic coming from paid methods like google ad word, or we can say that traffic coming from advertisements. it is paid and is an artificial way to get traffic. 

Always try to get organic traffic. 

Organic traffic can be achieved by various ways like SEO, working on google algorithm etc.

comment on how to get Organic traffic so I will remember to write a blog on it.

4. Not producing new content regularly

Things and circumstances don’t remain the same throughout a day or a week. everything changes and there is news daily on different things. in order not to lose your traffic you have to keep updating yourself on what’s going on and update yourself.

Then put all your thoughts on to your blog timely so that users feel that all the latest information can be seen on your blog and then they become your returning customers.

So we have to work according to the latest information available and produce new content and attract traffic. so, not creating the new content regularly may be one of the main reasons for low website traffic.

5. High bounce rate

first of all, it is important to know the term “High bouncing rate”.

High bouncing rate” refers to the number of visitors who enter your site and leave it immediately. This will affect your blog and will be a reason for low website traffic in your blog.

Less the bounce rate more will be the visitors and ranking in the search engine.

So you have to take care of the site and always make sure you have a low bouncing rate.

so how do you make your site a low bouncing one?

you have to provide good user experience, attract audience, catch their pulse and make them remian on your site fro longer time.

6. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site

Inviting others to write a blog for you will help you in reaching guest traffic. In return you have to do the same for the person that written a guest post for you.

what happens with this?

Both of your sites will see raise in traffic as you are exchanging your audience . Thus you grow together and increase traffic to your site.

So you should give a try on guest blogging. if you need help in guest blogging you can directly mail our team they will help you in this. it will also help to build your image in the blogging industry and will give you a lot of valuable connections in the industry.

Let’s see one other reason for low website traffic and how to cope up with it.

7. Excellent site content that has been removed.

As time is passing very quickly, you have been upgrading your blog continuously with time in improving. Maybe you have deleted content that is performing very well. After removing you may lose your ranking in search engine which is not good.

So, before removing any content from your website, you have to go through the analytics of such a post. Else you will lose rankings, and you will be one of the reasons for low website traffic for making such a blunder.

8. No more content promotion

When you started a blog, you always think that traffic can be driven only by promoting at that instant of time. But it snot the right idea. you have to promote your content every time when you have made a new post.

You have to work on SEO. Of course, this is mandatory. But apart from this, you have to use your creativity and drive traffic to your site.

As this is a internet era you have to make use of all the resources that are available like social media and attract the audience.

You can also use quora and pinterest to drive quality traffic to your site.

Never rely on single platform anytime. always use different platforms as you already know that placing all your eggs in one basket is not advisable.

9.Lack of creativity

Use some creative things like the use of tabloids and infographics. This kind of thing makes your blog look attractive and hence the user will take time to watch your blog.

This results in low bouncing rates which help in ranking and getting traffic. Also, Google Adsense pays more to blogs which have low bouncing rates.

So it’s advised to use creativity in writing, and aligning blog which will hold the user to read the blog. Also, write quality content and the most crucial thing is to use pictures, charts, pie charts tabloid, and infographics.

All these minor things will bring a great look to your site as well as post.

If you don’t follow this step, trust me, this will be one of the reasons for low website traffic. So try to make your blog look as professional and as attractive as possible.

10. Poor user interface. (UI /UX)

The user interface plays a vital role in getting traffic for a blog. Being a blogger, I read the blog of specific websites that have a proper user interface (UI /UX).

Apart from the user interface, I check the quality of content and creativity. These are my favorite aspects of reading any particular blog.

For example, a blog of school or hospital should have a light colour theme and simple fonts which are easy to understand, whereas compared to the clothing line, the website can be colourful and funky.

Any creative font can be used In a clothing line blog or website. So it’s essential to maintain proper user interface and escape from the reasons of low website traffic and rank your blog on search engines.

11. Not working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having no SEO on blog or site is the most dangerous crime that you should never make. 

First of all, we have to understand what is SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization in simple words it is an art of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your website with organic methods.

SEO is a very vast field. As I already told its a broad field, I have previously written a blog on it. SEO will provide organic traffic in quantity as well as quality.

Regularly working on SEO will help you to rank your website and hence you can drive traffic to your site easily.

So always write SEO based article and read google algorithm updates which will help you in ranking your site on a search engine.

 It will also help you in getting a place in 1st-page of the search engine which will give better results as compared to previous strategies.

12. low speed of blog

The most significant reason behind the loading speed of the blog, is the type of hosting you used.

apart from hosting there are some other reasons like server location, server performance, graphic images, and many other factors.

Always reduce the size of your images before uploading as they will reduce the speed of your site.do give a try and tell me in a comment.

13. No Mobile Optimization

Once there was a time when desktops were in existence. later on, laptops came in reality. then smartphones came and more to come.

in 2020, 73.4% uses mobile and surf internet on mobile, so we have to optimize our website for mobile as well.

if you don’t optimize your site for mobile then you will lose a huge amount of traffic as most of the users read blogs using mobile-only. so never forget to make your blog mobile-friendly.

if you make it mobile friendly, you have no reason to worry about low website traffic.

14. Strictly say no broken links

“Error 404: Page Not Found” is the worst thing for a user to experience.

Broken links give a negative impression on the blog. Always remember more the broken links you have on your blog less the traffic you gain.

Setting up a blog is done for the user. Always satisfy your users with good design and with a good interface. if at all if they see broken links, they feel uncomfortable and hence you will lose your audience and hence the traffic.

There are various tools and strategies available for finding broken links and fixing them. So just find broken links and fix them.

15. Not using Backlinks

Backlinks are essential and it helps in SEO and getting traffic from search engine. You will be having questions like, What is a backlink?

how backlinks created, what is the use of backlinks?

I will answer all your questions, have patience.

In simple words, backlinks will connect two sites.backlinks have to be created only for a similar blog that is having the same niche as yours. Everyone gives so much importance to backlinks because it helps in Search Engine Optimization and it provides trust.

So try to create backlinks form reliable, higher domain authority to get more traffic.

16. Duplicity of content

some people say duplicity have an impact on traffic and some say not .

Well yes! copying of content affects your traffic for sure. google hate copying content.

so you should never copy content from others and then paste it on your blog. you always have to write your own articles.

you can just take reference from the articles and then you can write on your own according to a certain format but you should never copy.

if you copy content and then paste it on your site you can never get ranking and hence lose the traffic.

17.Examine Your Analytics Data

Analyzing of results are very crucial; it helps us in growing either in a normal life or in blogging. you always have to anyalse whatever the wor you do. once you anlayse, you will come to know so many factors where you did mistakes and where you made it great.

so that you keep up the great things and correct the things that you have done wrong.

for example,

if you have any post on your site, first watch its analytics.

if it is ranking well and good if not analyse where you went wrong and correct such points.

this is a very simple techique yet many neglect it. so, always have a eye on how your posts are performing.

So these are the 17 main reasons for low website traffic or facing a sudden drop in traffic. I have listed all the reasons behind it if I have left some significant ideas. if you want to know any further information, comment on this post.

follow all these point religioulsy and you will see huge inflow of traffic to your site.

Thank you and stay tuned to belikeaviral.com

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