[BEST WAY] How To Start A Blog On Instagram

Start a Blog on Instagram

Nowadays, if you really want to reach a large audience then you have to be continuously active on social media.

If you are desperately looking about how to start a blog on instagram then this article is for you only.

Here, I have shared some useful tips that will help you in creating a great instagram blog and how to start an instagram blog with no experience.

Consistency in the updation of posts on social media can bring you a large audience for your blog. 

But, if we talk about Instagram then according to an international survey, there are about 900 million active users available on the internet.

So, if you are a blogger and still don’t have an Instagram account, then my friend a lot of things are slipping continuously from your hand.

So if you are really looking to start blogging on Instagram and for heavy traffic as well then it is not a single night magic. You have to be consistent by sharing the valuable images and videos to gain a loyal audience. 

Starting a blog on Instagram does not require much technical knowledge. Just follow the simple steps that are given below in this article to begin blogging on Instagram.

You can not create an Instagram account the way you want. If I talk about myself  then I have two Instagram accounts. 

First, I use to share my daily contents like images and videos and second one I use to share the contents related to my blogging niche.

Let’s get into depth about how to start a blog on Instagram step by step.

Steps on how to start a blog on instagram

Step 1 :- Decide A Relevant Username

The first thing you have to do to start a blog on instagram is to decide a professional and catchy username that should be easy to pronounce for your Instagram account.

If you have a blog then you can start your Instagram account by selecting the username same as your blog name. This will help you to maintain the consistency across all platforms.

After selecting a good username, add a professional profile picture that is very important to grab the users attention. Then add bio and don’t forget to add a link to your blog.

Step 2 :- Chose A Niche As Per Your Interest

This step is very important to start an Instagram blog. Here you have to find the niche on which you can consistently post and provide the values to the audience.

Many people get confused while deciding the niche for their blog. So here I came up with a solution for this. 

Just ask these simple questions from yourself before deciding the niche for your blog. 

  1. What does the audience expect from you?
  2. On which particular topic I can consistently post?
  3. How can I help my audience by giving values?
  4. What types of companies do you want to partner with?

So, if you are expert in food then you should start a food blog by posting the photos and videos of types of food items.

Here I have mentioned some of the important and famous blog niches that will help you to select your own :-

  • Photography
  • Fitness
  • Particular cities
  • Fashion
  • Interior designing
  • Lifestyles
  • Nature
  • Travel
  • Animals 
  • Business
  • Motivational blog
  • Coaching blog

You can also select niches other than this. But don’t forget that the niches should be according to your choice.

Step 3 :- Renovate Your Profile Picture And Your Instagram Bio

The profile picture and the Bio of your Instagram is very much important. It should be unique and informational.

When a user visits your instagram account, by looking at your profile picture and your bio, they decide whether he should follow you or not.

So just take a look over your profile and think about how your instagram profile looks. Is it attracting the users on a first look?

So your Instagram bio should tell some basic keys to the visitors. Like Who you are, what information you use to provide to the visitors and what you do. And you have to mention all these things in 150 words only.

If you are in a business or want to collaborate with others then you must share your contact information in bio like an email address or a phone number. 

Whereas some people use to share the quotes, location and may be their hobbies in their bio.

Whatever you have shared in your bio, always remember that it should be relevant to your niche otherwise your visitors may get confused.

Step 4 :- Begin With The Instagram For Blogging

Well, step 4 is the fun part where you enjoy while creating the content. 

On Instagram you don’t need to post articles of 500 to 1000 words. All you need to do is to fill your Instagram feed with high quality pictures and videos which will bring the numbers of engagement to your Instagram blog.

To create more and more engagement on Instagram, you need to post on daily basis including stories and posts both not once or twice a week.

Make sure that the videos and photos should be of high quality and captured by a well maintained camera. If your budget is not that much higher then you can also click photos and record videos from your phone.

Step 5 :- Create Fascinating Captions

Well In the language of Instagram, your caption is the definition of your photos. People use captions to tell the story to the visitors and this is one of the important elements in the world of Instagram blog.

It is always seen that when we need to write a caption, our hand get stopped and we start thinking too much about the caption. 

Why is it so?

Let me tell you quickly why the caption is this much important for your instagram post :-

  • Caption is much important to invite the audience to take a look at the post that you have posted.
  • It is already proven that a normal quality photo with a well described and attention seeker caption is far better than a high quality photo alone.
  • There are a million photos and posts that are present on instagram. But to grab the attention of visitors, your post should carry CTA (call to action). 

CTA means call to action. This will ask the user to take some kind of actions like double tap on post, doing comments or clicking on the link that is given in the description.

Here are some points that you have to think before creating a caption :-

  1. Think about your CTA and analyse the information that you are going to give through that photo.
  2. Think about the ways to write a story to lead the user to the CTA.
  3. How to make this caption more relatable to the audience by putting more values.

Step 6 :- Start Building A Community Around Your Instagram Blog

Building a community around your Instagram blog is a very good strategy to increase the engagement of people on your Instagram blog.

But here the question is How you can build a community?

So all you need to do is start finding top influencers of your niche. Just go through the people who use to follow that particular influencer. 

Start doing comments and liking on their posts and videos. This will start interchanging in the future for you. Because If you are providing valuable information through your Instagram blog on the same niche then they will definitely enroll into your post.

Many of the bloggers use to take help of comment pods but that is not useful for your Instagram blog at all. Avoid using this comment pod.

Step 7 :- Start Using The Combination Of Hashtags

A hashtag could be a word or phrase that comes with the sign of hash (#). It shows the message to the audience that what your post is all about.

For example if you use #travellife, it means this post is about travelling.

Instagram allows you to use maximum 30 hashtags in your post and 10 hashtags into your story. Using hashtags in your post and stories will help you to reach even to your non followers. 

Start Finding the Hashtags only related to your niche. Avoid using general hashtags that are not very beneficial. 

If you are using general Hashtags then no targeted traffic will come to your account. 

The easiest way to find relevant hashtags is to use the hashtag finder tool. It will show you all the hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

As now you are a blogger show it is very important for your blog to use the right combination of hashtags. If you are using highly competitive hashtags then it might be possible that your post will get out from that particular niche competition.

But if you are using the right and the best combination of hashtags according to your niche then the chances are very high for your post to reach a large number of audience.

Step 8 :- Post Clear And High Resolution Pictures And Videos

In our Instagram, posts like videos and images should be of high resolution as we all know that Instagram is a very highly competitive platform.

But if you are not capable of purchasing a camera then you can use your phone as well but the only one thing mandatory is quality of the images and videos.

Quality of images and videos of your post is also one of the main factors to engage the audience.

Step 9 :- Use Insta Story, live And Featured Stories Feature Of Instagram

Many of the Instagram bloggers think that posting a photo or videos on Instagram is enough. They are not aware of other features of Instagram that you can use to grow your account.

You can use Instagram stories to get in front of your followers who are not able to see your post while rolling their feed.

In this Instagram story, you can use images, videos and text which will be available for 24 hours in your story unless you feature that.

Instagram live features can be used to connect with your followers and keep them engaged with yourself.

Featured stories are used to add the most popular stories that can be easily seen in your profile.

The one more feature that you get only when the number of your followers cross 10000. And that is a SWIPE UP feature. 

In this feature, people asked to swipe up. And when they swipe up then it takes to a URL of your choice. 

This is one of the best places to insert an affiliate link. It will increase your sale.

One of the very common things that most of the users do is follow and unfollow. They use to follow other users and once get followed back, they unfollow that user.

Instagram is working to control this issue by creating a strict policy. So just follow to those whom you think engaged in your niche.

10. How To Earn Money From Instagram Blog

This is the question that is mostly used to ask by the instagram blogger after learning about how to start a blog on Instagram that is How to monetize your instagram Blog. 

Here, I have shared all the ways by which you can monetize and grow your Instagram blog.

There are many ways by which you can make money on your Instagram blog. Here I have discussed three ways by which you can make money from your Instagram blog :-

  1. Affiliate Of Product And Services :- This is the best and most trending idea to make money through your Instagram blog. 

It allows you to promote any product or services on your Instagram blog and for that you receive a commission from the merchant of that product.

Sometimes, merchants offer discounts on their products but that does not affect the affiliate commission. 

  1. Sell Your Own Products And Services :- If you have any product or service that you want to sell then you can consider your Instagram blog as the best platform to sell.

The products may be like supplements, Kitchen stuffs, E books, Apparel, Physical books. And the services that you want offer are like consultation, coaching and design. 

For that you may get good commission in return from your clients.

  1. Create Sponsored Posts :- This is also considered as one of the best ways to earn through your Instagram blog. In this, You promote the products and services of a brand.

In return, you get some kind of discounts, free products or money. It all depends on your followers. You may get paid around $400 for a video post and around $300 for the promotion through the image.

Well you can also earn money with less followers. Because the companies and brands look up for the trust between you and your followers. They take a look at the recommendation that your followers accept from your side.

11. Consistent Posts

We always use to hear that consistency is the key to success and Instagram is also one of them. So If you want to keep engaging the audiences then you have to post on a regular basis.

When you use to post on a daily basis then there is more chance to connect with the same people and by this way you can create a community around yourself.

Do always reply to the comments of people. This creates a strong trust between you and your audience. Your reply should be very polite and seems that you are here to help them only.

How To Use Instagram To Get More Traffic

Here I have discussed some ways to get more traffic on Instagram :-

The Facebook Ads Platform

You may get surprised by hearing that you can run Instagram ads by using facebook ads account. You can also try to run the same campaign on Insta that is already running on your facebook ads account. Or you ,may also run a brand new campaign.

Mention Your Website Link In Your Bio

Instagram does not allow to mention any kind of link in your photos. The only place where you can mention your website link is your bio. If you are running any website then ask people to go through the link that is given in your bio.

Text In Your Images

This is a very good idea to promote your blog post. You can mention your purpose in your images that what you are offering to your audience. Many professionals recommend the idea of text in image is very effective and working.

Use Hashtags

Many professionals use running hashtags to get in front of people. 

Some ask to their user to use the hashtags while posting the photos related to their niches. And when they find it effective and impressive then they repost those photos through their Instagram account. 

Thihs is one of the very clever idea that many of the Instagram bloggers use to do. This idea is most useful for the bloggers that are related to the fields like music festivals, food festivals or any fashion festival. 

Make sure that people are aware to use hashtags and to find your account.

The Live And Non Live Videos

You can use the live option to engage people by showing them some skills that you use to show in your instagram blog. Non live videos like short video clip you can also post on your Insta handle. 

There is no need to create content of high quality. You can use short video clip or the clip of doing anything can also engage people and provoke them to look more deeper into your website or your other social media profile.

Membership Content On Instagram

The one very common thiung that vyou can easily notice that many professional Instagram bloggers use to do is that they focus more on to build a community around them. 

And then they use to push them towards to their membership site to take the membership of their courses, trainings, or any kind of event.

For example, if you are a body builder and you continously use to post your videos and images on your Instagram handle to influence and educate your audience. And then you mention your paid body building course link in your bio.

There is nothing wrong in this idea to promote yourself and in doing personal branding.

Benefits Of Starting A Blog On Instagram

The very first benefit of using an Instagram Blog is that here you don’t need to maintain any website or create an article of 1000 or 2000 words.

It makes it easy to click your own photo on your own. Means you don’t need any photographer or any expensive equipment. 

You can also try micro blogs on instagram like other Instagrammar do to increase the sale and the number of audiences.

Some bloggers use instagram for their blog posts to direct users to their online shop. They prefer to use Instagram because it helps to increase their sales by directing the audience to their website through the Instagram post and stories.

As We have already discussed many ways about how to start an Instagram blog so now let’s have a look on some of the downfalls of starting a blog on Instagram,

Downfalls of using Instagram for your blog

With good things, we should also look at the drawbacks of the same. 

The analytics is limited thatInstagram wants to provide with. Means it does not provide you the details like Google Analytics and other analytics platforms do.

The main benefit of having a website is that you can easily check what your audience wants to see and don’t want to see from your side by using different Analytics platforms.

But Instagram does not provide you that facility with its Analytics as it is more limited.

You can lose all of your data if Instagram gets shut down. Your account can also get hacked and you may lose everything.

Same could also happen with your website. If it gets hacked however.

But the only difference between your website and your instagram blog is that you can easily restore and set up your website again but in Instagram you are not able to back up the things. So if it gets hacked then you will lose everything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is the space where most frequently asked questions about how to start an Instagram blog mentioned.

What are the ways to improve my Instagram profile?

When people visit your profile then they first notice your profile photo and your bio.
So your profile should look like a professional one. 
Must use your bio wisely. There you have to mention about your brand. Don’t make it more lengthy. Keep it short and easy to understand.
Because your profile photo and your bio leave the first impression on your visitors. So you can’t take a chance to ruin your first impression.
Always mention in your bio how you can help your readers through your brand or services.

Is There Any Way To Promote A Blog Post On Instagram?

The Instagram story is one of the best ways to promote your blog on Instagram.
But the bestest way to promote your post on Instagram is by using the SWIPE UP option if you have more than 10000 followers. But if you don’t have 10000 followers, you can still share the link in your story and direct people on it.
You can share your blog post into your feed but that does not appeal to people much but the stories do.

What Content Should I Post On My Instagram?

When you start your Instagram account, the first thing that comes to your mind is about the content that I should post on my Instagram.
It all depends on you, in which niche you are working and what type of audience you are targeting. After targeting the audience, always post content to provide valuable and useful information to your audience.
While creating the content you must determine the problems and the queries of the audience that you are targeting. Then provide the solution of their problem or queries through your Instagram post.
If you have a vision to make money with Instagram, then don’t hesitate by posting the things that you want to sell. 

What kind Of Consistency Does your Instagram Need to Grow Your Blog?

After being grabbed by Facebook, Instagram became very hard. 
As it is, Instagram became the 2nd largest social media platform right now. So if you are not using Instagram yet to increase the traffic of your blog by using Instagram then you are missing a lot of traffic.
So you need to continuously post on your Instagram handle to reach the large number of traffic. Because in terms of Instagram, posting valuable content on a regular basis is the only key to keep visitors engaged with yourself.

How many Instagram Bloggers are successful?

Well, there are a number of bloggers on Instagram. Some of them have not even 100 followers and make not a single penny. While also there are many bloggers who have millions of followers and they also make millions of dollars.
So to get successful on Instagram, you need the talent, the resources and the consistency to post the contents on a regular basis.

After how many followers, I would be considered as an Influencer?

It is not true that to be an Influencer, you should have a large number of followers. If you have 10 followers on your Instagram blog, but they are going for the thing after your recommendation then you are an influencer.

What is the number of followers do I need to get my Instagram account verified?

The account gets verified not by looking at the number of followers you have. Noticeable accounts get easily verified by Instagram. Noticeable accounts include celebrities, athletes, politicians or any sports category person. 
When you will apply for the verification then Instagram will review all your accomplishments by going through the magazines and news channels.

Shining Off

Your reason could be anything to learn about how to start an Instagram blog. But it is very true that you can start your Instagram account within a few minutes. Once your account gets created then you are now ready to bang on with your valuable posts on Instagram. The biggest benefit of using Instagram blog is that you can create a large number of audience without spending a single money but you can make millions of money by just creating a large number of followers.

I hope you got the idea about how to start an Instagram blog for absolutely free.

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