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Hey, This is Aviral Srivastava, Founder of TEAMAVIRAL.

I am Really Glad to see you over here, and also Welcome you on behalf of whole TEAMAVIRAL.

Firstly, I would like to tell you about myself,  I’m a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Marketer, Consultant and an Online Entrepreneur. 

I've more than 4+ years of experience in blogging industry. Also I'm collaborated with Multiple Brands and helped them to scale high in Digital Marketing. 

And Currently I'm Mentoring a team of 10+ Entrepreneurs.

TEAMAVIRAL is basically a group of Entrepreneurs, In which Each and Everyone is expert in their own Respective fields. 

Our Main Motive is to Change the life of 1 lakh+ Volunteers and help them to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM. So that they can live a quality life.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Benefit 1 : Opportunity To Get Trained By 10+ Mentors.

Yes, you heard it Right. You will get Opportunity to get Trained by 10+ Mentors. Who are expert in their own Respective fields (Starting from Web Developer to SEO Expert to Affiliate Marketer).

Benefit 3 : Premium Support

You will Always get support and guidance from your mentors. All you need to do is Follow their Advice and Work with Dedication To achieve your Desired Goal.

Benefit 2 : Only Live Sessions, No Recording.

We will Do Live Sessions Only, No Recording Will Be Provided. And Yes If we Choose you as a part of TEAM_AVIRAL then Its Compulsory for You to Attend Each And Every Webinar.

Benefit 4 : Batch of TEAM_AVIRAL

The Batch Of TEAM_AVIRAL is Given to Those Who are Hardworking and Dedicated towards Success. So, In order to be a part of TEAM_AVIRAL, You have to keep the Fire of Being Successful Inside you Everytime.

Here’s what people are saying about the course


LinkedIn Expert

There are many courses out there which teaches alot, but Implementation is the key. And I learnt it from my Mentor and He is very supportive. I'm proud and super happy that I got a mentor who insists me do my work in Time.

Abhinav Mishra

Content Writer

Aviral Sir always told consistency and patience is the only way to get financially freedom and success in life and yes I am proud to be a part of team Aviral and now I can say that this course is is the best digital marketing course Available on the Internet.

Rajendra gitala

Web Developer

I'm able to make a place in the digital field just because of my mentor Aviral srivastava, who is the founder of TeamAviral. He guides newbies for their successful blogging journey. There is no Such paid course which can give value like his free course.

What You Will Going To Learn From Us


Module 1: What Is Blogging And How To Become Professional Blogger

For Beginners who are just started or for those people who have no idea  about blogging will love this module. We will Provide you a complete ROADMAP of upcoming 6 months. Which will Definitely help you in order to succeed in blogging industry.


Module 2: Social Media Marketing Strategies.

No doubt Social media plays an important role in your Branding. In This Module we will share some strategies on how to use social media to get Higher Ranking and More traffic. And Yes, It is one of the Top Ranking Factors.


Module 3: How To Write Blog Post To Rank High On Google.

When it comes to content writing maximum people failed, some people face problem of researching and some people face problems of finding topics. 

We Assure that you will find this Module Super Amazing. You will got to know about each and every thing though which you can build AMAZING and ATTRACTIVE Blog Post.


Module 4: Google Ranking Factors.

Its a Important module, which we will offer in our course. Without knowing the ranking factors, its difficult for anyone to rank their blog or website in Google SERP.


Module 5: How To Be Safe From Google Updates

In this module, you will get to know about each ad every google updates. As Google Rankbrain is one of the top 3 ranking factor, So its important to know about all the google updates. After the end of this Module, you will get a clear cut idea what to do with your blog and what not. We will also share some strategies which helps you to rank your blog.


Module 6: SEO

Explain exactly what this module will teach them, and use names of individual lessons if you can. You might want to include the number of lessons, the length of each lesson, or any other information. But make sure you focus on the benefits that the customer would get just by taking this module on it’s own 


Module 7: Affiliate Marketing.

Yes, We will also give you a Brief Overview of Affiliate Marketing. After this module, you will be Able to Earn money Online.



TEAM_AVIRAL is a highly supporting network of like-minded leader, from the several parts of India.

As a first stage of Entrepreneur, you face new challanges everyday and we help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through the power of enhancing connections, shared experiences & collabrative learning.

Aviral Srivastava (Founder of TEAM_AVIRAL), when he was in beginning of his Entreprenurial carrer he has gone through so much struggle and one day he decided if he ever succeeded in the future, he would work to ensure that no young entrepreneur ever felt alone or struggled without the proper resources .

Thus, Our team members network is committed to learning and helping each other succeed

Here Are Some Of My Social Proofs

I know Social Proofs are Important In order to Gain Trust. So I Am glad to share it with You.

Had Experience of Working with Brands as a SEO EXPERT and Affiliate Marketer

My offer letter

Feedback After Webinar

Shoutouts on Social Media (INSTAGRAM)

Feedback After Consultation

One of My Affiliate Dashboard 

(Earned 2 Lakh+ From this one Program Only)

Affiliate Dashboard

Feedback After Webinar

Shoutouts on Social Media (INSTAGRAM)

Feedback After Consultation

Experienced In DropShipping Also (Only 1 hr Earning)

Spotify Dashboard

Feedback After Webinar

Shoutouts on Social Media (INSTAGRAM)

Feedback After Consultation

BONUSES That You Will Get

  • Premium Themes For Free
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  • Page Builders For Free
  • 24*7 Support
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
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  • Free Consultation
  • Earning Opportunities
  • Becoming Part Of TEAM_AVIRAL


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Joining in TEAM_AVIRAL is just not about Learning/Earning. The Experience you're going to feel After joining TEAM_AVIRAL Is Amazing.

You contact with Like-minded people/ they'll give you new ideas/Money Making Opportunities. All Team Members will support you at yout Though time.

The Experience you get is Speechless. You can ask our Every Team Member. They are 100% Satisfied with Environment of TEAM_AVIRAL. They Feel Proud to be a Part of TEAM_AVIRAL.

The Power of team You're going to Learn/Experience in this Team.
So that you can focus in your Goals & Make money

Wait! Look at What Past Students Have To Say About Me

Aditya Kumar

Web Designer

I am incredibly thankful that I got a mentor like Aviral Srivastava. I had been contemplating a place in Digital Marketing for years, and I was dragging my feet because I just really didn't know where to start from. I found Aviral Srivastava's FREE mentorship program on my friend's Instagram story, and I decided to really commit to the program and getting my blog up and running. I started with absolutely nothing, and with my mentor support, I was able to go from nothing to a blog.  I highly recommend his training to anyone creating a new blog or looking to build upon a current one. Thanks a lot to my mentor Aviral Srivastava!!

Vipul Singh


Well this Was the time when I was searching for a mentor who can guide me from basic to advance of blogging. I approached many professionals but they were not much responsive. Suddenly one day I got a pop up on instagram to get free classes from an amazing, consistent and hard worker mentor Mr Aviral Srivastava. I started getting his guidance on regular basis and trust me I have come so far in this blogging field that a paid course candidate can't even think about that. Yes, I m proud to be the part of TEAM_AVIRAL

Vipin Gupta

Affiliate Marketer

Aviral Sirvastava, Founder of TEAMAVIRAL

 I'm Proud to be a Part of TEAM_AVIRAL. 
He is Really Experienced enough to Guide you Each & Every Part in Digital Marketing. The Best part about him, Commitment ! When he said he'll make you Successful, Trust Me he'll.
His Dedication/Hardwork about teaching others is Extremely Passionate.
You always get Suggestions of Be with Top 5 People & You'll Become 6th !!
& it's True, Join TeamAviral Under guidance of Aviral Srivastava & You'll become Successful like him.

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